item 1 >>> You may have heard that Beverly Hills out in California was named after Beverly, Mass. Sort of true…one of the developers read an article about Beverly Farms, liked the name, and there you go. Burton Green was inspired by the atmosphere of gracious living, but no, he wasn’t from around here.

item 2 >>> Poetry corner: Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin / you never come out the way you came in.

item 3 >>> You might not have grown up on the North Shore, if you don’t know the difference between banging a U-ie and hocking a looie.

item 4 >>> When I was a kid, no adult ever said “wicked.” Now, of course, they all do, we all do. I read a few years ago that the next generation coming up, not so much. But that’s not my been experience…many of them think wicked is wicked wicked, no?

item 5 >>> So where on the North Shore could you buy an Edsel? One list I found on-line had: Luceri Motor Sales (North Reading), Alan Motors (Wakefield), and Perrotti Sales & Service (Revere), along with dealers in Boston, Cambridge, Sommerville, Winthrop, Medford and Arlington. Anybody missing that you recall?

item 6 >>> Trivia quiz: Who is the only man to play for the Red Sox, the Bruins, and the Celtics?” Ha, ha, organist John Kiley.

item 7 >>> You remember pipe-cleaners, I’ll bet. The original twist-ties. Today they’re used mostly for crafts, and called “chenille sticks.”

item 8 >>> Maybe you used old baseball cards to clip on the spokes of your bicycle tires, to get that clicking sound. Sure, Mattel make the Vrroom engine, and even whole Vrroom bikes, but that was so gay. In my neighborhood, tho, we used old playing cards. Baseball cards were for flipping.

item 9 >>> Many used car classifieds listed R&H…that stood for radio and heater.

item 10 >>> The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, 3 nuns, who were also sisters from a Fitchburg family, died when their car plunged into the Kendall Reservoir in Holden. They were returning from their mother’s 88th birthday party.

Wicked Ballsy

No, they’re not all gonna be maps, but I can’t deny I love maps, atlases, gazetteers as they used to be called. Can spend hours pouring over maps, and it’s funny too because I always take them on road-trips, and still get lost. But here’s a map I’d never seen before, carving Massachusetts into yet another set of divisions.  And yeah, I tweaked the colors a little…

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