item 1 >>> Now Playing… not beach boys From 1973, Roy Wood’s “Forever.” He was a member of the british group The Move, who had hit after hit in England, nothin’ over here. They changed their name to the Electric Light Orchestra, then Roy went solo after one LP, leaving the ELO in the hands of Jeff Lynne. And no, despite what you might have heard, that’s not Carl Wilson singing near in the end…Roy liked to do all the instruments and all the voices himself.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! hold tight Another Brit group, insanely popular in UK and especially in Europe, bupkis here except for “Bend It” in 1968…Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. This is a live version of “Hold Tight” their first hit from 1966. If this primitive thumping sounds vaguely familiar, Tarentino used in that over-the-top crash scene from the “Death Proof” segment of Grindhouse. That’s also on YouTube, a bit gory at the end, but it’s supposed to be…

item 3 >>> I call it “music surfing”…listening to old favorites and discovering new ones, song after song on YouTube. Some are dubbed right from the record, others are videos. You’ll find that many of the TV appearance are not lip-synced…and it’s nice to see them in person, and sometimes the performance ain’t bad either, compared to the studio version. Fashion flashbacks too, like Eric Burden’s man-pouch from 1970…seen here with a guitarist, I was going to say wearing hot pants, but I guess they’re just cut-offs. You have to remember, at first, hot pants were a unisex item…

item 4 >>> If you google “Spill the Wine” on YouTube, you’ll find the video I’m referring to. Eric changes the lyrics around a lot, but I learned something: the chorus is not “Spill the wine, take that girl” but “take that pearl,” you can hear it clear as day. And the wine that’s spilled is specified as the German wine Liebfraumilch, literally the milk of the Blessed Virgin Marry. In medieval times, relics were a hot commodities, and most of the “milk” came from a white stone at the Church of the Milk Grotto in Jerusalem. A few flakes scraped off, mixed with water, good to go…

item 5 >>> Oh, and by the way…I believe I used the world “onomatopoeic” the other day, in reference to the word “upchuck.” That’s of course the adjectival form of “onomatopoeia,” or the use of words that sound like what they are. One of only a handful of common words in English with 4 consecutive vowels…of the top of my head, I can think of “Hawaiian” and “Sequoia.” The tail end of the noun it correctly pronounced “pee-ah,” and the adjective “pee-ic.” There’s no “oh” sound, despite the way it’s spelled. The “o” you see is actually part of one of those nasty old-fashioned ligatures…”œ”…which is pronounced  “ee.” Old fashioned spelling “foetus” for “fetus,” for example. But that mangy little “o” leads to the alternative adjective “onomatopoetic,” which is pronounced like you’re talking about a poem. A mistake at first, but now apparently too common to ignore, and official English. See also Todd Rundgren’s tune “Onomatopoeia,” probably on YouTube, I haven’t checked…jeez, I gotta do everything?

item 6 >>> Tom Terrific is in that enviable position of whenever he does “it,” he sets a new NFL record…well, twice over actually. 335 pass attempts without an interception, and 11 straight games. The commentators will obviously extend these streaks thru the playoffs, and while it’ll be interesting to see if he does it, I only count regular season games, being irredeemably Old School…and loving it!

item 7 >>> Same deal with the Patriot’s streak of scoring 30+ points…it now stands at 8 games, tying a single season record, but the playoffs don’t count…they have to wait till 2011 to go for the overall record of 14 consecutive 30+ games, held by the Rams 1999-2000 and the Pats 2006-07. Also, Sunday’s game was only their 11th 30+ game of the season, not tying the record of 12. I had it slightly goofed up back on 12/29, but guess what? You can go back and change it, and I did.

item 8 >>> Yup, the Foxboro Juggernaut proved too much for the Dolphins, even with the Pats’ top 3 receivers sitting it out. And how about Julian Edelman’s 94-yard punt return TD, longest in Boston history. According Cousin Elias, the Pats had been sitting on the longest streak of games without scoring on a punt return, 143 regular-season games. (See, “regular season”…thanx guys, I ‘preciate it.)

item 9 >>> And OK, I’ve railed about football’s playoffs, the single-elimination deal, unlike the other 3 major team sports. I know, it’s the nature of the game, best 2 out of 3 just isn’t feasible. So I’m not all that sanguine about the Super Bowl, but it sure looks like, barring catastrophe, the Pats beating the Steelers for the AFC crown…and in the NFC, believe it or not, I’m leaning towards the Bears.

item 10 >>> Got a cool DVD set for Christmas, old Howdy Doody episodes. Remember when The Simpsons hit episode #400? Ole Howdy had over 2300 episodes. Tons of interesting stuff, like some of the weird things Buffalo Bob Smith said…he was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, but folks who know tell me these don’t sound like typical Buffaloese…anybody heard of them? (1) Saying “receipt” for “recipe.” (2) Calling Clarabell a “duppis,” with the “u” pronounced like “puppy.” (3) The strange way he says “almond,” when doing commercials for the 5th Avenue candy bar, both in his own voice and Howdy’s…he leaves out the “l” and says the “a” like in “cat” or “apple.” Me, I tend to pronounce the “a” as an “aw” sound, and I’ve heard “ah”…but this was new to me. Any clues? 

Wicked Ballsy

Weeding out some old pictures, found this map. I believe I mentioned in one of my first DFHCs how Beverly Hills was named by a real estate developer who liked the sound of Beverly Farms…right here, see?

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