item 1 >>> Nation Quiz: Name the only 2 players with the Red Sox in 2000 and 2010….that would be Tek and Wake, correct. (Where have you gone, Bryce Florie, Dante Bichette, Troy O’Leary, Bernard Gilkey, Wilton Veras, Brian Daubach, Curtis Pride, Sang-Hoon Lee, Paxton Crawford, Israel Alcantara, who am I leaving out? oh yeah, Hipolito Pichardo?)

item 2 >>> But speaking of Tim Wakefield, the Sox honored Mike Lowell, who’s retiring after the season, and rightly so. He’s got to be one of the all-time best trade throw-ins, no?

item 3 >>> Here’s one I’ll never understand…why “they” all get together, pick a common word or phrase, and say: We will no longer use this, but instead substitute the British equivalent, which viritualy no American will understand, and ain’t we cool? Will someone please tell me the rationale behind this? It’s happened over the past decade with “one-off” which means one-shot or one-of-a-kind. And now they’re trying it with “bespoke” which means custom, in the sense of custom-made, especially clothing. Altho some of these deals go way back…growing up in New England, bugs had antennas, cars had aerials, and that’s as British as wind-screen, drop-head, and petrol.

item 4 >>> Another one you probably weren’t aware of is “kinky.” In the 1966 Paul Newman movie “Harper,” someone says kinky, and points out that it’s British. And indeed, Patrick Mcnee and Honor Blackman (Diana Rigg’s predecessor on “The Avengers”) recorded a tune called “Kinky Boots” in 1963. The word then was used more like groovy, mod, hip, or “kicky”, not as something sexually other, as Woody Allen might say.

item 5 >>> You might be a Baby Boomer if…when they added tiny meat-balls to Spaghetti-os, you thought you had to be in Kansas City, because they’d gone about as “fer” as they can go.

item 6 >>> Don’t know if “wicked” is making any penetration nationally, but it’s arrived here in upper Upstate NY. Sunday newspaper coupons included one for Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, “since 1970.” Yeah, not 1870, when I believe some people still cleaned their teeth with urine (for the ammonia, bro.) Anyway, they call their product “Wicked Fresh!”

item 7 >>> 1960, the birth of the Boston Patriots…vaguely recall some confusion over Pats or Pates…before that, New England was NY Giants territory…altho old old-timers remembered the Redskins were in Boston until 1937.

item 8 >>> Danvers may have been the Onion Town, but don’t forget half-long Danvers carrots. I thought of this when I saw a Campbell’s soup ad that said they were made with “farm grown carrots, potatoes, and celery.” What, no free-range vegetables? I’m headed out to the forest to stalk the wild zucchini.

item 9 >>> Speaking of hunting, you can buy this little can with holes in it for under $10 called “Bleat in Heat.” They say it gives you “a perfect doe bleat every time!” Remember noise-makers at Hallowe’en? But the problem is, this devise is made by a company called Quaker Box, and their emblem is a cute little boy dressed up like…oops, a Pilgrim. And as we all know, Pilgrims were completely different from Quakers, and dressed different too. (So when the form asks for Religion, what do I put down, “Quibbler”?)

item 10 >>> Retro-tech Quiz: When the Commodore Vic-20 first came out back in the 80s, who was hawking it on the TV commercials? If you said William Shatner, you’re correctamundo. BTW, Commodore was an office supply company than branched out first into typewriters, then computers. Their first popular home computer was the PET, which stood for Personal Electonic Transactor, no foolin’. I remember wondering what it had to do with condensed milk…

Wicked Ballsy

Me, I never minded reading the ingredients off the box…but what the heck is “desiccated yeast oil?” (I made that one up, thank goodness.)

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