DFHC 3/23/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu/Dickie Doo & the Don’ts Forget the hokey-pokey…this is what it’s all about.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! 77 Sunset Strip A ciggie and a T-Bird ragtop…life is good.  Say what again? Now if I could just figure out what Kookie’s talking about…

item 3 >>>  Tale of Two Potties…Most, altho not all, of today’s stuff will concern Kitchens and Baths. This is prompted by something that happened a few months ago…my parent’s old commode finally kicked the bucket…it dated from around 1973 or so (left). I would sit there and wonder where the heck the tank was? Anyway, a streamlined marvel from another age…replaced, and nicely color-matched, by the one on the right. At least now there’s someplace to lean back on, and catch your breath. Thanx to my sis Suzie for the snaps…

item 4 >>> The Smallest Color Scheme in the House…No, the 1950s weren’t all pastels or pink-and-charcoal…altho they were that. Why does this bathroom from 1956 remind me of the old Landolphi’s Restaurant on River Street in Danvers?

item 5 >>> Speaking of Landophi’s…As a family, we’d only eat there for my Grandparents’ birthday or anniversary. I always got the fried clams…just strips, no bellies, but in those days I didn’t know any better. Here the boys are hosting a gaggle of starlets…4th from the left is Chris Noel, best known as a DJ to the troops in Viet Nam…her show was “A Date with Chris”…Hi, Luv! She was in a couple of Beach Party-type movies too.

item 6 >>> No Munsters For You!…And on her left, your right, is Beverly Owen, for a short time Marilyn Munster, replaced by Pat Priest. What’s more, Chris could have been on Star Trek…the year before it went on, Gene Roddenberry had produced a series about the Marine Corps called The Lieutenant, starring Gary Lockwood and Robert Vaughn. Many actors and actresses he worked with on that show also popped on on Star Trek, including regulars Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and of course Majel Barrett. Chris Noel was a semi-regular in various small roles, but didn’t make the cut. I always thought if The Man from U.N.C.L.E. hadn’t come along, Robert Vaughn would have made an interesting, if somewhat prissy, ships surgeon. And not for nothing, but the Lieutenant’s middle name was Tiberius…

item 7 >>> The Inside-Out House…You like porcelain tiles? A company in Columbus, Ohio made these cool Lustron Homes…steel frame and interior walls, with porcelain exterior panels…choose from aqua, gray, yellow or salmon. They began as easy-to-manufacture gas stations and restaurants…then the federal government, looking for new housing for returning soldiers, took an interest. In 1949-50, almost 2500 such homes were made, price: $7000. People were fascinated by the fact that to hang pictures on the wall, you had to use magnets! Unfortunately, preliminary estimates were inaccurate…they could only make about half as many per day as they needed to break even, and Lustron went under in 1951. Many of these houses still exist…but in their original state, not altered or built-up, only about 50 or so.  Still, they have their ardent fans, sort of like Airstream aluminum travel trailers, and at least one…in Indiana…is open as a tourist attraction…“and it never needs paint!”

item 8 >>>  Pantry Peacocks…But kitchen appliances were changing as fast as the rest of the culture in the Swinging 60s…Ubiquitous Aqua from 1965 was replaced by a circus rainbow of shades in 1966…then in 1967, the Whirlpool Connoisseur Twin, with panels you could customize…altho truth be told, it looks like more trouble than it’s worth…and consumers apparently agreed.

item 9 >>>  Brick…da-da-da-da…House…I dug the brick-face look…interior and exterior…from back in the day. Wondered about this wall next to the front door inside the North’s apartment on the early 50s show Mr. and Mrs. North. I’ve seen this in gaudy colors, but the Montgomery Ward’s catalog suggests a somewhat tasteful….dare I say brick-…red motif.

item 10 >>>  Hey Mikey!…Up until the 1990s or so, masculine sounding first names for girls were generally taken from surnames…and given by custom to both sexes…more common south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Then Ashley, Jordan, Riley, Madison, et al took on a life of their own, and today are only occasionally given to boys. But notice, there still aren’t many girls named Patrick, Lawrence, Andrew, or Henry. Traditionally, such a rare nomenclature was the result of parents expecting a boy, getting a girl, then having a bout of temporary insanity. Hence, Mrs. Walton, Michael Learned…her real name. Could have set a trend, but didn’t…short of Michael Steele, bass-player with the Bangles, I haven’t heard of another. But I was watching old Dragnet shows, and Michael Barrett was apparently one of Jack Webb’s rotating repertory group, appearing in several episodes. She was usually billed as just that, but also sometimes as Michael Anne Barrett, as seen here, from Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man.

Wicked Ballsy

Montgomery Ward, Fall/Winter 1956-57…I’d go with (35) black and peach…altho how about (Z)…Ohio State? BTW, nice “staggered” harlequin curtains…

shameless plugidaires, need no defrosting…

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