item 1 >>> Forgotten Hits is a wonderful website if you like 50s, 60s, 70s music. They have a blog with message postings, and one caught my eye. A guy who was with a group around 1965 from Dartmouth, Mass., Bobby and the Galaxies, remembers being on a TV rock/dance show on WBZ called Jamboree. He said it only ran 4 episodes, and is searching for old video. Check if out if any of that rings a bell here:  http://forgottenhits60s.blogspot.com/

item 2 >>> I searched in vain for a website devoted to the local TV music shows in the 60s, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. They were of course patterned on Shindig and Hullabaloo, which in turned were inspired by Hootenanny. Some local shows from large markets got syndicated nationally, like Lloyd Thaxton, Shivaree, Shebang, Hollywood a Go Go, and The Discophonic Scene. Then there was Dick Clark and Paul Revere & Raiders with Where the Action Is and Happening Sixty-Whatever. And don’t forget ABC’s summer series in 1967, Malibu U with Ricky Nelson.

item 3 >>> OK, here are some more TV shows that got name-changes when in syndication: Call Mr. D (Richard Diamond), Captured (Gangbusters), Follow That Man (Man Against Crime), Robert Young, Family Doctor (Marcus Welby MD), McGarrett (Hawaii 5-0), Andy of Mayberry (Andy Griffith Show), Jim Rockford, Private Investigator (Rockford Files), San Francisco Beat (The Line Up), and near the end of the practice, Laverne and Shirley and Company, CHIPS Patrol, and Happy Days Again.

item 4 >>> Speaking of TV, put on your thinking cap and tell me which dramatic TV series starred Boris Karloff? How about David Niven? And can you name the 2 comedies developed by Mel Brooks? Answers tomorrow…

item 5 >>> And from the Nothing New Under the Sun Dept, before the 70s rock group Styx, there was one in the 60s: Butch Engle and the Styx. They recorded a couple of 45s on Autumn Records, written by Ron Elliott of label-mates the Beau Brummels, and bowed out in 1967 with “Hey, I’m Lost” on Onyx Records, as The Styx. Yup, that’s on YouTube…

Item 6 >>> Up-date on the candy corn company Goelitz, now Jelly Belly, got an email of interest: Thank you for some great stuff……A documentary will be coming out on Nov 27 on the Documentary channel which tells both the dream and the nightmare I went through by creating the Jelly Belly jelly bean… Candyman:the David Klein story airs at 8:00 pm eastern and pacific….All the Best david klein

Item 7 >>> Cross-promotion…all this week, starting tomorrow, see pictures of historical interest to Beetle Bailey fans at http://stolf.wordpress.com.The strip is celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary, and 61st year, this year.

Item 8 >>> You might be a Groovy Geezer if…you remember when “faux” leopard-skin coats were advertised as “fake,” and nobody gave it a second thought, because after all, that’s what they were.

item 9 >>> It’s cool the way music can pinpoint a moment in time. I didn’t go to the Salem Willows very often, but remember one time going with my grandparents, and one of the attractions was blaring out “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa” by Napoleon XIV, a.k.a. Jerry Samuels. So that would make it Summer, 1966. The success of this novelty tune lead to an entire LP by Samuels, with cuts like “Bats in My Belfry,” “Split Level Head,” and “They’re Coming To Take You Away, Ha-Haaa” by Josephine XV (don’t ask…)

item 10 >>> The forerunner of the modern credit card was the Charga-Plate, made by the Farrington Manufacturing Co. of Boston. It was introduced in 1935, and petered out in the late 50s. The Charga-Plate was issued by individual stores, and was often kept at the store and retrieved by the clerk when a charge purchase was made. When the customer kept it, it was typically carried in a leather or plastic sleeve…the metal plate itself resembled a dog-tag, with name & address embossed on one side, and a small card for the user’s signature on the other. Lucy Ricardo mentions hers on at least one episode of “I Love Lucy.”

Wicked Ballsy

I dunno…you tell me…


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