DFHC 3/22/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing Who’s Zoomin’ Who? Not a bad little Aretha tune from 1985…altho I’d forgotten about the Casio Keyboard musical backing…sheesh…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Super President During the 60s Super Hero craze, there were some nutty creations, perhaps none stranger than Super President…I mean pick one: President or Super Hero…wouldn’t that be enough for anybody’s plate? Apparently not…so would that be SPOTUS?

item 3 >>>  Who is Nanker Phelge?…Good question. You see that name on Rolling Stones records. It was the pseudonym they used if they wanted all 5 Stones to share in the writing credits…hence royalty payments…for a song. A “nanker” was their slang word for an ugly face Brian Jones would make on occasion. And as to Phelge, you might as well ask who was Edith Grove? Well, that was a street, not a person…it was where the Stones shared a dilapidated flat in the early days with a non-band member, Jimmy Phelge. He wasn’t included in the royalty deal, but Ian Stewart, their long-time road manager and keyboard player, was.

item 4 >>> The 6th Stone…In fact, Ian Stewart had been a member of the group until early 1963, when their manager Andrew Loog Oldham (left above) talked the band into demoting him. The story was that Oldham felt 6 members on stage was too crowded for a “beat” group, plus Stewart didn’t fit the Stones image…he looked too normal (right above). And indeed, the burley Scot didn’t aspire to the Stone’s wild lifestyle as the 60s unfolded. I always pictured him as thin-faced with long stringy blond hair. As you can see here, just the opposite. But Ian Stewart was their mate, and he took the demotion in good graces. He died of a heart attack in 1985. BTW, that “Loog” is a Dutch name, from his father’s side of the family.

item 5 >>> Caddy Re-Pink…Back on 3/17, I concluded that there was never a factory-order Pink Cadillac in the 1950s…well, not the Shocking Pink you see some painted today…that the best we had was a Light Pink shade, Mountain Laurel in 1956-57, and Wood Rose in 1959. Looking back on it tho…I’m not awfully happy with the discrepancy between the Wood Rose paint chip and the actual car I sampled…it’s clearly too “pink.” Short of seeing one in person, I have to reserve judgement…because there’s a double problem: photos look different depending on the light source, and then they look different when viewed on a computer screen. So here are my original postings…plus 3 more…tending towards, clockwise, Pink, Peach, and Mauve. Looks like Wood Rose might be more in the Mauve family, but as my Grandma used to say, We shall see what we shall see.

item 6 >>> Eyes Don’t Have It…You might recall this (left) from a while back…and here’s Gale Garnett…the singer and actress (right). My only point is this: when a shot comes out less than complementary, just take a couple more, what’s the problem?

item 7 >>>  Slattery Will Get You Nowhere…I also recently mentioned the difficulty of an actor going from a comedy series to a serious one or vice versa. Well, not difficult if you’re an actor of any versatility, geez…but there’s the type-casting issue. I’d say there’s no greater example of this than Richard Crenna. He went from a country bumpkin on The Real McCoys to a state legislator on Slattery’s People in 1964. It was cancelled in the middle of its 2nd season, probably because people found the stories, let’s be honest here, bor-ing. Not his fault…you can see some clips on YouTube and he’s fine. It was just too much of a leap. Ed Asner was also on the show, but I don’t see him on the clips. BTW, The Real McCoys was a funny show, wish it was on one of my 1000 channels…and Gale Garnett played Pepino’s girlfriend in one episode. She was also on a Bonanza, but gained her greatest fame as a singer with “We’ll Sing in the Sunshine.”

item 8 >>>  …and while I’m thinking of it…On The Real McCoys, do you know what “Hassie” was short for? Nothing. Her name was really Hassie. Amos explained that they once got a post-card from Tallahassee, Florida, and they just liked the name. Here’s Lydia Reed…large picture when the show started, smaller picture as she got older…it lasted 6 seasons. And if Internet Movie Date Base can be believed…and it can’t always, sad to say…she never acted again, at least not in movies or on TV.

item 9 >>>  Running it up the Flagpole…Whatever happens in the coming days in Libya, it’s all but certain they’ll be getting a new flag. Or based on what I see the rebels waving, they’ll be going back to an older one. Libya’s current flag is the dullest…ah, but easiest to color!…in the world…just green. This dates from 1977 and Gadhafi’s “Green Revolution.” Seen below (from left): the Libyan flag as an Italian colony…the Kingdom of Libya 1961-69…. and as partners with Egypt and Syria in the Federation of Arab Republics until 1977. It’s the red-black-green Kingdom one that’s the heir apparent.

item 10 >>> Color Me Air Mail, Fly Me…In terms of color, composition, everything, (top) has always been my favorite Air Mail envelope, from the United Nations. I think as a kid I also liked the irony of them having some very handsome stamps, but they’re not a country, duh. The red and blue border…officially, they call those “lozenges”…was more-or-less a global standard, but not written in stone, as Italy demonstrated at one point (bottom).

Wicked Ballsy

I have just one word for you: cowgirl…

shameless palomino plugs, bareback…

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