item 1 >>> So when are Pogs gonna come back? Geez, you must be sitting on a pile of them, huh? Talk about speculating. Seems to me when I was a kid we collected cardboard milk-bottle tops…also pictorial matchbooks, the large size, until one by one our Dads quit smoking. At least there were still cigar-bands from Gramps.

item 2 >>> Quickie Quiz: In the comics, who slept in a bureau drawer? (or as we’d say, “draw”)…Big Ben Bolt?…um, no, well, actually it was Kayo, Moon Mullins’ tough little brother. But yeah, Moon was a boxer, as was Big Ben, and Kayo is K-O, so sure, partial credit, I’m in a good mood today.

item 3 >>>
Prior to their move to Foxboro Stadium (in Foxborough, of course), the Pats’ ownership changed the name of the team to Bay State Patriots. Listings say this name existed from Feb. to March 1971, and newspaper articles can pin-point it to about Feb 18 to March 22. The story you hear is they changed it to New England because “BS Pats” wouldn’t look so good in the headlines. What actually happened, the NFL nixed the name, and I’m sure it’s because they feared an association with the harness-racing (and legal betting) at the Bay State Raceway, which donated the land for the stadium, and would be right next to it.

item 4 >>> I notice in Peter Hotton’s Globe Handyman column, he occasionally throws in a “wicked”…and this week, somebody was not too “swift.” Yeah, I remember saying that as a kid, too.

item 5 >>> Remember Tom Swifties? Those adverbial puns like “I need a pencil sharpener” said Tom bluntly…or “I manufacture table-tops” said Tom counterproductively. You could also do it with verbs: “We struck oil!” Tom gushed. Even with an adjective: “I’ve dropped my tooth-paste” said Tom, crestfallen. These were based on the Tom Swift stories, written starting in 1910,  about a youth who invented rocket-ships, ray-guns, and the like. The word “said” seldom appeared without an adverb, a stylistic quirk that lead to the game.

item 6 >>> The ultimate Tom Switfy, in my humble opinion: “You want a word with one of each vowel? And I suppose they have to be in alphabetical order?” Tom asked facetiously.

item 7 >>> Do “conservative” and “liberal” mean the same thing as when comedian Mort Sahl said:  A conservative doesn’t want anything to happen for the first time; a liberal feels it should happen, but not now.

item 8 >>> Yeah, I’d watch Roller Derby on TV if nuthin’ else was on…S.F. Bay Area Bombers, New York Chiefs, Jersey Jolters, L.A. T-Birds. wasn’t there a New England Braves later on? Today, you have women’s teams like the Nutcrackers, and girls named Ivanna B. Vicious and Shark Week. (“Mom, Dad, this is Shark Week…”)

item 9 >>> Because everything was changing so fast, I find that even a 2-year age difference (or better, grade difference) between 2 Baby Boomers can result in a decidedly different set of memories…your most memorable TV shows, what you thought of the Beatles, which clothing & hair fads you got into, your parents’ cars and your first car, stuff like that. I remember having an interest about what had gone before, and what was coming next. I loved old B&W reruns, and going the other way, I have a fairly clear memory of Yogi’s Gang, unlike many my age…

item 10 >>> You might be a Baby Boomer if…your family put up the tree a week before Xmas (or less!) and no one called Child Protective Services.

Wicked Ballsy

No, lightning didn’t strike twice. Bill aka Rudy Schlesinger’s cup of coffee was barely a sip…May 4, 1965, pinch-hitter again the Angels, grounded out 1-3, and that was it. But on paper, an active career: chosen on waivers by KC in 1965, traded back to the Red Sox, then in 1967 traded to the Cubs for Ray Culp (6 years with Boston, averaging 16 wins the first 4), purchased by Sox in June of 1968, traded to Phillies a year later for Don Lock. And what’s he got to show for it? 0 for 1. The Second Conig…and we barely had the First Conig…But it’s cool this article mentions kids from Haverhill and Natick.

And how about Gage Naudain? The best baseball name since Clem Labine and Duke Carmel. Gage, these days on the web called Albert, never made it to The Show, playing in the Sox and Tigers systems.
Re item 6…if you didn’t get it, look at this: facetiously…wow, even Y, but no W.

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