item 1 >>> Now Playing… russell Here’s a screaming’ rockabilly side by Russell Bridges…born Claude Russell Bridges. He was a sought-after studio musician until going solo in 1967, jettisoning the Vitalis. You know him better as Leon Russell.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! roll over And here he is on Shindig, November, 1964…he was a member of the show’s house-band, the Shindogs. Other members included Glen Campbell, James Burton, Delaney Bramlett, drummer Chuck Blackwell, and Larry Knechtel on bass. And Terri Garr was a dancer with the Shindiggers.

item 3 >>>  forgottenhits60s.blogspot.com is a tremendous site for Oldies fans. They recently had some interesting stuff about the Grass Roots, and I wrote in asking if anyone could help with 2 long-standing mysteries…here, maybe you can…

(1) As a college student in the summer of 1971, I was visiting relatives in Ohio and was listening to a lot of radio…and keeping notes! One thing I heard was a Pubic Service spot, probably 60 seconds, for Smokey Bear & forest fire prevention…sung by the Grass Roots! My notes read “first verse country style.” Anybody got this?

(2) I had a reel of music taped off TV…unfortunately, it’s long gone, but the written contents remains. Based on the line up, the time period is 1973-1974. There are 3 Grass Roots cuts: “Temptation Eyes” and “Midnight Confessions,” and I remember one of these was interesting because it was a lot slower than the normal version, can’t recall which. The 3rd cut was what I wrote down as “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and I believe this was a title, not a description. Nearest I can find is “Midnight Special” 3/23/73, hosted by Lou Rawls…they performed “Midnight Confessions” but also “Love Is What You Make It,” so that wouldn’t be it. Any Grass Roots fans got a clue?  Thanx a ton!

item 4 >>> And while I’m asking for your help…Sad to see Carlton Chester “Cookie” Gilchrist died. Altho I was a Pats fan obviously…and we had Jim Nance…I always liked Cookie. Before joining the AFL, he was a star for 6 years in the Canadian Football League. Who was that other Bills runner, the guy with no last name? Oh yeah, Billy Joe. Come to think of it, Cookie was traded to the Broncos for Joe. When I was very young, there was an older boy, a neighborhood troublemaker, named Cookie…so it meant something to me that there were good Cookies, too. But what I wanted to ask was: a Bills fan I know seems to remember Jim Nance had a younger brother who played at the  University of Buffalo…we can’t think of his name…can you?

item 5 >>> One of my fondest memories is nights when I couldn’t sleep, tuning in to Larry Glick on WBZ…still remember their phone number..254-5678. Then it was changed to 617-254-1030. And now they tell me its 888-WBZ-1030. What, they pay for the call? Awesome. Two Irishmen and a Hebrew once…

item 6 >>> I am listed on numerous DJ/voice-over and freelance writing sites…nothing ever turns up, but I figure as long as they don’t ask for money, what the heck. The latest is this writing site called Interact Media. I had to submit a sample, which they rate 1-5 stars. They gave me 4, which they say is the highest they’ll go for newbies, altho you can work up to a 5. Nice to see a lifetime of scribbling pays off, sort of, I guess. They claim to pay you thru PayPal, and need your SS# to do that. Well, they got my EIN, which is just as good and much safer, thank you federal bureaucracy, for once. So I jumped thru all the hoops, finally get to the Job Board…and its empty…they say they’re still in beta mode. Well, I did some checking beforehand…no scam-alerts on them that I could find, but the company started up in 2007, so this looks a bit peculiar. Hoo nose, maybe they did ask for money and I just missed it, hence no leads. What_Ever…

item 7 >>> I’ve always been fascinated by ventriloquists and their dummies. A fairly small number of them gained national prominence, but now with the internet, you can learn about regional or “club” ventriloquists, who performed mostly locally, especially if they were on local TV shows. Back in the day, if you were serious about becoming one (no, not a dummy…), the main company was the Juro Novelty Company, now owned by the Goldberger Doll Company, and still making dummies. This one was Juro’s attempt at getting girls interested…it was sold  as Hayley O’Hara, Danny O’Day’s girlfriend, but never caught on. I’m pretty sure Jimmy Nelson ever used such a figure…he had his hands full with Danny, Humphrey Higsbye, Farfel the Dog and Fatatateeta the Cat…and here they all are, along with Hayley’s head…jeez, that’s an ugly cat…

item  8 >>> Am I the only one that knows Fatatateeta was named after Ftatateeta, Cleopatra’s nurse in George Bernard Shaw’s play Caesar and Cleopatra? Oh, you did? Whew, close one…I was afraid you were gonna tell me again that I oughta go on Jeopardy. Yeah, maybe I should have tried 30 years ago…but I’m old now, it’s hard to remember these things, quickly or otherwise. If they had Jeopardy for Baby Boomers, OK…and Alex would say “And remember folks, all the questions used on today’s show…will be continued on tomorrow’s show.”

item 8.5 >>> Muppets for 1000…The Muppet whose vocal numbers were backed by the singing group, Ftatateeta and the Bats …And I would say: Who is The Count…OK, I got one…whoo hoo…

item 9 >>> Mentioned the other day some of my favorite New England Indian place names, but gave short shrift to so many others…here’s a handful more…Naugatuck, Niantic, Androscoggin, Masconomet, Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Acushnet, Seekonk, Agawam, Hooksett, Neponset, Woonsocket, Mashpee, Mattapoisett, Cohasset, Cotuit, Nashoba, Cuttyhunk, Chappaquiddick, Ossipee, and good old Naumkeag Row, a street in Northfield, Danvers, where houses trade for around half a million.

item 10 >>> …and perusing some maps, I came across several I hadn’t heard of, like…Shenipsit, Assawompset, Sippewisset, Umbagog, Pettaquamscutt, Squibnocket, and Nickwaket, aka Nickwackett. Oh yeah, and Quinnipiac, which I had heard of, but didn’t know means “where we blow our nose.” Wait, no, that’s “where we change our route.” Sorry.

Wicked Ballsy

Pawing thru my hoard of old baseball cards and others, found this. The © reads 1964, making it 7th or 8th grade. Here’s WHOSE picture? Might be a girl…just don’t remember anyone who looked like that…one of the nuns, maybe, but they had better handwriting…Palmer Method and all that…

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