item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Ram Goat Liver Another reggae classic from Pluto Shervington.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! winstons OK, as soon as I posted yesterday’s blog, I knew I had to follow up with the infamous ciggie spot.

item 3 >>> You Want Fries with That?…Talking about Brunswick Stew yesterday, I couldn’t find this from several years ago…finally did, near the bottom of a stack-o-stuff. The local newspaper caught some flack for publishing these, but the last time I checked, squirrels die whether we kill them or not. Plus, something always eats them. Anyhow, you can see why you need 40 of ’em if the whole gang’s comin’ over…

item 4 >>> The Smoking Light was Lit…For someone like me who dug marketing, the Sixties was a Golden Age…and never so much as in the tobacco industry. You had such innovations as charcoal filters, light and ultra-light smokes, the 100mm’s, plastic packs, not to mention an explosion of line extension…I mean, filters on Luckys and menthol Marlboros? And there were the oddball tries, like Waterford, with a drop of water in the filter…squeeze it, and instant hookah. Or that was the story…nobody bought it, what can you do?

item 5 >>> Googie Architecture…As suburban culture spread in the post-war boom, 2 of the hottest trends in home-building were the carport…fancy name for a “shelter”…and the breezeway, an enclosed hall between a garage and the house. The floor-plan below has it connecting to a garage converted into a bedroom…the enclosed breezeway is labeled a “hall”…and it even has a covered porch to it. Notice the bay window where the garage door once was. So where’d they park their Country Squire?

item 6 >>> Shameless X-Promotion…If you follow my other one, Stolf’s Blog (link below), you might have noticed there’s a new box of crackers up at the top. And here’s
another…meatball-flavored crackers? Sounds good to me…to bad it didn’t last. Anyhow, if you can’t pick out the new box, here’s a hint…it’s quite wry…

item 7 >>> Ocean Spray pt 1…Found an excellent history of the Ocean Spray Company, and it answered a question I’ve long wondered about…tomato juice? Well, not Cranmato certainly…but in the 1980s they did try a tomato juice called Firehouse Jubilee. Whoopee! Yoo Hoo!  Came and went so quick, even the net is stumped…no pictures have turned up…but I’m still looking,

item 8 >>> Ocean Spray pt 2…They can’t hit the bullseye every time, but they certainly did with grapefruit juice. They even purchased a factory to produce it in the late 1970s, and pioneered pink, then red grapefruit juice varieties. Ocean Spray built itself up from nothing into the industry leader in grapefruit juice, but one misstep was Sweetie in the early 2000’s. This variety of grapefruit has a sweet taste, none of the typical bitterness…not because it has more sugar, but is less acid. Citrus plants hybridize easily, and the grapefruit itself is believe to be a naturally occurring cross between a type of orange and a type of pommelo, a Southeast Asian citrus. The Sweetie, also known as the Jaffa Sweetie and the Oroblanco (“White Gold”) is a back-cross resulting in a fruit with the sweet taste of the pommelo, but not its unusually thick skin. Guess what? People prefer non-sweet grapefruit juice! Who knew? Seen here, left and top right, the Sweetie sliced horizontally and vertically, and bottom right, a typical pommelo.

Wicked Ballsy

Here are the contents of a small box found in the back of a Baby Boomer’s “junk drawer.” The various medallions and pins indicate a Catholic upbringing. We see fragments of play-money, a couple of metal bubble-gum machine charms, a shark’s tooth, army badges, one end of a cowboy-type string-tie, assorted sequins and “jewels,” a copper jeans rivet, and even I believe one Mr. Potato Head eyeball. What’s in your junk drawer?

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