DFHC 3/25/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing…  I Love Little Pussy by Little Marcy Um, really, no comment. Seriously, and I mean that with all due respect.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! After the Fox Many top pop acts recorded movie theme songs in the Sixties…including Graham Nash and the Hollies…also see item 7.

item 3 >>>  Interstellar Velvet…It’s one thing when a celebrity chooses to “package” themselves with just one name…from Donovan, Topol, Sinbad, and Prince…to Capucine, Aquanetta, Cher, and Madonna. It’s quite another when thru the sheer crush of popularity, someone comes to be identified by just their first name…Elvis comes to mind. Oprah of course. Then there’s our Liz. Below left, how my Grandmother always saw her…on the right, well, what can you say? Not for nothing, but you can date these photos from the shade of lipstick, nez pah?

item 4 >>> Behind the Mask…Not sure why, but I got to investigating the history of goalie masks in hockey. Jacques Plante is given credit for starting it…he began wearing one during practice in the 1950s…the coach wouldn’t let him use it an an actual game until an injury in 1959. But in the pros, the first hockey mask was actually worn by the Montreal Maroons’ Clint Benedict to protect broken bones in the 1928 Stanley Cup series. 2 years earlier, a collegiate goalie named Elizabeth Graham wore a fencing mask while playing for Queen’s University of Kingston, Ontario. And it’s said someone wore one in the 1936 Winter Olympics…feel free to track that one down if you have a mind to. (Left) Graham, (center) Benedict, (right) Plante and his happy-go-lucky coach Toe Blake.

item 5 >>> Too Much Pink!…See, if it doesn’t have to be a Cadillac, you could go with a 1972 Charger R/T in Panther Pink. And if this Charger looks a little strange to you Mopar fans, that’s because it’s from Australia, where it was marketed as a Chrysler Valiant Charger. Yup, not a Dodge Charger, not a Plymouth Valiant, but just what I said. The American Dodge Challenger also came in this ooky color, but by then, for me, cars had gone “round the bend.” The Maverick Grabber? Puh-lease….

item 6 >>> PantheraloozaIn 1963, Warner Brothers did the unthinkable…they shut down their famed animation division. 2 former employees, Friz (not Fritz) Freleng and David De Patie went into business for themselves…their first assignment, to design the opening credits for the film The Pink Panther. Now this was one funny flick, and spawned many sequels. It can be debated how much the first few minutes, clever as they were, contributed to the overall success…after all, Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers had something do to with it, I’m thinking. But there’s no denying this was an auspicious start, and DePatie-Freleng went on to because an animation powerhouse in the 60s and 70s, second only to Hanna-Barbara. Their name player was the PP naturally, but other cartoons, both theatrical and for TV, included: the Inspector, Ant and Aardvark, Tijuana Toads, Fantastic Four, Bailey’s Comets, Doctor Doolittle, The Barkleys, Baggy Pants and the Nitwits, the Oddball Couple, and tons more. Yes, even Super President from a few days ago.

item 7 >>> No Fox for You!…The 1966 movie After the Fox was a variation on the theme, this time with Sellers as a clever crook…it was written by Neil Simon and is arguably even funnier than The Pink Panther…so-named BTW after a diamond with a pinkish flaw that resembled a big cat, the objet de cherche of the piece. As heard above, great Burt Bacharach theme song, sung by the Hollies. But the opening credits featured another cartoon critter, this time a you-know-what, tho not animated by DePatie-Freleng. I guess somebody hoped lightning would strike twice…but lightning is funny that way, innit?

item 8 >>>  Christmas in March…Found this photo by accident on the net, and how could I resist? My parents bought an aluminum Christmas tree around 1959 or 1960, and they’ve have put it up every year since. The first year, we even had one of those groovy color-wheels. The problem was it got tremendously hot…and with 5 little kids running around just begging to get burned…well, the next year it was outside, illuminating the front door, before disappearing in a box “down cellar” forever.

item 9 >>>  Pie Are Squared…From 1953…even that prune one looks good. No? More for me then…

item 10 >>> Speaking of Pancakes…We were? Hey, I’m always up for pancakes, one of the finest culinary inventions since they invented eating, sez me. My Polish Babka’s potato pancakes topped them all…but the traditional flapjacks were always a treat…especially for a nontraditional Sunday night supper. A guess there are hundreds of ways to make them…recently came across a couple of interesting variations…like using club soda instead for water…or beer…or replacing half of the pancake mix with white cake mix. Drool. And You Might Be A Baby Boomer If…you always wanted to eat at the International House of Pancakes as a kid, but never did cuz Mom was opposed to the whole concept…You want pancakes? We can go home and I’ll make you pancakes…we don’t need a restaurant…

Wicked Ballsy

I make no apologies. I could never remember “that poem,” so I still figure the number of days in a month using the tried and true knuckle system.

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