item 1 >>> Now Playing… falling sugar Was listening to one of my “Not the Beatles” cassette tapes in the car…25 volumes and no end in sight…and was reminded of that great Beatloid group the Palace Guard featuring a very young Emitt Rhodes…on drums! It’s called “Like Falling Sugar”…great changes on this thing.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! talk talk Altho they are lip-syncing to their record, great to see the Music Machine in person…note the black gloves on the right hands of 4 of them…the keyboard man’s is on his left…guess they only had 4 pairs! Altho at the 1968 Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos apparently had only one pair…

item 3 >>> Next Sunday’s edition of Genealogy for Baby Boomers will have the answers to the little puzzles I posed yesterday, plus a bit of elaboration, as they provide “several points of interest,” as Sherlock Holmes would say. But for those who can’t wait: your Grandmother’s Niece is to you a 1st Cousin Once Removed, to your Mother a 1st Cousin, to your daughter a 1st Cousin Twice Removed, and to your Niece also a 1st Cousin Twice Removed. Your Father’s Uncle to your Nephew is a Great Grand Uncle, the same as he’d be to your Son…do you see a pattern emerging here?

item 4 >>> …and here’s Al, your Half Brother but no relation to your Wife…and Zeke, your Wife’s Half Brother but no relation to you…and how Al and Zeke can be Half Brothers to each other…

As you can see, you and Al are Half Brothers thru your Fathers…as is your Wife and Zeke thru their Fathers. And if the women designated “?”  are the same person, then Al and Zeke are Half Brothers thru her. Which is just another way of saying, your Half Brother’s Half Brother isn’t necessarily your Half Brother….but he could be, if all 3 of you have the same Father and 3 different Mothers.

item 5 >>> And while I’m thinking of “Not the Beatles,” if you’re assembling a mix tape or CD of Beatlesque tunes, be sure to consider Emitt Rhodes and Eric Carmen/Raspberries tracks. I’m always mixing their original bands up, so to sort them out…Emitt Rhodes originally played drums with the Palace Guard. He went on to play guitar with the Merry-Go-Round, who along with Boyce & Hart were A&M record’s early nod to rock groups…Herb Alpert’s label made up for it later with Procol Harum, Free, the Move, Joe Cocker, etc. Drummer with the Merry-Go-Round was Joel Larson, who went on to join the Grass Roots. And of course, from the early 70s on, Rhodes was a solo artist, but all of his stuff is quite Fab 4ish.

item  6 >>> Now Eric Carmen was from Cleveland, and with a band called Cyrus Erie. Their crosstown rivals were The Choir, featuring Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley, and Jim Bouffant. Bryson quit the Choir to join Cyrus Erie, then quit them to rejoin The Choir. Eventually of course, the 4 of them would become the Raspberries…but the key is that Eric was never a member of the Choir, altho again, all these groups have a strong Beatles influence.

item 7 >>> From yesterday…the 29-year-old star of the 1956 series The Buccaneers was Robert Shaw, seen here in a similar role 20 years later, along with his performances in The Sting and another flick, about a whatchamacallit, a big fish.

item 8 >>> BTW, altho “swashbuckling” is used quite often, it’s technically a mistake. Truth is, a swashbuckler didn’t buckle anything (not even his swash!) but in fact swashed something, namely his buckler! A buckler was a small shield, and to swash it was to brandish it or swing it about, as in combat…because it was used as a weapon itself, not simply to deflect incoming blows. “Swashbuckler” is one of those verb-noun words, altho we don’t recognize it as such today. Just as a killjoy is a joy-killer, and a skinflint is a flint-skinner, a swashbuckler really is a buckler-swasher. Why would I lie about something like that? Well, of course I wouldn’t, it’d be crazy…

item 9 >>> Having grown up in New England, I’ve always loved the Indian-derived place names…can’t decide which is my favorite: Nantasket, Narragansett, Chicopee, or Winnacunnet. They’re all just musical to my ear. Can you imagine the fix we’d be in, along with the rest of the country, if the PC crowd decided to attack these the way they attack Indian sports team nicknames? Yeah, I’m from No-Name State #7…

item 10 >>> …actually tho, those four are just off the top of my head…there are so many more…like the way “Pentucket Sachems”…hard K on Sachems, please…rolls off the tongue. Can’t beat it for shucks. And here’s an amusing game to play with your grandkids (well, I think it would be amusing for anybody, but what do I know?) Try pronouncing Indian place-names with the emphasis on the wrong syllable…do it with as many syllables as there are, and no cheating by looking at the written-down name for help! I find some with 4 syllables especially hard to do with the accent on the 2nd syllable…like Narr-A-gansett, Mass-A-chusetts, Winn-E-bago…is it any wonder that Lisa on Green Acres pronounced it “Massa-choo-sa-toots”…

Wicked Ballsy

Saturday, I said we’d have more on Edwin Alberian, the quasi-Clarabell on Monday…I meant Tuesday. Today, here’s the reason I prefer shorter hair on women (altho it’s neck and neck)…I was indoctrinated at an early age…

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