DFHC 3/21/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing Pop a Top Jim Ed Brown…stays thirsty.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Poor Boy by The Lords The Lords were actually a German beat group, but with a difference…they mixed in goofy comedy, hence the footwork, the weird drumming, and the singer playing catch with his mike. It’s rumored he spoke no English. The other big German group was the Rattles, and they hated each other. Not a bad little tune. BTW, that’s not a video screen above the drummer, but a mirror…and not for nothing, but this live version is actually better than their 45…

item 3 >>>  The Fizz that Izz…You can do some amazing things with the internet, as will be demonstrated in item 4. It all started with the news that for the first time ever, Coke and Diet Coke were #1 and 2 last year in soda sales…Diet Coke having passed regular Pepsi, which should come as quite a shock to “The Generation.” Here’s the Top 10 for 2010…

For some reason, I couldn’t find a list beyond 10…I wondered where 7 Up was…for the past several years it’s been right in there, in the low teens. Now in this list, I made Coke products red, Pepsi’s blue. And in this age of corporate consolidation, just about everything else has been gathered together by Dr. Pepper Snapple…including RC Cola/Diet Rite, Squirt, Hires, Crush, 7 Up, Canada Dry, A&W, Schweppes, even old-timers like Vernors, Nehi, and Sundrop. And one that caught my eye, Cactus Cooler.

item 4 >>> What Would Freddy Drink?…Yup, that hard-to-find but still-out-there orange-pineapple concoction…seen (above) in various incarnations. A little research revealed something I’d never heard: that it was inspired by a beverage on The Flintstones. The imagery seemed a little off…what did the desert have to do with cavemen? Why not more like Shale Cola…it’s Bitumilicous! But God bless the web…didn’t take long to not only find out which episode…”Split Personality” first aired Oct. 28, 1960…1st season, 5th episode…but to even yank down some screen captures for yez…like I said, amazing…

item 5 >>>  Who Don’t You Trust? …I hope you trust me when I tell you some factoid or other is true…or when I present some picture, and say it’s completely legit. Sure, I can be wrong…I can be fooled…and I’ll be the first to set the record straight when that happens. Gosh, the ease with which images can be faked today has got me chasing my tail. But that having been said, there’s some great “work” being done out there. Here for example is the real Super Orange Crisp…and 3 very well-executed phonies. You might recall this cereal from the 1970s…it was the basic Sugar Crisp with orange loops added in…boosting the whopping 56% sugar content to a tooth-yanking 68%…believed to be an industry high-water mark.

item 6 >>> Nothing New Under the Carport…When this type of fakery is perpetrated on actual vehicles, they’re called “phantoms.” A favorite is making Ranchero-type car/trucks that never existed…like this Edsel…

Or how about this completely phony, but equally stunning 1959 Edsel Bermuda…the real woody was in the 1958 model year only…but folks can dream…

item 7 >>>  Dreamboatmobiles…Then there’s Ernie Cheek of Sparta, Tennessee, and his maple-and-mahogany wagon from Never Never Land…the back view is scanned from Hemmings Classic Car magazine, an absolute must for bathrooms everywhere, sez me. And that one in the lower right…I dunno what the hell it is, but it’s brown…

item 8 >>>  …and Speaking of That Mag…Here’s another reason to invest. At $5 a pop, it’s a steal of a publication…especially when you consider that’s also what they soak you for that throw-away junk, the ersatz TV Guide. This is a late 60s Kaiser Jeep 3/4 Ton…and any resemblance between it and a Hummer is purely—well, you make the call.

item 9 >>>  OK…I can’t resist…one more…A highly collectable 1959 Dodge Sport Eyebrow Station Wagon…those were some days, weren’t they?

item 10 >>> Colour Our Wourld…Why an American group, Chicago Transit Authority, would use the Brit spelling for this song title was not immediately forthcoming from Mother Web, and I gave up. But why have I always liked dark-and-dark color combinations? Could these stamps from Indian have anything to do with it?

Wicked Ballsy

When it comes to what was called in the old days “S.A.”…there’s obviously more to it than a skimpy bikini bottom…as this photo so keenly illustrates…I think I have to lie down…I’m feeling kind of….whoooooooaaaa

shameless plugs, naked as a jay-bird, before it got it’s feathers…

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