item 1 >>> Now Playing…  alice cooper Here’s an Alice Cooper out-take from the Billion Dollar Babies period.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!zebra stripes illusion These “Amazing Animated Optical Illusions” will blow your mind…wow! The spinning head is my favorite…Believe it or not, I actually figured out how it works…

item 3 >>> Indianville, USARe Indian place names…obviously they’re all across the country. Those of New Jersey for instance, based on different languages than those of New England, have a sound all their own, especially when Joe Pesci says them! I’m thinking of Secaucus, Hoboken, Weehawken, Whippany, Parsippany, Piscataway, Succasunna, Assanpink, Matawan, Hackensack, Ho-Ho-Kus, Passaic, Tuckahoe, Watchung, and Peapack, just for starters.

item 4 >>>  The Politically Correct States of America…But I honestly don’t see the difference between using Indian-derived names and words for sports team nicknames…where the big gripe is, altho it seems to be letting up in recent years…and using them for anything else…place names, product names, you name it. In fact, playing devil’s advocate here, you could argue that historical Indian culture is crude and uncivilized…and unworthy of being used to name anything, or even being mentioned at all, in any context. How’s that for spin? Now I count 26 states with Indian-based names, a couple others they’re not sure of. And I’m sure I’d be fired if, as a history teacher, I suggested a project to rename those states, under the theory Indian names were “inappropriate.” Or would I? It would be very educational, tying together history, geography, foreign languages. At the very least, it would make for an interesting…and dare I say, revealing… debate at the School Board meeting.

item 5 >>> Tonight’s NBA matchup…the Boston Celtics vs the Birmingham Negros…Well, see, that’s one of the arguments you hear against the Cleveland Indians. Not for nothing, but I seem to recall that when the NFL Carolina Panthers were born, and introduced their team logo, it was touted as the first “black” team mascot…I’m just sayin’…

item 6 >>> Taking Nothing Away From the Patriots…If you have to qualify a record, chances are it isn’t much of one. This season, the Pats had a turnover differential of +28…which is sensational…almost +2 a game. And you might have heard that this is 2nd best since the 1970 merger, topped only by the +43 achieved by the 1983 Redskins. True enough, altho since 1940 (and geez, why 1940, records go back further than that) +28 is tied for 5th place…as outlined here…

Now as for 7 straight games without a turnover, and the old record being a measly 4, who can say for sure? Me, I’m gonna choose to believe it, to cling to it. Because…I don’t how to tell you this, but regarding Fewest Team Interceptions Thrown, the fact is that…no, I can’t do it…I’ll wait till after they win the Super Bowl…

item 7 >>> Misspellers of the World Untie!…I mentioned on Face Book that when I was in grade school, I got pretty good marks…the one subject that pulled me down was spelling. My parents would shake their heads at my A, A, A, C, A, A report card. OK, later on, I wasn’t too good at penmanship either…remember erasing and erasing until you dug a hole in the paper and had to start over? But over the years, thru sheer repetition, I’ve gotten a lot better at it. And for a few personally troublesome words, I invented mnemonic devices that helped to the extent that I don’t even think of them now. Couple of examples…My Mom is named Eva, and when I was growing up, many people called her Eve, so EVE beliEVEs. Then there was say HI to gandHI. Or the time Taurus the Bull went to Burger Chef and discovered they’d made hamburgers out of his wife…he ranted and raved…hence, res-TAU-RANT. Don’t laugh, for me it did the trick. Or the colors of a traffic light, top to bottom…an INDIAN PISSING on the GRASS. Or pouring lemonade, for a family audience, sorry.

item 8 >>> Ibn in nib…And there’s my spelling problem in 2011. The Apple TextEdit program I use to write this has an automatic spell-correcting feature…it works pretty good sometimes, changed teh to the…in fact, just then it wouldn’t let me type “teh”…I had to go back and insist…there, it  did it again. I could turn this feature off of course, but I don’t want to give up those good corrections. It’s the bad corrections that get me…all those cockamamie nib‘s popping up all over the place. And others that I may or may not catch…like it thinking I meant “punish” when I was trying, in vain, to type “publish.” I blame of course these Super-Chicklet keys…”low travel” I guess is the phrase for them today. And now everything is getting smaller? Spare me…

item  9 >>>  You Might Be a Baby Boomer If…You miss sonic booms…it’s that simple.

item 10 >>> G4BB part 2As I begin to think about writing tomorrow’s installment, I have to reflect on how much I am learning from this. I’ve looked into it more than the average person, sure…but at every turn I find there is still so much to study and understand. Tomorrow I will begin to explore arguably the most important relatives you have as an adult…well not so much today, but historically. As a child, your most important are your parents obviously. And as Western society has become more mobile and more affluent, the importance of family, of kinship, of “clans” if you will, has retreated. But in days gone by, “cousins” encompassed much more than the kids of your uncles and aunts…they were quite literally your generation…your neighbors, your countrymen, the only people with whose help you could hope to built a successful life for yourself and your children. And it is in this context, upon this backdrop, that I will begin to examine the relational bonds that cemented a community…and why it does matter who your 2nd cousin is…or at least did to those who went before us…

Wicked Ballsy

Doesn’t look so tough to me…BTW, Charlie should have said “million,” not “billion” in the 3rd panel.

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