item 0 >>> As Promised…The 1st installment of You Are There…from LIFE magazine, Sept. 18. 1964.

item 1 >>> Now Playing…   Caveman by Tommy Roe There was a feature on the Youth Culture Wars over in England…the Rockers (left) versus the Mods (right.) By late 1964, both were actually on their way out, overwhelmed by the Beatles and the Beat Movement, which musically incorporated elements of both…American rock ‘n’ roll from the Rockers, blues and soul from the Mods. By 1966, it would be the Hippies versus the Skinheads. Here’s a typical Rocker number, an overlooked (but not by me!) gem from 1960.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Zoot Suit The Mods were typified by the High Numbers, soon to be renamed The Who. In this song, they instruct you on what to wear…if you wanna be a “face.”

item 3 >>>  Some Things Never Change…Like fighting in the Middle East…it’s a way of life for them, always has been…and will be? The lead story in this issue was the conflict in Yemen…rebel tribesmen versus the British and Egyptians. And as always, LIFE didn’t shy away from pictures of dead bodies. It was right there in their Style Manual, p. 31.

item 4 >>>  But on to Pleasanter Things…Like what’s for lunch? Whatever it is, it’ll be cooked up in this snazzy Danish Modern kitchen…is it just me, or are they missing a refrigerator?

item 5 >>> Mmm mmm but Good!…Who put pats of butter in their tomato soup? We didn’t, but I guess some did. The text of this ad suggests for extra goodness you make it with milk instead of water. Or maybe something new from Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. He was a real person BTW, immigrant Ettore “Hector” Boiardi. He opened an Italian restaurant in Cleveland in 1924, and within a few years pioneered pasta-in-a-can. “Boy-Are-Dee” was a way to help Americans pronounce his vowel-laden name. And wash it all down with Diet Pepsi, which had just been introduced, perhaps not quite yet in your area…

item 6 >>> …or Just Go with an Old Standby…Eyeball Hash Casserole. I’m hip.

item 7 >>> You Might Be Soooo a Baby Boomer If…The only time you saw a Golden Retriever was on your Dad’s Field & Stream calendar in the garage. In the 60s, it was more like Collies, Germans Shepherds, Cocker Spaniels…and what’s this? Did you say English Setter? Correctamundo.
item 8 >>> New Cars, Old CarsThe new 1965’s were in the showrooms, but the old Bug just kept chugging along. This is typical of the uncluttered VW ads of the period, considered by some to be the greatest campaign in the history of advertising.

item 9 >>>  Boob-Tubery…But you must remember, Fall was also the time for the new line of televisions. In fact, for several years TV Guide came out with a special issue each Fall profiling the new models, just as Motor Trend and Popular Science Monthly did with cars. Again with the spindley Danish Modern legs, often referred to today as “Mid-Century.” ¡Ay caramba!. And what’s that in the lower right-hand corner? Why, a stereo system, nez pah?

item 10 >>> Don’t Look, Ethel!…Back in school, the nuns warned us not to read “unclean” magazines…and they weren’t talking about Playboy, Esquire, or Cavalier…no, LIFE was dirty enough for them…or us…or whatever. Love the iconic pink and black layout, to my mind a 1000 times more effective than full color would have been.

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Wicked Ballsy

In the Eisenhower years, it not uncommon to encounter industry-sponsored ads touting the benefits of…candy. Later, they “refined” the message somewhat. Notice Judy wearing the 1960s version of cutoffs. But that’s OK…it wouldn’t be long before she’d be drinking Tab and wearing kicky plastic houndstooth boots (inset).

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