item 1 >>> It’s downright weird that back when we had only 4 channels…2, 4, 5, and 7…there always seemed to be something to watch. Plus in reserve you had 9 WMUR from Manchester NH, and 12 WPRO Providence…and technically 10 WJAR also Providence, but I don’t recall ever being able to pull that one in very well. And even with the Boston stations, you had snow, ghosts, constant fiddling with the rabbit-ears, etc. Today, with kazillions of choices, most of the time, zip. I kind of wish there were an All Mine Rescue Channel…well, I’m just sayin’…

item 2 >>> Our family got our first TV in the late 50s. One of my earliest memories is a commercial for an sci-fi movie called “The H-Man.” I ended up finally seeing it literally 50 years later, and it was nothing like the humanoid mushroom cloud I had been lead to believe. Instead, it’s a dubbed Japanese horror thriller from Toho. They had the “big” movies like Godzilla, Rodan, Mysterians, etc, and the “small” ones, with people-sized monsters, and usually a crime or gangster subplot. In the case of the H-man, it was an oozing mass similar to the American “The Blob,” which came out the same year, altho it’s believed the similarity really was completely coincidental. Variously translated from the original Japanese as “Beauty and the Liquid People” and “Beautiful Women and the Hydrogen Man,” this one is creepy rather than camp, with great here-comes-the-monster sound effects as a highlight…a little slow in spots, but well worth watching, sez me.

item 3 >>> Remember the Old Smokey train from Wakefield’s Pleasure Island? It’s still running, has been since 1999, at the Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington Railway Museum, Alna, Maine. No, please, how many times I gotta tell ya, don’t thank me, that’s what I’m here for…

item 4 >>> http://www.60sgaragebands.com/royalaircoach.html. This website has an excellent history of a North Shore rock band The Royal Aircoach. I went to high school with bass-player Alan Gagnon, who died in Dec. 2008. And I am honored that they choose to put my tribute edit to my friend on the site. Give it a spin.

item 5 >>> Fall down go boom…I’m sure you heard that as a kid. It comes from a novelty song called “I Faw Down an’ Go Boom” from 1928…see today’s Wicked Ballsy. But also see next item…

item 6 >>> In the good ole days of medicine when doctoring was more, um, let’s say “free-wheeling” (think M*A*S*H), many slang terms and abbreviations came to be used by physicians, some of which survive to this day, and one of which actually entered the general language: DOA. But there was also….CTD = circling the drain…GPO = good [for] parts only…FLK = funny looking kid…GLM = good looking mother…and even LOLFDGB = little old lady, go down go boom. Tons of others on-line…funny as hell, and enlightening, too.

item 7 >>> Altho I have to say, when I was 6 or 7, I had to have an infected inoculation site lanced, and when I heard the word “lance,” and knowing full well what the Knights of the Round Table were all about, well, you can imagine what I imagined was going to happen….yikes! (Or as we used to say, yipes!)

Item 8 >>> Not for nothing, but yikes/yipes is probably based on “yoiks,” originally spelled “yoicks,” a call used in olden days to urge on the hounds when fox-hunting.

item 9 >>> I mentioned Mickey Mantle yesterday, and it looked like a baseball dynasty was emerging from Oklahoma in the 1950s. Mickey’s younger twin brothers Ray and Roy, and his cousin Max all played minor league ball, but none advanced to the Bigs. His son Mickey Jr. played in the minors briefly in the last 1970s. Yes, his actual first name was Mickey, named after the great catcher Mickey Cochrane, by his dad Elvin “Mutt” Mantle, himself an amateur ballplayer. And of course, the namesake was born Gordon Stanley Cochrane, a 5-letter man at B.U., parents from Scotland. Sounds like a “Mickey” to me.

item 10 >>> You might be a Baby Boomer if…when you hear Kinko’s, all you can think of is a perverted clown. Well, it’s FedEx Office now, but it 1970, it was named after the founder’s kinky hair, no kiddin’.

Wicked Ballsy

Happy Landings!


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