item 1 >>> Now Playing…  we had a good thing going The Cyrkle is best know for “Red Rubber Ball” and “Turn Down Day,” but like most 1-hit-wonders…or in their case I guess 1½ … they recorded a lot of good stuff…here’s one that’s always been good for me.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  red rubba ball And today, I’m cheating because this isn’t a video, just an audio, from a live performance in 1967…but let Art Garfunkel explain it…

item 3 >>> The Cyrkle Game…They had quite a run, brief as it was. Started out as a frat band from Easton, PA, home of Crayola crayons. They were the Rhondells, no relation to Bill Deal and the one-L Rhondels. Heard performing by a NYC lawyer who was also Brian Epstein’s business partner. Brian signed them up, changed their name to the Cyrkle, the unique spelling suggested by John Lennon. They were one of the opening acts for the Beatles final US tour, Summer of 1966. They also recorded a soundtrack LP for the soft-core 1969 movie The Minx, displaying a dizzying array of styles, including Tijuana Brass-eque. And they contributed to a promotional 45 Chevrolet put out…singing about the Camaro on one side, while Paul Revere and the Raiders did “Chevelle 396” on the other. Then there was the Simon & Garfunkel connection…

item 4 >>> Gor Blimey Holiday…After S&G’s 1964 LP Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. failed to take off, Paul Simon spent some time in England, recharging his batteries. There he co-wrote “Red Rubber Ball” with Bruce Woodley of the Seekers. According to Cyrkle guitarist Tom Dawes, they heard the song when they were the opening act on a Simon & Garfunkel tour, and Paul said: Take it, it’s yours. The Cyrkle also recorded “Cloudy” on their first album, but later passed on another song Paul offered them: “59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)”…Oops…

item 5 >>> A Tale of Three Simons…If you open the gate-fold cover of one of Paul Simon’s solo LPs from the early 70s, I forget which one exactly, there’s an odd photo…it looks like two Paul Simons. Well, that’s his younger brother Eddie, also a musician. You might have also noticed that the producer of the Cyrkle’s first LP is “John Simon.” He’s also a musician, composer, and producer, but no relation to Paul and Eddie. After the Cyrkle, he went on to work with The Band, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Big Brother and the Holding Company.

item 6 >>> OK, here’s your video…You could write volumes on “first choices” for famous TV and movie roles. One that comes to mind…they wanted John Wayne to play Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke…he turned it down, but did record an introduction to the premiere show, as seen here  wayne intro , since I owe you a video, don’t I? When you listen to this, it doesn’t sound like he was offered the role, but James Arness himself always said it was true.

item 7 >>> Not Smart…But I recently found another one…Tom Poston…remember him?…was the first choice of Buck Henry and Mel Brooks for Maxwell Smart, when they pitched Get Smart to CBS, who turned them down. Instead, of course, it went to Don Adams. Now his portrayal of Agent 86 with that funny voice was based on a a character he had done on The Bill Dana Show, a sitcom that began in 1963, cancelled midway thru its 2nd season. Bill was Jose Jimenez, the Elevator Operator. Adams played Byron Glick, the inept hotel detective. Interesting cast really…Jonathan “Lost in Space” Harris was the hotel manager, Gary Crosby the bellhop, and Maggie Peterson was a waitress…she was Charlene Darling on The Andy Griffith Show. But actually, “that funny voice” went back even further…he did impressions early on in his standup act, and that was his take on William Powell of The Thin Man fame.

item 8 >>> Well that’s just yarmy…
Actually, that’s Don Adams’ real last name, Yarmy. In fact, he had a younger brother Dick Yarmy, also a comedian and actor.

item 9 >>> The M.O.V.I.E. from U.N.C.L.E.…I was trying to clean out some of my stax-o-stuff…good luck to me!…and found a list of old TV series that over the past several decades had been made into movies. Some successful, others not so much…remember the black version of The Honeymooners? Seems they’re running out of 50s and 60s shows, altho The Green Hornet is getting good box-office, and isn’t it cool that they used an authentic 1966 Imperial for the Black Beauty, instead of updating it by gluing 5 Smart cars together? So now they’re turning to 70s shows…Starsky & Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, A-Team, etc. Looking over my list, I noticed a strange lack of Westerns…apart from The Wild Wild West, pretty much nothing…altho Have Gun, Will Travel is in the pipeline. Also one of the few remaining 60s shows, The Man From U.N.C.L.E…proposed star, George Clooney…whuchoo think?

item 10 >>> The Who’s Your Daddy? Affair…A big-screen version of Napoleon & Illya has been in the works since the mid-90s, and the last I heard they were close back 5 or 6 years ago, when Matthew Vaughn was set to direct. The fascinating thing there was that he was born in 1971, London, England, and always believed Robert Vaughn was his father. Remember, RV was over there at the time, filming Gerry “Fireball XL5” Anderson’s only non sci-fi series The Protectors. RV always said MV was not his son, and sure enough, in the 1980s it was proven that the dad was actually a minor aristocrat named George de Vere Drummond, a godson of the late King George VI of The King’s Speech fame. Anyhow, Steven Soderbergh is now set to direct. I’m not holding my breath. (Oh, and not for nothing, the original choice to play RV’s part in The Protectors was…the envelope please…Chuck Connors. Yee-ha!)

Wicked Ballsy

This is from 12/29/62…and everything you need to know to ID Zebras is over at Stolf’s Blog, link below. And there’s more to come, because, quite frankly, it’s all so black and white…

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