item 0 >>> Dear Friends…I slept late this morning, and got up thinking I had just enough energy to post some old BC baseball strips, and leave it go at that…a short-handed Wednesday. Well, ain’t life grand. BTW, the new schedule is working perfectly…

item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Heart Song by Judea Star If today’s music leaves you Baby Boomers cold, here’s one that you might like. Got a nice Beatley feel to it IMHO… coo coo ca joob…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! BB cartoon And speaking of which, did you know there were Beetle Bailey cartoons on TV? Well, I guess now you do, in spite of yourself, huh?

item 3 >>>  Taxi Squad…Not for nothing, but I notice with some dismay that the Red Sox have 2 outfields this year…the regular outfield of Cameron, Crawford, and Ellsbury, with Drew on the side…and a bunch of very interesting backups…Josh Riddick, Ryan Kalish, Daniel Nava, and Darnell McDonald. I say “dismay” because it kind of makes you wish for another season of injuries to the front-line guys, God forbid, God forbid…

item 4 >>>  The Red Sox Hate Negros…Yeah, I know that’s always been the story…especially since they were the last Major League team to integrate…the “last first black player” as they call him on the net today, Elijah “Pumpsie” Green, 1959. This was back when “flashy” was considered a racist epithet, remember? Best story about Pumpsie…one that’s “too good to check” so I won’t…is the time the team had to come “rescue” him and 6′ 8″ pitcher Gene Conley (who played for the Celtics as well as the Bosox) as they were attempting to board…inebriated it is said…an airplane bound for Israel.

item 5 >>> Blax Sock…But you never hear about the second black player with the Sox…or the 3rd or 4th. Here, I’ll give it a try. All position players except Earl Wilson…and who was the 2nd black Red Sox pitcher? I’m gonna guess John Wyatt, reliever in 1966.

item 6 >>>  And Ironically Enough…The Dark Hose may have had the first black player in the Majors, long before Jackie Robinson. I know I’ll get in trouble for saying it, but looking at his picture, he doesn’t look it. Thing is, baseball historians have had their eye on Ramon “Mike Herrera from Havana, Cuba for some time now. He was an infielder with Boston 1925-26, and also played in the Negro Leagues, both before and after. In fact, he’s said to be one of the first, if not the first, to play in both the Negro Leagues and the Bigs. And it’s a fact that a majority of the Latin players in the Majors prior to 1947 also played in the Negro Leagues…so either they let white guys in, or…well, draw your conclusions…I’m in enough trouble just bringing it up, right?

item 7 >>> Imperious Imperioli…I see where despite decent ratings and generally favorable reviews, Michael Imperioli’s cop series Detroit 1-8-7 is on the bubble and may not get renewed for a 2nd season. Tell you the truth, it’s only a so-so show, but he’s one of my favorite actors, so I watch it just for that. Loved him as Spider in Goodfellas of course…and as Nick Falco on Law and Order…even on the short-lived Life on Mars (below, center). And his kid, Vadim, is also an actor? What’s not to love? One suggestion…change the name of the show to Imported From Detroit…maybe just the kick-up it needs.

item 8 >>> Eh Tu, Bluto?…Some particularly good strips in the funny pages yesterday…yeah, one more for my Zebra scrapbook. And those weird characters in the Blondie strip…I get the feeling they’re from some other strip, but don’t know which…any help?

item 9 >>> Baseball, 1 Million BC…Speaking of comic strips, a couple of classic baseball ones from back in the day…and one of the strangest BC strips of all time, sez me.

item 10 >>> Four Kings…Clockwise…King Donovan, actor, my choice to star in my 50s crime show about a Polish-American private eye, Johnny Alphabet…King Moody, best known as Shtarker on Get Smart…good old King Gillette, by a close shave…and King Corcoran, almost-was QB from late 60s.

Wicked Ballsy

No Hall for You…Is this cover of Sports Illustrated, dated June 13, 1972, the reason Dick/Richie/Wampum Allen isn’t in the Hall of Fame? I’m just askin’…

shameless and plugless…

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