item 1 >>> Like none before or since, the 1970s was the decade of the “must see” movie, creating a sense of community barely imaginable by those who didn’t live thru it. Think about it: The Godfather (1972), The Exorcist (1973), Blazing Saddles (1974), Jaws (1975), Star Wars (1977)…these were movies everybody went to see, and that was just the tip of the titanic…

item 2 >>> Some things you never get tired of, and for me Fall foliage is one of them. Fall isn’t what it used to be, is it? The new TV schedule just doesn’t get me very excited, especially since the “real” TV Guide isn’t published any more. The new cars, no longer much of a whoop. The baseball season now overlaps football by 2 months instead of 1. I even used to like the rituals of going back to school. But you can’t beat those colors, as bright and beautiful as ever.

item 3 >>> BTW, we called them “helicopters”…other names include whirligig, whirlybird, in UK spinning jenny. Uncle Wiki says “winged tree fruit” which I admit describes them pretty well. The technical term is “samara.” The Fall harvest of the maple tree.

item 4 >>> “Boomtown” ran on WBZ channel 4, Saturday mornings from 1956-1974. Rex Trailer joined the faculty of Emerson College in 1977…both Denis Leary and Stephen Wright were students there at that time, but Jay Leno was earlier, graduating in 1973 with a degree in speech therapy.

item 5 >>> And before you ask, his horse was Gold Rush. His signature weapon? The bull-whip, I mean on the show, probably not at Emerson.

item 6 >>> Yesterday I mentioned Little Iodine’s mom Effie Tremblechin. Looled up what that might be a nick-name for…traditionally could have been Euphemia, but perhaps the more modern Evelyn. (Now that I think of it, Edgar Bergen had an old lady puppet named Effie Klinker, she was probably a Euphemia…)

Item 7 >>> And speaking of names from the funnies, whose best friend was named Posie? Answer tomorrow, and it’s sort of a trick question, cuz the answer is more than one person.

item 8 >>> You might be a Baby Boomer if…you take your hat off when you eat, especially if you’re a guy, and in a restaurant. Now there’s a cultural divide, boy. Go old school…

item 9 >>> Looking at a map of Bay State area codes, which showed every town, I wondered which was the largest in area…guessed Plymouth and was right, but surprised to find out Plymouth county has 2 county seats. According to Uncle Wiki, there are 32 counties in 11 states that have twin seats (Alabama and Mississippi are tied for the most with 10.) For Massachusetts, Essex and Middlesex also mentioned. I always thought it was Salem, but they say Lawrence was, too. Trouble is they list both Seneca and Oswego counties in NY. Seneca does technically have 2, altho most business is conducted at Waterloo, very little at Ovid. But Oswego hasn’t had 2 since 1852, so I dunno…

item 10 >>> Speaking of geography, I was reminded that my hometown of Danvers was part of the famous Gerrymander cartoon back in 1812. There was no Peabody yet, and other differences too…see today’s Wicked Ballsy. Funny thing, I don’t recall them hitting that historical honor very hard in civics class. Why not?

Wicked Ballsy

As you can see, back in 1812 Essex County was a little different. Besides Peabody still being South Danvers, North Andover and Lawrence were part of Andover, and Merrimac had yet to separate from Amesbury. Also notice that Revere, Saugus, and Wintrhop were still part of Chelsea, the first 2 known as North Chelsea. Swampscott was still in Lynn. And while not part of the ‘mander, you see Groveland was still called Bradford, Georgetown was part of Rowley, and Essex part of Ipswich. Boxford is misspelled Roxford but Glocester is an old-fahsioned alternate spelling. This cartoon appeared sin the Boston Gazette March 26, 1812, and poked fun at governor Elbridge Gerry.

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