item 1 >>> Hallowe’en stuff you don’t see anymore…noise-makers…jack-o-lanterns made of papier mache…collecting for UNICEF…cheap costumes from Collegeville or Ben Cooper in cardboard boxes with a cellophane front so you could see the mask…folded paper candy cups…trick-or-treating without your parents…bobbing for apples…making a ghost with a kleenex, a marble, and a rubber band…and I was gonna say hobo costumes, but every year 1 or 2 kids keep up the tradition.

item 2 >>> I asked this one skeleton if he was going out Hallowe’en night, and he said no, he was just gonna stay home and rest his bones. Every year, while passing out candy, I have the 1957 movie “Kronos” on TV…this year tho, probably football…

item 3 >>> In case you may have forgotten, the deal with Saf-T-Pops was the stick was actually a loop, making it more difficult to swallow, tho not impossible if you were determined, I suppose. Me, I don’t mind eating candy being just a little dangerous, what the heck? Probably the most outrageous was the chocolate-covered marbles, by Brock (not Brach’s) in 1935.

item 4 >>> …and what do Saf-T-Pops have in common with pro football? Well, one of my pet peeves has always been the chopping of an E off the end of the word, and still pronouncing the long vowel, like the Saf=Safe in Saf-T-Pops. Back in the day, there was a building set called Mak-a-Toy, and I always called it (on purpose) Mack instead of Make. But that brings us directly to the Boston Patriots, and why the heck Pats wasn’t pronounced Pates?

item 5 >>> October, 1961…Vic’s Drive-In and Donut Shop, on the Danvers-Peabody line…Hallowe’en party…free donuts and tonic…”adults must be accompanied by children.”

item 6 >>> This year, after “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” they ran “You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown.” For the intro promo, they had a kid say “I’m Charlie Brown, and I approve this message.” Ha ha, good one. By the way, the “Joe Cool” song is sung by Vince Guaraldi himself, who composed and played the piano music for all the Peanuts specials thru “It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown” in 1976. He died that year of a heart attack at age 47.

Item 7 >>> I was at this restaurant, and there was a witch there…she said to the waitress: “I’ll have the child portion.” I think this was the same witch who was at the car dealership and told the salesman: “No automatic for me…I’ve always driven a stick.

item 8 >>> You’ll see “Bacharach-David” as the composers of so many great tunes…most of the time it was Hal David, but early on it was Hal’s older brother Mack David, for example, the theme from The Blob.” The movie soundtrack has just an instrumental version, but the 1958 single by the Five Blobs featured the lyrics…in the early 1970s, Wolfman Jack recorded his version, with some additional lyrics, and one big mistake…the Wolf says the Blob is green, “like something outcher nose!” In reality, the Blob is colorless to start, but soon becomes red…with the blood of its victims. Mack generally partnered with Jerry Livingston, among their most famous, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and the theme from 77 Sunset Strip.

Item 9 >>> Speaking of music for Hallowe’en, Jimmy Castor followed up his prehistoric songs (Troglodyte, Luther the Anthropoid, Bertha Butt Boogie) with monster songs, Godzilla, King Kong, The Mummy, and Dracula (“What is it! What it look like!”)  One of this coolest is a song called “Hallucinations”…worth checking out.

item 10 >>> You might be a Baby-go-Boomer if…Hallowe’en just isn’t complete without the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, with Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katrina Van Tassel, her rich daddy Baltus, and the Headless Hessian Horsemen. Written by Washington Irving in 1820, under the pseudonym Geoffrey Crayon. It’s said the characters were based on people he knew, and there was even an army captain named Ichabod Crane he met in Sackets Harbor, NY. In 1997, the town of North Tarrytown, NY changed it’s name to Sleepy Hollow…and why not, Washington Irving is buried there…

Wicked Ballsy

I mentioned yesterday Brach’s “Candy Chicken Corn” as seen above. Unfortunately, the box is empty…what was actually in it? I googled “candy chicken corn” and out of millions of sites got just 2 hits. One gave no hint, but on the other, this guy said that when he was a kid, a mix of candy corn and peanuts was called candy chicken corn. So hoo nose…

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