item 1 >>> Now Playing…   Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon This is from an album recorded live…the Three Degrees say that this is the song from the movie without the actors butting in. Some think that despite the interruptions, the version they do in The French Connection is in fact better…but his this version ain’t bad.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Year of Decision I’d say the First Choice (“Armed and Extremely Dangerous,” “The Player,” “Dr. Love,” etc.) is a close 2nd, but the Three Degrees would be my pick as the girl group of the 70s…if only because they were successful not only in the Disco era, but also pre-Disco. Introduced here by Cliff Richard.

item 3 >>>  Sleep on it, Dude…It’s an odd thing, but sometimes if there’s something I can’t think of, I’ll wake up the next morning with it right in my mind, front and center. Yesterday I noted how the whole human race…excepting of course those who go rogue, the so-called “Independents”…could be called Spear and Spindle. (The opposite of “distaff side” aka “spindle side” is “spear side.”) It had a certain ring to it, but I couldn’t place it. Now I can…it’s my niece’s North Shore Girl Scout troop, Spar and Spindle. OK!

item 4 >>>  Charlie Sheen for Tiger’s Milk…The other day I had a picture of one of Harvey’s ill-fated tries at a comic book superhero from 1966, Tiger Boy. It was pointed out to me: Hey! It’s Charlie Sheen! Geez, you’re right…good catch. You know, I haven’t wanted to say anything, but…here’s the thing: Hollywood these days has a peculiar take on diversity or “inclusiveness”…like, blacks can play white roles, but whites can’t play Asians. All manner of minorities are given a shot, even championed…gays, the deaf, Down’s syndrome, little people, trans-whatchamacallits, you name it…even actors who smoke cigarettes, daringly enough. And that’s as it should be…if you can do the work, pull your weight, fine. But what about the mentally ill? (If indeed that’s what’s going on here, and I do have my doubts about that.) Now I’ve never watched his show, but it seems to me that if Charlie has done nothing else, he’s demonstrated that he can deliver the goods…he earns his pay in spades, whatever else is going on in his noodle. Does this mean I’m coming down on his side? Yeah, I guess so. It’s that darned Intellectual Honesty…you have to go where the truth leads you. BTW, (above) is the trade dress for Tiger’s Milk from 1962, 3 years before Carlos Irwin Estevez was born. What was he fed in the nursery, I wonder…

item 5 >>> Why I Liked Going to the Doctor’s as a Kid…For 2 reasons. One, he had a fish-tank, and our family never had pets…well, in high school one of my brothers had a turtle, and today he’s a doctor. So I was always fascinated to watch the fish swimming around in the bubbling green water…and I believe he had this right in the examining room, which if he did was pretty sneaky, as a distraction for apprehensive little patients. But the other reason was the waiting room…he always had a fresh stack of comic books, and at my house, comic books weren’t suitable reading material in general…I say that because my Dad did have a few on hand for us to read while he was cutting our hair…he was an industrial engineer by trade. So I always looked forward to reading them, and didn’t mind a long wait…encouraged it in fact. My favorites were Superman, they were always so blamed ridiculous…but I loved it. Look at this inexplicable panel, and riddle me this: Did you see such things in Marvel books? Spiderman? Fantastic Four? Don’t think so, brudda…

item 6 >>> Baby Edsel, Not…The 1960 model year, introduced in the Fall of 1959, was the year compact cars hit the American auto scene it a big way. Sure, American Motors and Studebaker had ’em, but this was the Big 3. At Ford, they planned an upscale version of the Ford Falcon, and they were going to give it to…Edsel, not Mercury. See, Mercury had a double life…luxury for those who couldn’t quite afford a Lincoln, and performance for the hot-rod set…neither deemed appropriate for an economy model. Thus staff designer Robin B. Jones was given the task of coming up with an Edselized Falcon. His first try is seen here. (Well, see, that’s why God gave us drawing-boards, to go back to…) His 2nd try looked more like the Comet, and when the plug was pulled on the 1960 Edsel after only 2800 cars had been built, the yet-to-be-introduced Edsel Comet became the Mercury Comet.

But what I’d like to know is, what was the name below the trunk lid? Can’t quite make it out…or is it just vertical slashes simulating a name they hadn’t yet come up with? Any help?

item 7 >>> And Speaking of Brown Cars…Were we? Hey, I’m always up for one, especially a 1959 Edsel Ranger. Officially, the paint-chip said “Redwood.”

item 8 >>> What-ifs-ville…But what got me thinking about Edsels was seeing this 1955 Lancia Spider America from Italy. It occurred to me, if Edsel had started in 1948 instead of 1958, and lasted a few years, this might have been their answer to the Ford Thunderbird. My name for it..the Edsel Spree…not a bad little buggy, wouldn’t you say?

item 9 >>>  And just to clear my mind on the subject…Here, (left) is proof not all 1961 Comets were cars…and (right) 2 examples of modern-day Edsels…(top) a real-life serious one, (bottom) a Photoshopped goofy one…LONG LIVE the E-CAR, sez me!

item 10 >>> Yesterday’s Who?…Well, just goes to show you…the Truth is Out There…waaaaaay out there…yup, David Duchovny, 1976.

Wicked Ballsy

Yet another map of the Bay State…notice that you don’t actually have to be in Rhode Island. Not for nothing, but when I first moved to Upper Upstate NY many moons ago, I was surprised to find people who sincerely believed that New York State was part of New England.  And here’s something every New Englander should know…the official name is The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations…owing to the fact that it was originally 2 separate colonies, and there is an island called Rhode Island, formerly Aquidneck Island.

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2 Responses to 3/15/2011

  1. Suzie says:

    Hey, Mark. Love reading your DFHC blogs. BTW, Dad was actually an Industrial Engineer by trade. And perhaps you discovered that recently, Spar and Spindle Girl Scout Council merged with other councils to create the new Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass. council – due to a restructuring across the whole US. (saw your map…)

    • stolf says:

      Yeah, that’s right…I’ll change it. But what I wonder is…was “Spear and Spindle” in the back of their mind when they came up with “Spar and Spindle”? Seems like quite a coincidence, but I suppose it’s possible…

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