item 1 >>> Now Playing…  chevelle SS 396 Here’s a promo record Paul Revere and the Raiders did for Chevy…the “porcupine” engine referred to the odd angles of the valves.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! the judge And here’s their famous commercial for the GTO “The Judge”…one of the best TV spots of the late 60s, sez me, and I’m always right…

item 3 >>> You Might Be a Baby-Go-Boomer If…you recall when ¢-off coupons had fancy borders around them, like money or postage stamps. In fact, maybe you cut them out and used them for play money, when your mom said you couldn’t use Monopoly money because that was just for playing Monopoly…adult logic…sheesh. These are from 1963 and 1964, and Snow Crop Orange Samoa was a mix of Orange plus “7 tropical fruits”…Lime, Lemon, Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, Passion Fruit, and Coconut. See, you learned something today…Coconut is a tropical fruit…

item 4 >>> And Speaking of Play Money…You might also be a Groovy Geezer if to you, it was’t a real wallet unless it was an alligator skin wallet…well, fake was OK too…but it had to have that scaly look.

item 5 >>> You Might Be Also Be etc etc…If you remember when Avocados were called Alligator Pears…altho look at these below…yes, I see the resemblance. But for the scaly look, how about the Cherimoya or Custard-Apple? Still, way back in 1926, the California Avocado Growers Exchange needed a word to market the fruit from their state…the winner was Calavo…altho they trademarked both that, and the runner-up Butterfruit…ever heard that one?

item 6 >>> That’s right, Butterfruit …I googled it and got a mere 4000 hits…included the Safou, an African tree fruit also called the Butterfruit.

item 7 >>> Salad Days in Tinsel Town…Talking about the satin baseball uniforms yesterday, I seemed to recall that the Hollywood Stars…who played in the Pacific Coast League out of Los Angeles, big rivals of the original Angels…also wore them. Couldn’t find any pictures, but it’s possible, since they were televising games starting in 1939, and
eventually every home game, which would have included night games. Sounds like a natural fit…no pun intended. (None taken…) The team started in 1909 as the Tigers, playing in the small Los Angeles County communities of Venice, then Vernon. They moved to San Francisco in 1926, as the Mission Reds, trying to establish a rivalry with the established San Francisco Seals. Didn’t work out, and they moved back south in 1938 when purchased by Bob Cobb, owner of the Brown Derby Restaurant, originator of the Cobb Salad. He promoted the heck out of the team, selling part ownership to actors, including Gene Autry and William Frawley, Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy. In 1950, the “Twinks” as they were nicknamed tried short pants…under the theory they could run faster than in the bulky wools or flannels. Didn’t last long, as you might expect.

item 8 >>> Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?…Yeah, that’s pretty much how the issue from framed…as you can see in this picture of the team’s manager getting hitched with God knows who…did you know umpires can legally perform marriages in 38 states? Just kidding. On the right, an LP cover featuring a Stars cap from 1957, their final year of existence.

item 9 >>> Ah, But They Never Learn, Do They?…Nope, of course they don’t. What fun would it be if they did, I ax you? The White Sox Short Shorts lasted one day… August 8, 1976…actually, make that half a day, since they were back to long pants for the 2nd game of that Sunday’s doubleheader. Oddly enough, they won that first game 5-2, stealing 4 bases…probably because the Royals didn’t think they would dare to slide…lead by John Mayberry who said “You guys are the sweetest team we’re seen yet.”

item 10 >>> Don’t Know Much About Salads, But I Know My Geography…Never was much for rabbit food…altho I was the guy who was always asking: Ya gonna eat that radish? I vaguely remember Kraft, Durkee, Good Seasons, and Seven Seas salad dressing…and ironically I now live in the vicinity of the Thousand Islands, who knew? I do recall a dressing called Green Goddess…it was invented in the Roaring 20s  at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, named after a famous William Archer play. Now everything is Ranch, Ranch, Ranch…but anyway, check out the 7 Seas, according to the tally of the ancient world…

Wicked Ballsy

No comment…except to say this is how it was done in 1948…oh, and thanks for reminding me to walk the dog…

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