item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Robbins Nest Early on in my radio career, I learned from my jazz-loving boss that what I liked was “popular” or “light” jazz…not the hard-core heavy-duty real deal. Which essentially means I worship Mancini above all else, and if that’s a crime, I’m happy to plead guilty. Always liked Hank’s version of this…done here by the man who wrote and originally recorded it in 1947, Illinois Jcaquet…as a tribute to Big Apple DJ Fred Robbins. They say Fred later used it as his “theme”…and if someone wrote a song for me, danged if I wouldn’t do the exact same…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Mod Squad Good thing I wasn’t still taking piano lessons at the time…my teacher would have asked me what the time signature on this was and I would have said…um, 7/5?…and got nasty rap on the knuckles for my trouble…

item 3 >>>  Lazy Friday on the Blog…But is it really being “lazy” if you draw on what you’ve been doing for over 2 years, that’s just sort of lying there waiting for something to happen to it? I tend to post a lot of pictures on Facebook, so I thought today I’d just grab some. Like here’s proof that they serve Spam at McDonalds in Hawaii. The folks there got a taste of it during WWII when soldiers passing thru shared their rations. And it’s remained a favorite to this day.

item 4 >>>  Photoshop Costs a Lot of Money, God Love It…On the other hand, with Windows you get a very simple but effective program called Paint…the Apple equivalent I now use is called Paintbrush. A while back, I took this old comic book illustration…of a what? Gorillasaurus?…and wondered if I could remove the hero. Turns out I could…

item 5 >>> No “might” about it, you really ARE a Baby-Go-Boomer if…you remember glorious color combinations on cars like this ’55 Chevy…the brochure says that’s Shadow Gray over Coral.

item 6 >>>  Egg-o-Lantern…This is from last Hallowe’en…the trick is, you’ve got to carve verrrrrrrry carefully…

item 7 >>> From 1950…Weenies in a can…what will they think of next? This, friends, is the world we were born into. And Sack O’Sauce! Wasn’t he one of those goofy crime-fighters on the Dick Tracy cartoon show? No, that was Heap O’Calorie…(below, inset)

item 8 >>> Like Yesterday…Basic digital clean-up of old photos isn’t hard to do. Just cut a bit near the splotch, and paste it over. Sometimes easier to do in reverse image…plus I blow it up by 400%.

item 9 >>> White Out…Most of your “higher animals”…mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, even fish…can be found as albinos. Even, so help me, peacocks. My side-kick Cool Daddy…his wife is color-blind…she looked at these pictures and said: “So?”

item 10 >>> Facial Symmetry Can Be Dangerous…Back in the day, magazines would do this as a goofy feature. Today, with computers, it’s insanely simple. (1) Split a full facial shot in half. (2) Copy one of the halves. (3) Horizontally flip that half. (4) Match it to its original…and you get…Bill Clinton? I was afraid to try it with the other half…do you blame me?

Wicked Ballsy

It’s a multi-colored Veggie World…even if they’re just dog treats…


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