item 1 >>> Now Playing…   antique ’32 studebaker dictator coupe A cool Ronny and the Daytonas cut…about what even back in the early 60s must have been a decidedly un-PC name for a car…see item 3.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! live Kicks As the 60s progressed, hair-styles for men got longer and longer, lead by the Beatles and others. Who had the longest hair in 1966? From one point of view it was Mark Lindsay’s ponytail, altho he always had it pulled back. Watching this video, I wonder if it’s completely his hair, altho the story on the net these days is that he indeed grew it long for the look. His vocal performance is different from the record, so his mike is live…but since the guitars aren’t plugged in, I’m guessing they performed to a recorded track. Is anybody buying that Uncle Miltie really likes their music? Didn’t think so…

item 3 >>> 1934 Duesenberg Tyrant Landau…I call it the “Chevy Avalanche
Effect”…naming something good after something bad…but it’s different. That’s what they found at Chevrolet when they tested the name “Avalanche” for their pickup version of the Suburban truck-based station wagon. (Is that a truck based on a car based on a truck?…Um, how soon do you need to know?) They favored the name, but were concerned since it is after all a snow-slide that can kill people. But the test groups liked the name too, and the typical comment was: “Well, one’s a truck, the other’s an snow-slide…its 2 different things.” But the Chevy Avalanche Effect only goes so far…when Studebaker named their lowest price model the Dictator in 1928, they had in mind that it “dictated” to the competition what a car should be. And it went along with their higher priced Commander and President series…they even had a Chancellor the previous year. The name proved unobjectionable for a decade, but events in Europe prompted a name change in 1938…to Commander, which had been retired in favor of Champion. But the nasty old Dictator still had its fans, which is how Ronny and the Daytonas could get away with mentioning it in 1964, I guess.

item 4 >>> At least they didn’t call it Plutocrat…I’m thinking of course of the slightly negative connotation that must have accompanied the gussied up International Harvester Scout SUV from the late 60s, the Aristocrat. Too little, too late…but as real collector’s item today.

item 5 >>> Coffee, Tea, or Totalitarianism?…Now if you’re from New England, this all might call to mind Autocrat Coffee Syrup, still going strong out of Lincoln, Rhode Island, in ground and exilir versions…and still using the red bird logo…”A Swallow Will Tell You.”

item 6 >>> Name That Car …Thank you, don’t mind if I do. You know, some say if you complain about something, you have to offer a solution at the same time. Well, if you can…by all means do. But it doesn’t disqualify your objection just because you yourself don’t know how to fix it…that’s just common sense. Still, when I rail against the sterile numbers-and-letters they give cars today, instead of real names, I for one am up to the challenge. And those dopey MK- monikers they give to Lincolns these days are so lame….Ok, here’s mine.

For the 2 sedans, it was easy…venerable old Stutz model names reborn…Bearcat and Blackhawk…and I’m betting among the car crowd they still carry some cachet of power and luxury. And of course Blackhawk recalls the ill-fated Blackwood pickup, which I though was one of the coolest rides of the past 3 uncool automotive decades. A little more casual for the 2 station wagons, Vacationer and Whitetail…well, White balances Black, so we’re OK, I hope. And an “-er” name for a recreational vehicle is a fad that just never went away. Other candidates for the wagons also had a classic old sound, but I had to pick 2…Del Rio, Ocelot, Roundup, Navajo, Vista, Rancher, Ranchman.

item 7 >>> Let’s Get Shiny!…When I heard that the Los Angeles Dodgers were holding a fan contest to pick the Throwback Uniforms they’d wear this Summer, I hoped the “satins” would be included, and sure enough! Guess I don’t have to tell you which ones get my vote.

These were used during the 1940s for night games…it’s said they were quite spectacular to look at under the lights…and that the players hated them because they were too hot. Here are several Dodger variations…

Other teams, including the Braves and Cards also got into the act…that Cardinal one looks like a space-suit, no?

Wicked Ballsy

And speaking of space-suits, I’m not sure what the hell this is…but does everything have to be explained?

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