Deep-Fried Hoodsie Cups

This daily blog is devoted to North Shore Baby Boomers. My name is Mark Astolfi, Danvers High ’69. I moved to upper Upstate NY in 1974, and have been the morning DJ in a small rural market until my involuntary retirement earlier this year. DFHC will consist of 2 parts, “Half Stolf,” named after my old classmate Nelson Benton’s “Full Nelson” blog for the Salem News, 10 random short items…and “Wicked Ballsy,” a picture of something you might find interesting. Ballsy was a word we used as kids in my neighborhood, had nothing to do with cojons, just something that was wicked good, capeesh? As I grew up in Danvers, I may tend to concentrate on Oniontowny stuff, but I try to spread it around.


item 1 >>> Sometimes a name from the past just resonates…like Rocco DiSiglio. He was a small-time hood and ex-welterweight from New Bedford, who knocked over one card-game too many, and was found with half his face blown off, in the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield. This was 1966, and it all came out when Joseph “The Animal” Barboza flipped to the cops, but that’s another story…

item 2 >>> You might not have grown up on the North Shore if…you don’t know a blinker from a bubbler.

item 3 >>> “Shunpiking” is avoiding toll roads, or highways all together. It’s believed to date from 1810, when a toll bridge was built over Taylor’s River in Hampton Falls, NH. Angry residents built a small bridge called the Shunpike as an alternative route. It was used for 16 years until the toll was discontinued.

item 4 >>> Walter Brennan, Grampa Amos on “The Real McCoys,” was born in Lynn, but grew up  in Swampscott. I saw him once in a parade, perhaps in Salem? Know who else is from Swampscott? Carol Brady from “The Brady Bunch.” Not the actress, but the character. I think it was mentioned once on the series.

item 5 >>> It was Walter Brennan as hobo “The Colonel” who said in the 1941 Gary Cooper movie “Meet John Doe”: I don’t read no papers, and I don’t listen to radios either. I know the world’s been shaved by a drunken barber, and I don’t have to read it.

item 6 >>> You might be a Baby Boomer if: your last car cost most than your first house.

item 7 >>> Not all Elephant Jokes were about elephants…What’s yellow and goes click click? A ballpoint banana.

item 8 >>> Wouldn’t that be a great name for a 60s-style garage band…The Ballpoint Banana. Don’t laugh. The San Francisco group Moby Grape, contemporaries of the Jefferson Airplane, got their name from an Elephant Joke…about a whale, see… (And the Electric Prunes had a cool song called “The Great Banana Hoax.”)

item 9 >>> Getting caught up with Barbie…her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts…with Ken Carson, Midge Hadley, and Alan Sherwood. Midge and Alan were married in 1991, and they have 3 kids, a boy and 2 girls, neither named Barbie.

item 10 >>> Not for nothing but actor Alan Ladd married his high school sweetheart Midge Harrold…probably just a coincidence.

Wicked Ballsy

Here’s a geographical oddity…a small-scale, badly drawn replica of North America, part of Lakeville, in Plymouth County, south of Boston. See, there’s Florida, Mexico, up around to California, to Alaska, Canada, east to Labrador, down to Maine, and the Bay State with a stubby Cape jutting out. There are even a couple of randomly placed Great Lakes in the northeast…weird, huh?

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