item 1 >>> Now Playing… Beatles: Not Guilty See items 6 and 7

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…   India ’68 Rumor has it, the Girls were going to record their own LP, called “This Is So Lame.” Song is “The Inner Light,” flip of “Lady Madonna.” (FYI, mentioned are Maureen Starkey, Jane Asher, Cynthia Lennon, Jenny and Pattie Boyd, and Mia Farrow…her sister Prudence was there too, hence “Dear Prudence”…)

item 3 >>> Mystery Flavor…Stump the internet? Shoot, I probably do it 2, 3 times a day. This Kool Aid ad is from 1957, and try as I might, I can’t determine what flavor the mysterious “Golden Nectar” was. I mean, why not just say what flavor it is…unless it was something they’d rather not say, like pickle juice or dandelion squeezings…is there such a thing as white prune juice? I’m just sayin’…seen here with one of the many imitators, Miracle Aid, by the Curtiss Candy Company no less. And there were a ton of ’em…Flavor Aid, Drink Aid, Funny Face, Fizzies, Happy Ade, King Stir, Drop Pops, Mix Ade, Keen, Gulp!!, Swing…heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even a Gay Ade…

item 4 >>> Witch City’s Favorite Son, Pt 1…Been watching DVDs of all these old crime shows from the 50s, and this guy was on just about every on of ’em. Al Ruscio, played goombahs mostly, the occasionally Greek. He’s still around, still acting, and and a college professor to boot. Born in Salem, Mass. Couldn’t find a younger picture of him, sorry. BTW, another Witch City Favorite Son tomorrow…

item 5 >>>  And speaking of Salem…Beatle sighting? Check this out…

item 6 >>>  And speaking of the Beatles…Here’s something from the Salem News on the Beatles White Album…notice something not right?

item 7 >>> If  You Said “Not Guilty,” You’re Not Wrong…Here’s what happened…from February thru May of 1968, the Beatles were at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh, India. They returned home disillusioned, but brimming with newly composed songs…some sources say as many as 60! On May 20, they rallied at George’s mansion and recorded 2 dozen demos, which formed the basis for their new double LP, “A Doll’s House.” The name was changed to simply “The Beatles,” when the group Family released “Music From a Doll’s House.” (Their bass player Ric Grech went on to join Blind Faith.) From May to October they recorded all the cuts, including “Hey Jude” and “Revolution,” released of course as a single, as well as George’s “Not Guilty” and John’s “What’s the New Mary Jane?” These 2 didn’t make the cut, altho as of early November, “Not Guilty” was apparently still in the running. It finally emerged, in a slower version, on the LP “George Harrison” in 1979…and the White Album version is on the Beatles “Anthology 3.”

item 8 >>> And Speaking of Teddy BoyInterestingly enough, other songs recorded (all this stuff exists!) at George’s house as demos were Paul’s “Junk” (on his 1st solo LP)…George’s “Sour Milk Sea” and “Circles”…and from John, “Mean Mr. Mustard,” “Polythene Pam,” and “Child of Nature,” an early version of “Jealous Guy.” Also supposedly composed in India were: “Teddy Boy,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Something,” and “Long & Winding Road.” “Teddy Boy” was intended to be on the “Let It Be” album, but was replaced by “All Across the Universe” when it showed up on Paul’s solo record. Here’s the very first Beatles Bootleg…the title “Kum Back” refers to the original title of “Let It Be,” “Get Back.” This surfaced in the Fall of 1969…a guy at college actually had one, and it was thrilling listening to it, I can tell you…plus is was on purple vinyl. Gee, is this why the Who’s “Live At Leeds” album looked like that? Yupper…

item 9 >>> And Speaking of the White Album…
As I approach age 60, is it weird to say that one of the coolest things I ever did, I did as a senior in high school? Can’t be helped, cuz it’s true. We had this literary magazine called “The Holten,” and in honor of the White Album cover, I convinced them to do a Black Cover…I was big into writing even then, big surprise. And I was honestly surprised to discover that some students didn’t like it, thought it was stupid. Where’s the picture? There’s no picture on the front! Yeah, but see — oh, never mind…

item 10 >>> And While I’m Thinking of It…Was “Hey Bulldog” considered for inclusion on the White Album? It was recorded, along with “Lady Madonna,” “The Inner Light,” and “Across the Universe” in February of 1968, before the sojourn to India…and of course eventually surfaced on the “Yellow Submarine” LP. The reason I wonder is this: the weekend of November 9, 1968, one of Boston’s Top 40 radio stations…either WMEX or WKRO, don’t recall which…had a special Beatles weekend, playing tapes of songs “leaked” from England, that were to appear on the upcoming album.  Ever since, I’ve tried without success to find out more about this “sneak peek”…they seemed to play the same small group of songs over and over, and all did turn up on the White Album…except for one: “Hey Bulldog”! They didn’t even have titles for the songs…I called it, sensibly enough, “Sheepdog!” Anybody know anything?

Wicked Ballsy

I had a big baseball card collection, but seldom bought any…I won them all “flipping.” That’s when we’d throw cards at a wall, the one closest won all the cards. You could also beat the leading card by landing on it or “topping” it. The only thing that trumped that was a “leaner,” a card that leaned against the wall. It could only be beaten by knocking it down, if you were a sure shot. And I guess I was. You may have played a similar school-yard game…and while it was supposed to be baseball cards, we’d let others slide thru from time to time, hence I won these 2. Why I felt I had to “authenticate” the 1st series black-and-white one, I have no idea. Maybe I just couldn’t resist that big empty space.

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