item 1 >>> Now Playing… let\’s go all the way “Free as a Bird” was OK by the Beatles…always thought this from 1985 had more of their flavor, updated…group is Sly Fox…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!… mingo throws da knife What can one say except what Johnny said…welcome to Frontier Bris

item 3 >>> World on a String…Writing from a strange computer…so bear with me. Anybody have a Pelham marionette when they were little? A British company…on the box it said “Marlborough Wilts”…that stood for Wiltshire…meaning sort of the town & county. The made clowns, soldiers, boys & girls of various nationalities…yes, even blackface…witches, dogs, horses, and believe it or not…Lady Godiva. This is from a book guide of Pelham puppets and not a Photoshop put-on. Can you imagine Christmas morning…kid unwraps this and says to his parents, beaming…”You guys are the best parents in the world!”

item 4 >>> Snow Driving…I was born and raised on the North Shore, learned to drive here…moved away to Upper Upstate NY at age 23. I tell folks who have never experienced New England driving: “You know how taxi drivers drive here? In Boston, everybody drives like that.” Well, not a in snowstorm…the old equalizer. Mind you, when I visit here, I fall into the same aggressive driving patterns…and I like it. There’s a certainty about it…you’re trying to pull out of a parking space and wonder…are they coming? Yes, they’re coming! Count on it. No doubt or confusion…everybody knows what everybody else is going to do, for the most part, and you’re ready for them. And them you.

item 5 >>> Slip Sliding Away…But snowstorm driving is great. Especially if you have 4-wheel drive. Now this doesn’t make you Superman, God, or Joie Chitwood…beginners are almost always overconfident, and soon find out 4WD doesn’t make you bulletproof. You can still spin off the road, you can still get stuck in the snow. But the traction control is impressive, compared to 2WD…the price is that you’re chugging gasoline, of course. All in all, beats snow-shoes, sez me.

item 6 >>> S-L-O-W is for More than just Catsup…It’s the key to blizzard motoring…just go slow. Bad things can still happen…your wife could announce she wants a divorce, for example…but you see my point. And once the roads are covered, it’s catch as catch can. LEFT LANE MUST TURN LEFT…oh really? What left lane? You get to decide where it is. I have a theory…traffic signs and directions cause accidents…the more there are, the more confused people get. Someone not familiar with the local drill does the wrong thing, nobody else is expecting it, and boom, collision. When you’re not familiar with the local roadway perplexities…and it’s at night…and raining…and you’re lost…traffic signs and street markers might as well be written in Arabic. My method is try to remember landmarks…at least you’ll know when you’re going in circles…then, avoiding those landmarks at least gives you a fighting chance of finding what you’re looking for. The definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, was never so true as when you’re driving around in circles!

item 7 >>> But it Could Always be Worse…Like driving in Los Angeles…I’ll bet they have LEFT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT…how about LEFT LANE MUST TURN SIDEWAYS…Chinese fire drill, anyone?

item 8 >>> The Gurnius Affair…Think I mentioned tiger-print the other day…weak sister to leopard-spots…here’s Judy Carne from an episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Along with Harvey Lembeck as “Tiger Ed”…Your leader is here, the Tiger!…from another episode, “The Discothèque Affair”…could have sworn he wore stirpes, but I guess not.

item 9 >>>  Xmas Leftover…Fill your tree with stockings? Are you sure you heard right?

item 10 >>>  Spitting Images…

August 7, 1956: The Red Sox fine Ted Williams $5,000 for spitting at Boston fans, as the Red Sox edge the Yanks in 11 innings on Williams’ bases-loaded walk. It is Williams’ third spitting incident in three weeks. The spitting started after the record Fenway Park crowd of 36,350 started booing the star for misplaying Mickey Mantle’s windblown fly in the 11th.

September 25, 1956: In response to the Ted Williams spitting incident, the Massachusetts State Legislature passes a bill to fine fans for profanity during a game. The bill is later struck down on the floor.

July 24, 1958: Ted Williams is fined $250 for spitting at the Boston fans again.

Gramps still has the shirt he wore to the that game…never washed it…even wrote on it in indelible ink “1 for 3, walk”…

Wicked Ballsy

Maps of New England, part 6,802…

plugless shames…
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