item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Highway Child What the Rolling Stones need to do is remaster all the unreleased stuff languishing in the can and put out some records a la the Beatles Anthology series. This one is from the Beggars Banquet period. Maybe they thought the feel was wrong for that LP…sounding too much like a jam or something. Or more likely they just ran out of space.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  TV Stones This is from June 13, 1964…old Dino doesn’t know what to make of them. Well, let the kids have their thing, then make fun of them for benefit of the slightly stunned grown-ups who might be watching. But really, I like his jokes and I’m not put off by his approach…that was the reality of how the entertainment big-wigs were reacting to the British Invasion early on…had to go with it, but didn’t have to like it. BTW, that drunk schtick is just that…a schtick, a put-on…he wasn’t that way in real life. It’s called acting.

item 3 >>>  Say “Cheese” for the Xerox…About 20 years ago, I became interested in the idea of a Xerox machine as a camera…a devise for taking pictures…or as we call them on the computer today, “images.” One thing I discovered, to my delight, was with shiny metallic objects, a camera just takes a picture…it “sees” it pretty much the way your eye sees it. But a copier “translates” the reflective effects into black and white, resulting in such interesting images as this crumpled aluminum foil. This image isn’t literally “shiny,” the way you’d see it in real life, but the pattern and disbursement of the gray shades gives that that illusion…your brain interprets that as a representation of a shiny surface.

item 4 >>>  But it gets trickier…For example, here’s the front of an old Christmas card I’ve saved all these years, just because I liked it. The printing is silver, and the background is a kind of satin-finish blue. As you can see, my printer when scanning (top) and copying (bottom) couldn’t deal with the way the light reflects off such a surface, resulting in this sort of “colored snow” effect, like you might see with the over-the-air TV reception…sheer “noise.” Off the top of my head, I would have thought that a scan and a copy from the same printer would look the same, but apparently there’s a lot going on “behind the scenes”…someday I’m sure I’ll have the energy to scope it all out.

item 5 >>> Dust To Dust…But for now, here’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while…scoop up some random dust from a neglected corner, and “scanograph” it….as you can see, lots of it’s hair…well, that would be “me”…and some bits tracked in from outdoors, I reckon…

Wicked Ballsy

Once or twice a decade, Gary Trudeau includes animals, or close to that, in Doonesbury… (top, from earlier this year, the Bedbug Affair…bottom from 1977.) I like the results, and it’s occurred to me that he could do a great “funny animal” strip. True, not many successful cartoonists over the years have done more than one strip concurrently, but some have. And if he’s ever so inclined, I’ve got a few names for him…Bunji Bear, Tommy Cat, Bo Bunny, Paco Pig, Big Mouse, Uncle Duck, Aunt Chicken, and Dog E. Dog.

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