item 1 >>> Now Playing…  phil & don Had the Sixties passed the Everly Brothers by? Not by me…here’s “Bowling Green.”

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! expectant fathers Back in December I listed some of my favorite comedians, and left out Danny Kaye…my bad. Here’s a TV sketch with Harvey Korman.

item 3 >>> I gotta get out more? Tried that, didn’t work…I was looking thru the “World Almanac and Book of Facts” for 1960, a section on noted entertainment personalities, and was a little surprised at how few came the the Boston area, let along Massachusetts as a whole. Of course some of the names that I didn’t recognize were obviously Big Cheeses  50 years ago…but here are the ones that jumped out at me: Leonard Bernstein (Lawrence), Ray Bolger (Dorchester), Walter Brennan (Swampscott), Jerry Colonna (Boston), Wendell Corey (Dracut), Bette Davis (Lowell),  Billy de Wolfe (Wollaston), Arthur Fielder (Boston), Arlene Francis (Boston), Ruth Gordon (Wollaston), Jack Haley (Boston), Agnes Morehead (Boston), Robert Preston (Newton), Arnold Stang (Chelsea), Sonny Tufts (Boston), Myron “Mike” Wallace, (Brookline)…pretty slim pickin’s if you ask me.

item 4 >>> Yeah, Bowen Charlton Tufts IIIBetter known to his fans as Sonny Tufts, related to the Tufts of Tufts University, and an actor, lots of Westerns. Not to be confused with Sonny Fox, host of Let’s Take a Trip and other kiddie shows, seen below…

item 5 >>> Who’s Next?…In yesterday’s Genealogy for Baby Boomers, I mentioned that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are related thru various lines, in a bewildering number of different ways, the closest being 3rd Cousins, by reason of their both being Great Great Grandchildren of Queen Victoria. Those of you quick off the mark must have realized that that puts him in line for the British Throne, altho you wouldn’t normally think that, since he seemingly “married into” the Royal Family. And indeed, the list I consulted…which went down to #1882…puts him at #507. I think #1000 and above, they give you a T-shirt…

item 6 >>> What? You’re Callin’ Me on That?…You apparently don’t know who you’re dealing with. OK, weisenheimer…they’re 2nd Cousins Once Removed thru King Christian IX of Denmark…4th Cousins thru Ludwig Von Wurttemberg…4th Cousins Once Removed thru King George III…5th Cousins thru Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfied…and that’s where I ran out of steam. Not only that, but they don’t even like each other!

item 7 >>>  The Case of the Curious Ball-capAll I know about courts of law I learned from watching TV shows. So I dunno if this is valid or not, but they said once that regarding evidence of things that happened long ago, written accounts…assuming they could be authenticated as having been created contemporaneously with the events described…are more trustworthy than mere memories. Makes sense. Thus, few people seemed to recall that before the Red Sox went to their 70s style red caps in 1975, they occasionally used navy caps with a red front panel in 1974. But I was certain of it, since I drew a sketch in my journal, dated 4/20/74. That’s shown below, flanked by modern-day recreations from Ye Olde Retro Heritage Throwback Hall of Fame Goode Olde Days Shoppe. The one-year half-red caps are finally being given their acknowledged place in the pantheon of platters. But ’twasn’t always so, McGee…and I remember.

item 8 >>>  May God Bless This Asking PriceSalem got a write-up in the Wall Street Journal the other day…front page, below the fold, their human interest “kicker” story…about witches “cleansing” foreclosed homes to make them more sellable. Um, OK fine. And not just witches, but Catholic and Hindu priests, fen shui, psychics, whatever it takes. “It’s a very spiritual city” says one real-estate agent. Or was that a press agent? Naturally, they cite Salem as the site of the 1692 witch trials, which is “True but False.” But generally it sounds like they really take this stuff seriously…compare with…

item 9 >>>   Head Cases…Passengers of motorcycle taxis in Nigeria won’t wear the mandatory safety helmets for fear of bad juju. They are very superstitious with anything to do with their heads. And about 2500 people are officially listed as having died in cycle accidents in the first 6 months of 2010, altho it’s believed the true number is much higher. Fear not…an enterprising entrepreneur is selling guard caps, that are inserted into the helmet to shield the wearer from the bad vibes. They’re made in China.

item 10 >>> Remember These?…Mailed to motorists by the Disable Veterans of America as a fundraiser, early 1940s thru mid-1970s…replaced, I guess, by address stickers. Guy collects ’em at http://www.keychaintags.com

Wicked Ballsy

This has that wonderful old-time look to it, even tho it isn’t…website info at the bottom gives it away…nice job, tho…

shameless tan plugs…

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One Response to 1/17/2011

  1. Manton Marble says:

    I am REAL impressed by your depth of knowledge about the back byways of pop culture. Deep — and most crisply — fried, indeed! Tell me, though, are you into the REAL far ends of the sub-sub-genres? Do you know about the tweaked duo Dicey and Paprika, for instance? See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP5ggZRsNh8

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