item 1 >>> Now Playing Everybody Tommy Roe’s 2nd hit went to #3 in October, 1963…”Sheila” had been #1 over a year earlier. And he wouldn’t hit the Top 10 again until 1966 and “Sweet Pea.” For his short-lived but fascinating connection with the Beatles, see item 10.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! The Snobs The gimmick got them noticed and they copped some primo publicity…but they weren’t that good, sad to say. They were in the first wave of the British Invasion in 1964 but failed to make the charts. This is their signature song, “Buckle Shoe Stomp.”

item 3 >>>  La Chantoosie Ultimatée…Back on 2/25, I presented the Heavy Breathing 45 “Je T’aime, Moi Non Plus”…by actor-director-singer Serge Gainsbourg and actress Jane Birkin. What I forgot to mention was he originally recorded it with Brigitte Bardot, but her then husband Gunter Sachs refused to let them release it. Serge and BB did make a bunch of records in the late 60s, many of which you’ll find on YouTube, along with the original “Je T’aime”…yeah, they never throw anything out, thank goodness for that. I would especially recommend “Harley Davidson,” “Contact,” “Bubble Gum,” and “Comic Strip.” No, she’s not much of a singer, but if you loved the 60s, you’ll get a real kick out of the camp zeitgeist. Ironically enough, BB and Birkin would appear together in an infamous “the other way inclined” scene, as the Brits say…in the 1973 film Don Juan, aka If Don Juan Were a Woman.

item 4 >>>  Would You Buy a Truck From This Deputy?…In 1970 and 1971, Dodge made this special truck package, and who better to pitch the Dude? Um, I can think of maybe 100 people, but let it go. It came in all colors, but the classic was this black and yellow SuperBee look.

item 5 >>> Still Yet More Brown…So I open up the latest issue of Hemmings Classic Car and what do I see? A brown 1952 Hudson Hornet…did I say brown? ‘Scuse me, I meant Texas Tan and Honey Cream. And you might be a Baby Boomer if you remember when NASCAR cars were real cars, not the one-size-fits-all shells they use today. Didja know, from 1952-54, Hudsons won 61 of 84 major NASCAR races, thanks in no small part to their powerful engines and low center of gravity. Sadly, it didn’t translate into sales, and they ended up merging with Nash to form American Motors.

item 6 >>> Look Who It Is! …
And not for nothing, but a 1952 Hudson Hornet might be one of the few cars from the 1950s that your grandchildren would recognize, thanks to Doc from the 2006 movie Cars.

item 7 >>> You Might Also Be a Baby Boomer If…you don’t remember any women school-bus drivers. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, far from it…you just didn’t see it back in the day…

item 8 >>> I FOUND IT!…I mentioned a while back one of my all-time favorite
newspaper bloopers…William “The Refrigerator” Perry referred to as “The Frig.” This is from the Syracuse Post-Standard, 7/3/89. I’m assuming they thought it worked like “Reg” being short for Reggie, and pronounced “rej.” Like I always say, a mistake in print is a joy forever. One year, Coach Ditka was asked if Perry had reduced to the requested 320 pounds, and Mike said: “Absolutely…on his left side.”

item 9 >>> …and this wasn’t a typo…It was a regular column in Billboard magazine…needless to say, this is a completely untouched, unaltered, totally legitimate and utterly inexplicable photo. For some more kooky clippings, see today’s Stolf’s Blog, link below…

item 10 >>> Hurray for Tommy…In March of 1963, Tommy Roe and Chris “Let’s Dance” Montez headlined a 21-date tour in England, with the Beatles 3rd-billed. Well, for one night anyway…after the first show, it was obvious that the Beatles were the main draw, and they closed the show for the remaining dates. Between the Lads and Roe it was a mutual admiration society…the Beatles had often performed his hit “Sheila” over the past 6 months, altho they were now doing mostly their own songs. They and Brian Epstein had many questions about America, and talked of their interest in breaking into the American market.

For his part, Roe knew they were bound for bigger things, and on the flight back, he wrote “Everybody,” inspired by their music and their energy. And as he had promised, he pitched them to his bosses at a ABC Paramount. After sampling a few tracks from the LP “Please Please Me,” label president Samuel Clark remarked to the execs present, as Tommy Roe remembers it, “Gentlemen, that was crap!” and suggested to Roe that he “Stick with singing and writing your songs, and leave the business decisions to us.” One wonders if they were listening to the same group…but then that had been Capitol’s judgement too. In the photo, Roe is next to George, Chris Montez next to Ringo…

Wicked Ballsy

Would it be fair to say that whoever decided on the covers of Dell’s Tarzan comics had a one-track mind? It’s lunch-time…

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