item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Lullaby of Birdland Blind pianist George Shearing died…here’s his signature number. And BTW, I’ve always said that his LP cover from 1961 (left) inspired that classic from 1965 (right)..nobody believes me, but I’m sticking to my story. See also item 3.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Jenos pizza rolls But I’ll say this…if this commercial doesn’t make you smile, nothing will, you Groovy Geezer…(The guy with the cigarette is referring to the “Show us your Lark” commercials, which also used the William Tell Overture…)

item 3 >>> Delights-ful…Dolores Erickson modeled for many album covers before and after this famous one. She was 3 months pregnant at the time. Real whipped cream wouldn’t hold up to the bright studio lights so they used shaving cream…and of course most of it is a white blanket. My family were big Tijuana Brass fans, and Mom would buy their new albums and prop them up on the washing machine in the kitchen so we’d see them when we came home from school, or Dad home from work. This one, she put with the front cover facing the wall…honestly. And I always marveled at how the lighting made it look like she had only one breast. Here are 4 of the many subsequent spoofs…

item 4 >>> What’s Money For, Hmmmm?…I wonder if there are any rich people who collect all the different colors of KitchenAid mixers. I saw an ad that said Sears had 26…on the website, they weren’t very organized. Including the metallics (like “brushed nickel”) I found 32 different hues before giving up. And at around $300 a pop, what’s a chunk of change, unless you make $12 million a year or some such. The company began in 1919, and the style of mixers dates back to the 1930s.

The latest “company history” I saw (and these tend to be pretty inaccurate, sorry to say) claims they started branching out from plain white in the mid-50s. I would be seriously surprised if a complete collection of colors, including international models, didn’t amount to at least 100. This color ad is from TV Guide, December 1975, the Brady Bunch era of home furnishings. It says you can get it in Harvest Gold, Avocado, or White. What, no Burnt Tomato? Nice price too. And notice back then “Kitchen Aid” was 2 words…today it’s officially one word, with a capital-A in the middle, how trendy…

item 5 >>> Final Jeopardy Killer Diller…Wow, this would be a doozie…It is the southern most state capital in the United States. Now if you immediately started thinking of Southern states, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia…well, I hope you didn’t wager very much, because to that extent it’s a trick question…the answer is Honolulu, Hawaii. But if we confined it to the continental 48 states, what then? The surprising answer, as seen below, is Austin, Texas. Tallahassee and Baton Rouge look to be tied for 2nd, but considering each city as a single point on the map, Tallahassee is slightly more south…altho taking the actual location of city limits, who knows? And excuse me for living, but why was Mexicali, the capital of Baja California, on this map? Aye-yi-yi…

item 6 >>> Like Swashing Your Buckler…There’s a kind of word I like, it doesn’t have a name really, except that’s it’s formed with a verb + noun, but means a noun verber. LIke a spoilsport is a sport spoiler…a scarecrow is a crow scarer…a killjoy is a joy killer…a cutthroat is a throat cutter. Some of these words pop up where you least expect them…like wardrobe is a robe warder, in the sense of guarding or protecting. And many of these words are very colorful and descriptive..skinflint, rotgut, spitfire, bangtail, sawbones, tattletale scofflaw, etc. You see it in French like pince-nez, glasses that pinch the nose, or their word for G-string: cache-sexe. A conman or swindler is a mountebank, from the Italian montambanco…one who mounts a bench to deliver his spiel. And, as it turns out, hush puppy…corn-meal balls fried up to satisfy hungry hunting dogs…a puppy husher. In fact, the company story is they were going to call the shoes Lasers, until an executive ate some hush puppies down South, and liked the connotation that they “quieted barking dogs,” i.e. sore feet. Here we see 2 kinds of hush puppies, plus some shoes that aren’t, I just liked this picture better…sue me…

item 7 >>> Who Made the Original Whoopie?…Apparently this happens with a lot of stuff…nobody knows where it originated, and there are competing claimants for the “home of” designation. Like the other day we had Virginia vs Georgia for Brunswick Stew. And now, you may have read in the papers, it’s Pennsylvania vs Maine for Whoopie Pies (below, top left.) The debate has been rekindled by the Maine Legislature’s current bill to declare it the official state dessert. But just a cursory surf of the web finds many other candidates, from Roxbury to South Dakota. All’s I can say is, I’m just glad somebody did. Not to be confused with Moon Pies or Scooter Pies…I’ll take one of each, thank you.

item 8  >>> Plus as many of the other variations as you can spare…

item 9  >>>  Bye Bye Burry’s…Chattanooga Bakery claims to still make the original Moon Pie, and they now make the Scooter Pie, too. The original manufacturers, Burrry’s Biscuits of Elizabeth, NJ, is long gone. In the 1960s they were purchased by Quaker Oats, which explains this bizarre cross-promotional mash-up…and for more from Burry’s, see today’s Stolf’s Blog, link below…

Wicked Ballsy

You might recall back on 2/12 I showed you this…

So  imagine my deja vu when I saw this ad for Tiffany’s in Monday’s Wall Street Journal…

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