item 1 >>> Now Playing Gnu Gsong Flanders and Swan were the British duo of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann. From 1956 thru 1967, they performed in a 2-man show called  At the Drop of a Hat, and its sequel, At the Drop of Another Hat. Sometimes I think these chaps were too clever by half, but that’s life, innit? See also item 8.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! I’ve Got a Car This is truly astonishing…from 1962 no less. Automatic breaking system? See also item 5.

item 3 >>>  Man Drills Hole in Head for Kicks…I saw that headline…along with a blurry photo of some guy with a bandaged noggin…back in the late 60s and I never got it out of my head. It was one of the weekly horror stories splashed across the newsstands by the National Enquirer and its dozens of imitators. You Baby Boomers remember what I mean…stories about eating babies and disgusting sex murders and pictures of people run over by trains and God knows what else. Goofy sex too, like gay was the “3rd Sex”…Christine Jorgensen was the “4th Sex.” Say kids, you know those gross-out webpages your friends dare you to look at? Imagine it week after week, out there in public for all to see, and your kindly old Grandmother used to buy them…sheesh. By the mid-70s, overtaken by the sex rags like Screw, the ones that were left morphed into the celebrity gossip tabloids they still are today. Maybe someday I’ll post some of the more extreme examples, but (above) are a couple I found more or less at random. Enjoy… (And not for nothing, but I can think of like maybe 6000 things worse than being “raped” by Joey Heatherton…bet you can too. Oh, and call me a Dirty Old Man, but that’s one sexy black-and-white belly button…don’t think it’d be nearly as nice in color, but that’s how it was back in the day.)

item 4 >>>  The Golden Over-the-top-mobile…The Golden Sahara was a custom car built by George Barris from what was left of his daily driver, 1953 Lincoln Capri, after he crashed it in 1955. Seen (below) is the original wreck, and front and rear views of a typical ’53 Capri. Talk about turning a negative into a positive.

item 5 >>> Not to be confused with…the Golden Sahara II, he built for Jim Street of Dayton, Ohio in 1960, and seen in today’s LQQK @ †h∆†! It was used in the Jerry Lewis movie Cinderfella (below, bottom left.) Both cars still exist.

item 6 >>>  Then we have…The Lincoln Futura dream car, built by Carrozzeria Ghia in 1954 for a cool quarter of a million dollars. George Barris turned it into the Batmobile a decade later…

item 7 >>> Be Careful What You Ask For…You want crazy men’s fashions from the 60s? Here’s old George “King of the Kustoms” Barris, never one to be shy in public…interesting sense of color, nez pah?

item 8 >>> Mutts 2 U…I love the way this guy draws…the gags range from nonexistent to extraordinary…it’s one of the few strips I read these days. Tried in vain to discover why Gnu is pronounced noo. The trouble is, in English “silent” letters are there because at one time they weren’t silent. Knight and knife were really pronounced with the K-sound at the start. Now Gnu is an English transliteration of the native name of the animal…colonials wrote down what they heard…so how could that have a silent letter? Why not Bwqtgnu, pronounced noo? Anyway, I’ve always said G’noo cuz it’s more fun…definitely better than what it’s most often called today, Wildebeest…which BTW, in Afrikaner by way of Dutch, is correctly pronounced with a V-sound.

item 9 >>> White Copper…Yesterday’s stuff on the 1943 zinc-coated steel pennies, which we really did call “Silver Pennies,” reminded me of the real silver pennies…that is a cent struck by accident on a blank or planchet intended for dimes. Interestingly enough, these are not nearly as rare as true copper 1943 cents, and can be had for anywhere from a couple 100 to a couple 1000 dollars. Makes sense, when the window of opportunity for such an error is every year, not just a single year. They exist in real silver and the nickel-coated copper “clad” coins begun in 1965. If I had a ton of money, it’s one of those weird things I’d just like to have for the sake of having. Absent the moola, not so much…

item 10 >>> Finally today a note on Blogging…and the incredible freedom of what you can write, and how you can write it. if you wanna go e.e. cummings on everybody, it’s ok. the shift key doesn’t work/ no problem. OR THE CAPS LOCK GETS STUCK, AND YOU LIKE ALL CAPS ANYWAY, EVEN THO IT BUGS SOME PEOPLE, THAT’S FINE TOO. oR a STupId miX and mATCh, wHATeVer Your hEaRT dEsirES. And you can say things however you want…for example…in item 9 I mentioned the modern “clad” US coinage, nickel-coated copper. Now there’s an old Chinese saying: The first step on the road to wisdom is to call things by their right names. Of course, the trick is, what is the right name. Saying “nickel-plated copper” leaves little doubt as to what’s going on. At the other end of the spectrum, the fancy-pants term is “cupro-nickel.” I ‘d bet that a lot of people don’t know off the top of their heads what “cupro” refers to…altho the more nimble-minded among us could probably make an educated guess, based on the context. So just for kicks and giggles, I did a quick Google survey and got the following hits…copper-nickel 6 million…copper_nickel 3 million…cupro_nickel 659,000…cupro-nickel 185,000…cupronickel 148,000…for what it’s worth…

Wicked Ballsy

I’m not really a coin collector, but like most of us, I’m sure an accumulator. Nor are these really “coins” in the legal tender sense…just a few doodads plucked from the “coin box” in my “junk drawer.” That blank one is an honest-to-goodness “penny slug” from the early 1960s…every real kid should have at least one. Shown here obverse and reverse…and for size comparison, the slug is exactly the size of a penny…

shameless plugs in brilliant uncirculated condition…

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