item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Break It All Los Shakers…the “Beatles of Uruguay.”

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  Attack of the Puppet People see item 6  if you please…I love the way this trailer starts out with “Prepare Youself”…How? By taking a shower? Changing your underwear? How?…

item 3 >>> No Street of Bat Hats…I see where a Samuel McIntire chair has sold for a record $662,500…once belonged to Elias Hasket Derby, one of  Salem’s (and the nation’s) richest merchants of his day. Derby St. is named after him, not the hat, which I nevertheless contend that for a kid was a reasonable assumption to make. Hat Street. So anyway, they took this chair home and perched it upside down on a table…cuz the rug they were on was worth even more…

item 4 >>> Hell Driving…Mentioned Joie Chitwood yesterday….not sure why this poster says “Canadian” Thrill Show, as George Chitwood, a Cherokee Indian, was born in Denison, Texas. He died in 1988. Started out not surprisingly as a race car driver…in fact, he was in the Indy 500 7 times…best finish was 5th, 3 times. It’s also said he was the first Indy driver to wear a seat-belt. His auto thrill show went by various names over the years, most famously the Hell Drivers. A teenage Evel Knievel saw the show in Butte, Montana and found his life’s work.

item 5 >>> Down on the Snow Farm…Yeah, a Snow Farm is just a place they dump the snow they’ve removed from the streets. Boston’s are all filled and so we see this: The Herald reported yesterday that officials are considering temporarily lifting a ban on dumping snow in Boston Harbor. Patrick said he’s awaiting reports from environmentalists before moving on harbor snow dumping. Um…listen…if the environmentalist say no, can we use their yards?

item 6 >>> Puppet World...Mentioned Snarky Parker on Facebook…he was a marionette, had his own show in the 1950s Life with Snarky Parker. He was worked by Bil and Cora Baird, probably the foremost puppeteers of the time…and yes that’s “Bil” with one L. They also did the “Lonely Goatherd” sequence for the movie The Sound of Music…and the Charlemagne (-mane?) puppet for The Morning Show on CBS..1954-57…seen here with Uncle Walter. But Bil and Cora were all over the place in those days…Then again, it really was The Time of the Puppets, culminating in the 1958 movie Attack of the Puppet People…which was seriously misnamed…they were actually people shrunk to doll-size by a mad doctor, and they were trying to escape, not attack. But the trailer for this was one of the earliest things I remember seeing when we got our first TV…see item 2.

item 7 >>> Snarky Parker should not be confused with…Nosey parkers. As with many old words and phrases, no one is certain where it comes from. Parkers were men who looked after parks, but also by extension it came to refer to rabbits snooping around, poking their noses in everything, as presumably the human parkers did too. Today it just means a nosey person. To “snark” was to pester or bother, also “nark,” hence snarky or narky.

item 8 >>> Lakeville Revisited…Today’s Wicked Ballsy is a repeat of the very first back in September…a portion of Lakeville, Mass….where Ocean Spray is located…that to me anyway looked like a rough drawing of North America, thru sheer coincidence. With Google maps, it’s probably easier to find other geographical oddities like this…or maybe not easier…I found it in an atlas of Boston area towns.

Wicked Ballsy

shugless plames…
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