item 1 >>> Now Playing… Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus There was a short-lived fad in the early 70s for what I call “heavy breathing” singles…and I believe this one started it, by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. And yes, you hear it in the current Natalie Portman perfume commercial.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! A Fine Son One of may favorite moments from The Andy Griffith Show…pay close attention to the timing…these guys really knew what they were doing! But here’s something maybe you didn’t know…that really happened to one of the writers! He got his wife’s parents a septic system, and they were thrilled and raved about it for years…ya really can’t make this stuff up…true life trumps fiction every time.

item 3 >>> “One Mistake, Better Cake”…Yup, one of Barney Fife’s old sayings. Probably my favorite of his was: “Here at The Rock, we have 2 rules. Rule 1: Obey all rules.” You watch that and can’t help laughing…and thinking: what an idiot…and thank goodness for that! Then you have Opie and his famous discussion with Andy about “Horatio the Half a Boy.” But of course with Barn, he was the consummate bureaucrat. Reminds me of yesterday’s Blondie strip…especially relevant since where I live in Upper Upstate NY the Health Department is cracking down on chili cook-offs, of all things…what a brouhaha… or as it said in the paper: “We applauded when they left!”

item 4 >>>  Meanwhile in the Funny Papers…I’m really pleased I discovered that Pickles strip…very clever, especially the current series with the kid listening to his grandparents “nonversations.” Another one I’ve noticed is picking up, a single panel called Rubes. Geez, I never realized snowmen were so funny…here’s yet another one.  And have you been following Doonesbury and the Black Ops story-line…or maybe that should be Black Oops. His political strips I can do without, but here he’s riffing with sheer comedy and when he does, he’s among the best, Gary Trudeau. Tho in the back of my mind I wonder…could either of those 2 Slacksketeers actually get killed? Woof…

item 5 >>>  U Spend 95¢ and U Find OutAnd that ghost one reminds me of this…what the heck is a “life”-size ghost?

item 6 >>> Cooking for Baby Boomers…Me and my 2 sisters had a thread going on Facebook. One asked why some of us ate that white paste we used in grade school. I pointed out it was just flour and water…as somebody once said, add eggs and you’ve got cake! But then, where’d the paste go? So my other sister said, yeah, she used to eat paste, plus the erasers off of pencils, and also crayons. And now that I think about it, one time I found bite-marks on one of my crayons. I asked her: Do you eat Magenta? And she said: Yeah, in season. So I knew it wasn’t her, cuz this was Winter, see. Seriously, she could have been an A-student, but she ate everything…

item 7 >>> Warm up the Set…One of these days I wanna do something on the history of Boston TV channels, and you know what? It might even be tomorrow. But here’s the thing: we’ll have to get into the DuMont Network…which contrary to popular thinking was not replaced by ABC…for the first half of the 1950s, there were actually 4 networks running at once. The reason DuMont comes up now tho is I was watching a DVD of The Cases of Eddie Drake. This was a private eye show, aired on DuMont in 1952, just 13 episodes…interestingly, it was filmed in 1949 by CBS, but they never used the shows. It starred Don Haggerty, and ex-athlete and career B-movie actor who’s not really known for much else. Not even one of those interesting-looking character actors you always recognize but don’t know their name. He played Drake with a breezy style, half way between the suave Michael Shayne and the hard-boiled Mike Hammer. But with some interesting quirks, like this screen-capture…who the heck wore a turtle-neck sweater under a double-breasted suit coat in 1949? Pretty spiffy…but then, when he gets it his car…

item 8 >>>  Shoot, I Almost Swallowed My Gum…Yeah, that made me sit up and take notice. Was that what I thought it was? Actually, I recognized it, just couldn’t think of the name. Turns out it’s a 1948 Davis, a 3-wheeled wonder manufactured by the Davis Motor Car Company, founded by Gary Davis in Van Nuys, California. Around 15 of these beauties were built before the company closed down…employees not paid, lawsuits from dealers and investors, you know the drill. Davis was ultimately sent to prison for fraud. BTW, that picture of the red one on the left shows what it would look like at night, with the hideaway headlights uncovered…unless something flies into there, I dunno…

item 9 >>>  What’s WRONG with these People?!?…
But you can see the way Eddie Drake’s convertible nose-dives…this was one ugly mutt of a car, and he’s tooling around like some cool big-shot. Not that it discouraged the 3-wheel crowd…check out this 1951 Bee from Daihatsu in Japan. Cripes, I’d rather walk…

item 10 >>> Are You Ready 4 Some Baseball…Here’s an odd one…when was the last time the same player lead his league in stolen bases and batter’s strikeouts? In the Majors it’s only happened 1 ½ times that I could find…in 1938, the Yankees’ Frankie Crossetti lead the AL with 27 steals and 97 whiffs. Then back to 1911, when Cincinnati’s Bob Bescher lead the NL with 81 steals, and tied Dodger Bob Coulson with 78 SO. Notice…more steals that strikeouts! Well it happened last year, as Red Sox prospect Jeremy Hazelbaker lead the lower-A Carolina League with 63 steals and 135 K’s, an unusual combination to say the least. In fact, he lead the entire Boston organization…7 teams plus the parent club…in stolen bases, and was topped only by Dave Ortiz’ 145 strikeouts. BTW, who lead the AL in SB for a single season in the decade 2000-2009? That would be Jacoby Ellsbury with 70 in 2009.

Wicked Ballsy

Me, I was never scared of clowns as a kid…maybe I should have been…Milky the Clown? Too much white! He hosted a kiddie show on Detroit TV back in the 50s…played by Clarence “Clare” Cummings, hawking milk, what else?

be here tomorrow, same shameless, same plugs…

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