DFHC 3/24/2011

item 0 >>> MCMLVI-VII…The 18 months from Spring 1956 to Fall 1957 were game-changers in my young life. The family moved to a newly built ranch house (where my parents live to this day), I got a baby sister, we got our first TV, and I would start school. Yup, first grade was really first…no nursery, or pre-K, or nuthin’ back then. Just as well…when I took classes at the Y, I only made it as far as Advanced Non-Swimmer. Today, stuff from the Fall/Winter 1956-57 Montgomery Ward catalog, a 1138-page snapshot of the way we were…dig it…

item 1 >>> Now Playing
Uncle Miltie presents Cousin Elvis Kicking it old school, June 1956…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Folgers Mountain Grown Is that Doug McClure?  2 in lower left from the ad. And did somebody say something about “mountains”? Or is it just me?

item 3 >>>  “It has become one of America’s favorite jacket styles”…For both Dads and lads…notice the “lucky” rabbit’s foot “pull.” That signified that you meant business…well, it wasn’t very lucky for the rabbit, was it? Junior’s all decked out with a shirt and tie…ready for church in that get-up? Must be Easter Sunday…

item 4 >>> Movie Night…Get the projector, the screen, and tonight’s feature is…oh, never mind. Pass the popcorn.

item 5 >>> Home-Style Restaurant-Style…Yeah…all at the same time. I’m straining my brain to think if I ever actually saw these authentic-looking diner-style nooks in somebody’s actual house…coming up dry…on TV maybe?

item 6 >>> Fringe Benefits…Something few of us think about anymore…pulling in those distant stations so we can look at Have Gun, Will Travel. The brand of TV they sold was called Airline (??)…and that doo-hickey was the Audi-Matic. It worked the on/off, volume, horizontal, vertical, brightness, and “range control” whatever that was. BTW, did you catch that authentic period phraseology…”look at television.”

item 7 >>> You Always Have Options…Do they still make these? Faced with the choice of Boxer or Jockey Shorts, you had a 3rd option back then…”Yoke Shorts.” And while Boxers were Boxer Shorts, Jockeys were called “Speed Shorts.” No comment.

item 8 >>>  Slide-o-What-Again?…Thought I’d heard of everything in audio gear over the years, but guess I was wrong. Doesn’t hardly look like there’s room for a 45 to slide in, but hoo nose? I could surf the net and find out how this rig worked…but that would take the fun out of it. Still and all, sort of puts you in mind of CDs…

item 9 >>>  Material Witness…That (3) looks pretty chaotic, but seen in the illustration on the left, maybe not too bad.  (10) and (12) are called “tweed” here, but with actual clothing…not to mention wall tiles and flooring…it’s called “splash” or “spatter.” Heck, you could get a man’s suit in pink-on-charcoal…and you Might Be a Groovy Geezer If…you understand that “charcoal” and “gray” refer to 2 different colors.

item 10 >>> Ventura Highway Revisited…I’d only heard of “alligator lizards” in that America song. I thought they were just being poetic, but come to find out it’s a real kind of lizard…with the small scales as seen here…the fatter scales are from alligator alligators. How high the heels? Sure looks uncomfortable too me, especially for dancing…

Wicked Ballsy

I used to reminisce about how dorky my first baseball glove was…guess I wasn’t paying attention, cuz all the gloves were dorky. The Pros who Endorsed are: (A) Tommy Henrich…(B) Duke Snider…( C) Eddie Mathews…(D) Marty Marion…(E) Willie “Puddin’ Head” Jones…(F) Phil Rizzuto…(G) Joe Gordon…(H) Nippy Jones (seriously)…and (I) Whitey Lockman for Little League…

shameless plugs endorsed by Vernal Leroy “Nippy” Jones…or as Chris Berman would call him, Equinox…

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