item 1 >>> I have 3 changes to tell you about for DFHC in the new year. Will it mean I’ll be writing less? Yes, but at the same time, I don’t believe I’ll be short-changing you on daily material. And that’s a solution, which I hope will benefit us both, as opposed to a compromise, which to be authentic has to leave both sides grumbling. The first 2 items each day will be links to YouTube, which I discovered to my amazement are ridiculously easy to post. One will be purely music, the other a video, often musical, not but necessarily. The 3rd change is this: Sunday’s edition will be pre-empted each week by an installment of “Genealogy for Baby Boomers.” And now that I think about it, it wouldn’t surprise me if for G4BB, I end up writing more than I would for a normal DFHC! I was considering starting a 3rd blog just for that, but decided it would be better to fold it into an existing one. Keep it simple, stupid…So here we go…

item 2 >>> Now Playing…Stop get a ticket One of the great “lost” 45s  from 1966,  the Clefs of Lavender Hill, from Miami, Florida. Only made it up to #80, but in terms of pure pop exhilaration, it’s hard to beat.

item 3 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!knickerbockers The best fake-Beatles song to ever chart, #20 in 1965, by the Knickerbockers, named after Knickerbocker Road in their hometown of Bergenfield, NJ. Notice how straight the guys are, especially the pompadoured lead singer…looks more like a shoe salesman than a rock star. Based on the frantic style of the  go-go girls in the background, I’d say this was from the syndicated Hollywood a Go Go. One of the comments is from a girl who did that back in the day…great exercise but you often ended up with a splitting headache…

item 4 >>> I’d again like to thank all those who stop by for a read…both regularly and occasionally. I still intend DFHC to lean towards stuff relating to the North Shore…but as you’ll notice, some days more than others, and sometimes hardly at all. The primary focus is Baby Boomers in general. Now if I actually still lived there (I moved away 37 years ago come May), it would be so much easier. Heck, this question of NFL games played in Lynn could be settled in an hour with a quick trip to the library. For all its encyclopedic reach, the internet is still a long way from good old-fashioned NEWSPAPERS, albeit on microfilm. And to tell you the truth, I think I’d be motivated to put more New England items in if I had gotten a little publicity from my old high school chum N.B. who writes for the Salem News. But I guess they only plug their own blogs, and that makes sense to the extent that I represent competition for people’s time. Altho, there’s an easy way to make it so that I wasn’t the competition, hint, hint,…

item 5 >>> The other thing is, I write what I like to write because, with all due respect to those who do read DFHC, and that’s a LOT of respect, I guarantee you…there just aren’t that many of you, I have to face facts. I mean, if I were Dear Abby, I’d sure as shootin’ approach it differently….heck, my editors would make me! So that’s entirely my fault…it’s 100% on me, and I take full responsibility. You hear that a lot,  “full responsibility.” What does that mean precisely? You say you’re sorry in public, then go home and act like nothing happened? To me, it means this: If and when readership does increase, it will be because of something I did, not something you did, gabeesh? Yeah, it’s tough to get noticed when you’re one in a million, but there are ways. It’s just that I’m simultaneously too busy and too lazy. Sound impossible? Geez, I wish it were…

item 6 >>> I’ve done a bit more research on the Manning Bowl in Lynn…and while it saw such schoolboy pigskin sensations as Dick Jauron, Mark Bavaro, and the Conigliaro brothers in its storied history, I can state with confidence that it NEVER hosted a regular season NFL game. Uncle Wikki, and the hundreds of sites that copy it, say the 1944-48 Boston Yanks played there when there was a conflict over Fenway Park with the Red Sox. I’ve checked the Sox final home game, and the Yanks opening home game, for those 5 years, and the only year there was a conflict was 1946, and only because the Red Sox were in the World Series. That year, their final home game was Sunday, Sept. 29…the Yanks home opener was Monday, Sept. 30, moved to Tuesday Oct. 1 due to heavy rainfall. The Red Sox were due back at Fenway for game 3 of the World Series, after the first 2 games in St. Louis, on Oct. 9…but either one day wasn’t enough time to switch Fenway from baseball to football, or they simply weren’t going to switch to football, then back to baseball, then back again to football when the Series was over. Thus, this would have been the perfect time to opt for the Manning Bowl, had that been the custom…instead, the Yanks-Giants game was played at Braves Field. So I guess that’s pretty much that.

item 7 >>> What they must be talking about is pre-season exhibition games, a whole other kettle of fish. And while there must be a complete list of such games on the net somewhere, I haven’t been able to find it. As I said above, an hour at a Boston area library would settle it once and for all, but until I can do that, I can report I found one such game at Manning Bowl…Giants vs Yanks, Sept. 18, 1945, a night game that drew 8,000 fans, and was described as a”charity game.” This may well have been the Cardinal Cushing Charity Game, played yearly thru at least 1968…and in fact held at the Manning Bowl in August of 1959, the Bears beating the Eagles before 17,000. Many gaps to fill in, obviously, but we’re on their track, nez pah?

item 8 >>> Any woman who wants to understand the male mind has to accept the concept of a puppet being hot. The mere fact that Wilma-versus-Betty could be a serious topic for discussion should have been your first clue. Here we see, left to right, the original Princess Summerfall Winterspring, before she turned into a real person…the dreamy Venus from Fireball XL5…Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds…and finally Lisa, who spoofed the whole idea in the the movie Team America: World Police.

item 9 >>> On the other hand, all I ever needed to know about the female mind I learned one day out driving, with a friend in the passenger seat. I was making a left turn, and asked her if anyone was coming. She said: “Nope, all clear, except for a truck.” Well, even she laughs about it today, but there you are…

item 10 >>> You might be a Baby Boomer if…you collected one or more of the following: match-book covers, milk-bottle caps, miniature metal license plates, swizzle sticks, valentine cards, wire puzzles, political buttons, elongated pennies, wiggle pictures, dead butterflies, Christmas seals, gum wrappers folded into long chains, or troll dolls.

Wicked Ballsy

Speaking of dolls, I happened to put on the Siffy Channel Twilight Zone marathon just in time to see the Telly Savalas versus Talky Tina episode. This was based on a real doll named Brikette, introduced by the Vogue Doll company in time for Christmas, 1959…most were red-headed, a few blonde, the Zone version disguised as a brunet. The actual doll was a non-talker, but as you can see from the nude pose, could bend in all those directions. Lower right, what she would have looked like as a real girl. And I know I’m missing something, but I just don’t get what the heck kind of a name “Brikette” is…any ideas? Brick-it? Brigh-ket? Briquette? I’m stumped.

shameless plugettes….

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