item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Cantelope Jones With all due respect (and it isn’t much, I admit) to today’s stuff, here’s some real Country music…Dave Kirby’s “Cantelope Jones.” (Hey, isn’t that the same label as the Trashmen? Roger that…)

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  Rock and Roll Bullfrog And here’s old Moon Mullican…yup, with a “c” not a “g”…

item 3 >>> Lady Godiva Part II…Yesterday’s tale of my Mom hiding the cover of “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”?…Well, I read today that when Dolores Erickson got the proofs from the photo shoot, she hid them from her husband! And even Herb Alpert wasn’t sure they should go with that cover, but he was persuaded by his old pal & art director Peter Whorf. Here are out-takes from that shoot.

item 4 >>> Lady Godiva with Clothing…And here are 3 other albums featuring Dolores Erickson…the clip in the lower right is from the Sandpipers LP “Guantanamera.” Today she is an artist living near Seattle.

item 5 >>> Metallic Matte Chrome Pearl Huh?…Yesterday I set myself a challenge, reckoning a KitchenAid Mixer collector could amass a collection of 100 colors. Well, as you can see, I pooped out short of 80, but my info is very anecdotal, and I have little before 1990, so I’m sticking to my guns on this one. Note that I’ve listed colors as
given in advertisements…is Red really Empire Red? Is Lemon the same as Lemon Zest? Well, I think that’s supposed to be the fun of “collecting,” no? This just in…from the KA website, 1999…add Agean Teal!

item 6 >>> Band of Gold?…I might also mention that while virtually every non-white mixer I’ve seen has a silver band around the top, white models have had black, red, pink, and green bands. Even a white band…still available today, what they call “White on White.”  I include these variations on my list because KitchenAid itself calls attention to them in their marketing, as can be seen below in the green “Limited Edition.” Did you get yours? I have clippings with what looks like a gray band, but it could just be silver so I’m holding back on that. And that 1999 website I mentioned had an “Almond” with an almond band, and an “Almond Cream” with a white and, so there you go…

item 7 >>> Snow-Go…I see where Edgar Hetteen has died at the age of 90. He invented the snowmobile, founded Polaris, then quit and founded Arctic Cat, then quit that and founded a company that made snow and mud vehicles for the armed forces. In this recent photo he’s posed with a snowmobile from around 1960.

item 8  >>> Going Crackers…Nabisco…the National Biscuit Company…was founded in 1898 and it grew by absorbing various local baking companies around the country. (We’ll feature one tomorrow with a dubious past.)  The United Biscuit Company started in 1927, and followed a similar business model with one crucial difference. While Nabisco continued making popular local products for as long as they were profitable, it always did so under the Nabisco Brand. United Biscuit preferred to retain local brand names…by the mid Sixties, they were trying to go national as Kitchen Rich, eventually deciding in 1966 to unite all their products under the corporate name of Keebler. Call out the elves! The 3rd major cookie and cracker company from back in the day, Sunshine Biscuit, was acquired by Keebler in the late 90s. Sunshine BTW was named after its factory, which had lots of windows…get it?

Wicked Ballsy

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