item 1 >>> Now Playing…   Simpsons Talkin Softball The Duke is dead…long live the Duke!

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Whats My Line Watch this whole thing, it’s great…what fun TV was back then. The thing that gets me is, people on the tube back in the 50s seemed more intelligent than those today…a lot more…Edward R. Murrow vs Shepard Smith…nuff said…

item 3 >>> Faux Groovy…Hindsight is a tricky thing. Looking back on the Sixties, a lot of the stuff that came out aimed at young people was thought up and put together by the older generation…thus, it had a very high “square” component to it. Like when a sitcom needed “rock” music coming out of a teenager’s transistor radio…it was always that cheesy fake surf-guitar crap, never any singing. The kind of music Opie Taylor and his crowd danced to, remember? Even The Mod Squad was pretty old-fashioned, music-wise…altho to tell you the truth, I don’t recall minding that much…altho I did bristle when they had an episode about a rock star, and who played him? Noel Harrison. Duh. Trouble is, I’m thinking that maybe at the time, it didn’t seem so square to us…any nod in our direction from our parents’ generation was something, right? Getting to the point,  I’m thinking of those dopey “teen” comics your sister read…when the malt-shop bobbysoxer characters of the 50s got mod and gear in the 60s…

item 4 >>>  Pussy and her Pals? Ooops…DC had Binky, Marvel had Millie the Model, Charlton had a title called “Go Go” featuring “Miss Bikini Luv”…yipes!…so Harvey got into the act in 1966. They should have stuck with what they did best…Casper & Hot Stuff, Richie Rich, Little Lotta, Stumbo the Giant…but no, they had to try Bunny, Queen of the In-Crowd. Series last till 1971, but only 20 issues…but say, why were you reading your sister’s comic books anyway? BTW, Bunny was a teen model, her last name was Ball…for real…

item 5 >>>  Actually, they all do itWhich is to say, at one time or another, in one context or another, most cartoonists will end up drawing a cartoon version of themselves. It just seemed that Al Capp did it more than most, both in Li’l Abner and elsewhere. But given his oversized personality, I guess that’s not surprising. And not for nothing, but I always liked his style of drawing…trouble is, the world got hip and he didn’t…old story, right? But here are just a few of the self-Capptured portraits…

item 6 >>>  Something I’d Heard About…but hadn’t seen…nor do I remember seeing it back in 1968…and that was the parody Capp did of Charles Schulz and Peanuts. Here’s an excerpt…the strip is called Peewee and his dog is Croopy…drawn by cartoonist Bedly Damp…

item 7 >>> Before I Got “Hip”…I used to listen to a lot of talk radio, not music too much…that changed, but before it did, one of my favorite times was when Al Capp was the guest on somebody’s show. He was always a hoot…

item 8 >>> And Another Thing…Al Capp did illustrations and comic strips for advertisers…this series was named after himself…from 1958.

item 9 >>> I see it, but I don’t believe it…The thing about old cars is, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see something else. Guy by the name of Norman Holtkamp  from Inglewood, CA built this deal in 1961, out of spare Chevy parts, among other things. He called it the Cheetah Transporter. It still exists, with a new rear end, owned by a collector in Florida.


item 10 >>> Re Invisible Men on the Base Paths…Got a nice email the other day: Stolf: What was your ruling when a batted ball hits an invisible baserunner? Well, the rule-book says a when a batted ball hits a baserunner, before touching or passing an infielder, the runner is out, and the ball is dead. And this is true BTW even if the runner is touching a base…there’s no “immunity”!…the only exception being when an infield fly is called. So yeah, that’s how we scored it. I’m sure it happened to you once or twice…you hit a screaming grounder thru the hole and the second baseman sez: It hit the invisible man! He’s out! And you said: It did not! Are you high? And he sez: It did so! I heard it hit his shin! Look, he’s limping!

Wicked Ballsy

Who died? Oh, I thought you said…oh, never mind…


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