>>>>> I’m taking the day off, and turning the blog over to a guest-columnist, Adam Di Petto, from the NY Sunday News…August 27. 1967. My grandparents would visit us every Sunday, bringing Polish food sometimes, but always the Sunday News & the Lynn Sunday Post…I’m not sure if they read them, but we kids sure did, the comics and that wonderful Coloroto Magazine, where a picture  was always called a “foto.” Adam Di Petto is one of those individuals who is pretty much off the internet radar…I googled his name and got 9 hits…not 9 million, but 9. He apparently wrote for the paper at least thru 1972, as he’s mentioned on the “thank you list” in an ad for Billy Joel’s first LP in Billboard, 1972.

He may also have been an actor…there is one credit under that name at the Internet Movie Data Base, and a couple of old reviews of shows in New York City mention him in comic roles, once as “imp,” another time as “X-rated leprechaun.” Little person with a big typewriter? I read Strictly Youthsville every week, but this is the only column I saved…perhaps for the information about Beatles ex-member, Stu Sutcliffe?


Hey Stolf! He spells “geetar” same as you!

Wicked Ballsy

OK, couple of comments…The H.P. mentioned in the first sentence is Procol Harum, and “Whiter Shade of Pale.” Instant fame can drive you nuts? Who knew? Susan and Jennifer Baker, the twins mentioned re Davy Jones (above, black & white), were British actresses best known stateside for small roles in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and the original “Casino Royale” in 1966…they flank Orson Welles during the baccarat sequence.

Of the rock groups mentioned, only one had even moderate success, which is not surprising…with 52 columns a year, he could easily mention 500 “combos,” and he’s especially interested in ones from around the Big Apple, obviously. The Lewis and Clark Expedition were from Texas, with Michael Martin Murphy as Travis Lewis and Owen “Boomer” Castleman as Boomer Clark. Yup, the same MMM who did “Geronimo’s Cadillac” and “Wildfire.” Boomer had a semi-hit (peaked at #33) with “Judy Mae” in 1975.

As “Boomer and Travis” they recorded the song “Foul Owl on the Prowl” for the movie In the Heat of the Night. If that tune reminds you of Sam the Sham’s “Little Red Riding Hood,” it’s because Quincy Jones, who was scoring the movie, was unable to license it, so he wrote a sound-alike tune to use instead. Murphy and Castleman also starred in a half-hour TV pilot in 1970 called “The Kowboys.” It was from the producers of “The Monkees,” who hoped lightening would strike twice, this time in the Old West. Hippie-dippie standby actress Joy Bang (born Joy Wener) was along for the ride (above, color insert.)

s*h*a*m*e*l*e*s*s  p*l*u*g*s…

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2 Responses to 12/10/2010

  1. Mary Detres says:

    I was thrilled to see that Adam has not been forgotten!
    Mary DiPetto Detres

  2. stolf says:

    nope, not forgotten!…i read him every week and enjoyed his breezy style…did i get the few details of his career that i mentioned right?…i’ll change what you tell me to!!!!

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