item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Misty Water Got 2 today by the Kinks. “Misty Water” was an out-take from the album The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society from 1968. When the group left Reprise Records for RCA in 1973, their old company released an album of leftover tracks called The Great Lost Kinks Album…and “Misty Water finally saw the light of day.  She’s Got Everything And to give you an idea of how good these cats were, “She’s Got Everything” was recorded in 1966 and shelved…then used as a B-side in 1968. The Romantics did a cover version, knowing full well what’s what…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…   Apeman And here’s a live version of “Apeman,” the Kinks’ follow-up to “Lola.” It didn’t do nearly as well…I always thought because it sounded too much like “Lola”…but Kinks fans like it. Have a banana.

item 3 >>> Little Sister Don’t You…Did you know Brigitte Bardot had a little sister? Well, actually still does, they’re both still living. Born Marie-Jeanne, 4 years after her older sister, she went by the professional name of Mijanou Bardot, her childhood nickname. There is surprisingly little about her on the net…even Uncle Wiki has nada. She was only in a handful of movies, the last in 1970…and apart from still being married to Belgian actor Patrick Bauchau, I can’t tell you much else. Except that lady in the bikini isn’t her…you’ll see Mijanou Bardot, perhaps for the first time in your life, in today’s Wicked Ballsy.

item 4 >>> Who is Who?…No, the lady in the red bikini with the big breasteses* is a Swedish stripper from the Sixties who went by the name of Babette Bardot, and claimed to be a distant relative. There’s there’s even less about her on the net than Mijanou. Babette’s claim to fame was the 1966 Russ Meyer movie Mondo Topless. This was one of the last “tease” movies before mainstream “adult” movies began showing the real deal, if you get my drift and I think you do. Hard to believe you could go to an actual movie theater and watch Deep Throat, while scarfing popcorn, but you could…that was the main method of dissemination, you should pardon the expression, apart from 8mm stag reels. In college one time we tried showing one on a bed-sheet suspended out a dorm window…those were the days, my friend…

* Oh, and BTW…”breasteses” is a real word…I tried it on Google and got 94,000 hits, so there.

item 5 >>> And Speaking of Les French…
You may or may not have heard of a French actress named Miou-Miou. Despite that whimsical stage-name…which is indeed derived from a cat’s meow, a nickname given to her by a boyfriend when she was 18…she’s a serious actress. She came along later than the Bardots, born Sylvette Herry in 1950. She’s been in over 70 films and has worked with some of the most famous international directors. Purr-ty interesting sez  me.

item 6 >>> You Might Be A Baby-go-Boomer If…When you were playing baseball in the back yard as a kid, you occasionally, as a change of pace, used a tennis ball instead of a baseball. I know, crazy stupid, but fun. And remember when you didn’t have enough players, and someone on base was due up, his place on the base-paths was taken by an “invisible man.” He could only ran as fast…and take only as many bases…as the batter. I don’t recall if there was any way to tag him out, but he could be forced out, depending on where the batter-turned-runner was at the time. Anyway, one of our invisible men was pretty good, and actually got a try-out with the Cubs, as I recall.

item 7 >>> Can-dee Booooooy…I liked Life-Savers as much as the next kid…Stik-O-Pep was always good for me…tasty, and a wacky name to boot. Butter Rum wasn’t bad either. But Charms always seemed like the real treat…sort of like edible gemstones, without the middle part removed. But if you needed that sugar in a hurry, and didn’t feel like sucking on a Charm for 20 minutes, there was always Chuckles…

item 8 >>> Nothing New Under the Sun Department…The other day I had a picture of what snowmobiles looked like 50 years ago. But way before that, they had pretty much the same idea. Even as far back as Model T Fords, they had a conversion called a “Snow Bird,” with tracks and skis. Here’s a 1929 Model A…it was used by the National Guard, then for mail delivery in rural Upstate New York.

item 9 >>> Everybody Remembers Toys from Marx, Mattel, and Ideal…But when I was growing up, we seemed to have a lot of stuff from Remco around. Well, they were an East Coast outfit based in New Jersey, if that has anything to do with it. Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, and I remember he had one of these babies…it didn’t care for it too much, except for the tiny red and green lights, which were pretty cool in the dark…it really is the little things in life, nez pah?, then and now…

item 10 >>> And Bats to You…Not for nothing, but not all bats are startlingly ugly.
Take the Flying Foxes, also know as Fruit Bats. There are several dozen different species, and some are the largest bats in the world. Kind of cute in a foxy sort of way. Still, wouldn’t want one of these dudes swooping around your living room.




Wicked Ballsy

My, My, Mijanou…

les pluggettes sans shame…

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