item 1 >>> Had a sardine sandwich the other day…not since college days. On a kaiser roll, what we called bulkies, right? Should’ve had bread for toast. Didn’t know which brand to get till I saw good old King Oscar…”By Special Royal Permission”…that’s was my old brand, and ya gotta dance with who brung ya. And of course, you can’t eat it right away…got to wait till they stop brisling. (Ha ha, not bristling…a brisling is a sprat, a small or immature herring.)

item 2 >>> One guide to Bostonese I saw listed “Ally-Ally Oxenfree,” but I’m sure every neighborhood had its own version. We would say “Ollie-Ollie Income-free.” Then, if it was because a new arrival wanted to join in, we’d add “Cucumber” i.e. newcomer.

item 3 >>> Oh, I get it…Honey Dew Donuts are a brand name…yeah, cuz we always called them Honey Dip or Dipt.

item 4 >>> In September, the Minnesota Twins had a run at the record for grounding into double plays by a team, but finished with 159, one ahead of the Giants. Record is 174, the 1990 Red Sox. You must remember Danny Heep, Jeff Stone, Randy Kutcher, Dana Kiecker, Tim Naehring, Phil Plantier, Tom Brunansky, Kevin Romine, Carlos Quintana, John Dopson, Eric Hetzel and the dreaded Dennis Lamp.

item 5 >>> During the 2nd season of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Napoleon Solo twice used nonsense phrases to distract a guard…”Put a Drayton Thramper on him”…and…”I want a Clayton Dramper on his Ferryclyde.”

item 6 >>> Crazy win for Pats Monday night, but any way they can Squish the Fish is OK by me. Patrick Chung returns an INT for a TD, and blocks 2 kicks, one Kyle Arrington returns for a score. LB Rob Ninkovich has the first 2 INTs of his 5-year career. And don’t forget 2 undrafted starting RBs, BenJarvus “Is that one person or two?” Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead, and his scoring catch.

item 7 >>> I had heard of Danny Woodhead when he set the NCAA All-Division single season (2756) and career (7073) records for rushing yards, with Div. 2 Chadron State 2004-07, marks broken in 2008 by Nate Kmic, Div. 3 Mt. Vernon. Played sparingly last year with Jets, released this Fall. He looks like another of those undersized work-horses that just needed a chance. Sad thing is, the season can end in a heartbeat for any player, any time, boom! Takes some of the fun out of following football, to me anyway, so I don’t take it as serious as I once did. Everyone’s bigger & faster, and the destruction is more devastating as a result. Any solution? Weight limits? Impossible…but still…

item 8 >>> Was visiting the North Shore couple weeks ago, and speaking of the flashing green traffic light…was taken aback by a car behind me on Rt.1 with pink headlights. My sister said she’s seen green. So here’s the deal: they’re called HID or High Intensity Discharge, powered by xenon or krypton gas. Besides pink and green, available in yellow, blue and violet. Too gay.

item 9 >>> Remember “The Green Hornet” on TV, with Van Williams and Bruce Lee? Publicity touted the Black Beauty’s “infra-green” headlights, which of course is chromatic gibberish. But they did have something in mind: the lights were supposed to be polarized, and visible only thru the special windshield, so they could run dark. BTW, Green Hornet movie coming next year, and they’re gonna use an iconic 1968 Imperial…makes sense to me.

item10 >>> I miss Patriots Day, or as it was called in olden days, Evacuation Day. New York doesn’t have any state-specific holidays….like Robert E. Lee’s birthday, or such as that.

Wicked Ballsy

You might fondly remember Adams Black Jack gum, and it comes back every now and then. But there were many licorice-flavored gums over the years, here’s a sample. (Why “forbidden”?) Clark’s “Sweetwood” is another name for licorice…it’s a root, basically a soft stick than folks would suck or chew on. In Europe, they enjoy salty licorice gum and candy, and guess what? The licorice stick is salty. And it’s naturally colorless, traditionally colored black with molasses, but it can be any color, as with All-Sorts.

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