DFHC 3/26/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing…  See by the Rascals In 1969, the Rascals, Young Rascals, put out 2 great LPs…Freedom Suite and then See. You know how some songs sounded especially good on the radio? I always though of “See” like that…great intro music for the DJ…Cool Daddy would take off: Ah, here we go, here we GO!…strap yourself in…take your medication…shoot your mother-in-law…and you shall SEE, my brothers and sisters…Seeeeeeee…Hey man, you gonna be OK?…Yeah Stolf, just listen to da record…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Wink Martindale Here’s that good old-timey recitation from a young DJ (real first name Winston) on Ed Sullivan from 1959. Listen carefully and see if you catch the mistake he makes. And it’s not the line that always sounded to me like “the Jack of Knaves”…here it’s clearly “the Jack or Knave.” The lowest royal card of an English deck was traditionally called a Knave, altho the Kn abbreviation was easily confused with K for King. In the 1600s, the card began being called a Jack, which referred a Knave of trumps in the card game All Fours. It wasn’t really an issue until cards began to have indices, and J was indeed better than Kn. But that’s not Wink’s mistake…see item 10 for the answer.

item 3 >>>  The Laramie Peacock…I notice where the western Laramie is now out on DVD…seen here, Robert Fuller (left) and John Smith. Fuller went on to play Dr. Kelly Brackett on Emergency!, while interestingly enough, “John Smith” wasn’t his co-star’s real name. And it reminded me of the “Laramie Peacock.” NBC began showing it’s iconic fowl before color shows on May 22, 1956. At first it was a static image, but it became animated on Your Hit Parade, Sept. 7, 1957 (below top). A new sequence, with a spiffier beginning and different music (bottom), debuted on Jan. 1, 1962, before the show Laramie at 7:30…in the middle of its 3rd of 4 seasons, hence the fan-given nickname.

And sure, these screen captures are a touch washed out…here’s what it’s supposed to look like…see the green? purple? orange?

item 4 >>> Who and Who…Yesterday I mentioned a couple mononymous ladies…in case you didn’t recognize Aquanetta, she was a B-movie sensation in the 1940s and early 50s. Billed as the Venezuelan Volcano, her origins were a bit murkier. Born in Wyoming, or perhaps the midwest…real name Mildred Davenport, or perhaps Burnu Acquanetta, full-blooded Arapaho. She’s seen here reclining. And French model and actress Capucine (inset) was born Germaine Lefebvre…the mononym is French for the flower of the nasturtium.

item 5 >>> Dating the Mag…Along with the National Enquirer and maybe a couple of others of that ilk, my Grandma read lots of “movie magazines.” Never missed Photoplay. I used to leaf thru it, a couple of juicy tidbits stuck in my mind. The time Donna Douglas proved, on the set of The Beverly Hillbillies, to some doubting Thomas that “they were real.” Then there was the mention of Jim Nabors and Rock Hudson getting “married.” OK, fine. But you know how enquiring minds are…that Photoplay cover yesterday with Liz, I wondered exactly when it was. Ringo married Maureen Cox in February, 1965, re the line about him “rushing to be a Daddy.” the one about somebody calling Sammy a nigger was harder to trace down…he was on Ben Casey with Vince Edwards in 1963, but that didn’t help. The interesting one was the top banner about “America’s Newest Sweetheart.”

item 6 >>> Meet Chatty… And that would be Victoria Meyerink, also known as Victoria Paige Meyerink. Born 2 days after Christmas, 1960, she was regular on Danny Kaye’s variety show at age 4. Was in Speedway with Elvis, and several other movies. A little older, recurring roles on Green Acres and My Three Sons. She acted well into the 1970s, then a successful career as a producer. And, sez the net, she was the original voice of Chatty Cathy.

item 7 >>> Hold The Tongue…Some people can’t stand Spam…to me, it’s not bad. Never really sure why we needed Prem and Treet when we had Spam, but I guess that’s business, not personal, Sonny. And back in the day, there were even more choices. Feast your peepers on these, from 1953.

item 8 >>> Fran Lebowitz said her favorite animal was Steak…I’m also OK with most kinds of meat…and remember, in the old days, nothing went to waste…nothing. Never had tongue, or E-Z-Serve Tongue Loaf…I’d would be willing to try it. I do love cold cuts…but keep in mind, you get what you pay for, so don’t skimp…

item 9 >>>  Eye on Hawaii…The Hawaiian Islands…ever wonder how many there are? Well, between islets, atolls, reefs, and shoals, the State officially counts 137. Most are what’s called the Northwest Islands, and are uninhabited. What’s generality thought of as the Hawaiian Islands consists of 8 islands, of which 7 are inhabited. And as big as the “Big Island” of Hawaii is, the main action is on Oahu, obviously. I’ve inserted the populations…plus McGarrett saying “Are you sure they gave the address as Kahoolawe?”

item 10 >>> Wink’s Boo Boo…He mentions the “Provost Marshal”…then refers to him as the “Marshal.” Of course, this is a case of a postpostive adjective, and the man in question is a Provost, not a Marshal…in the same way that an Attorney General is an Attorney, not a General.

Wicked Ballsy

An idea has to be more than good…it has to be practical. That’s why they say, when ideas take wing, they also need landing gear. This Duoscopic Dumont TV…which showed 2 programs at once when viewed thru polarized glasses or screens…is a sterling case in point. All the evidence I can kind refers to it as “experimental”…altho demonstrated to wide publicity several times in 1954. Doesn’t appear to have been actually manufactured. Price would probably have been a problem, but i also can’t imagine that having to listen thru ear-plugs would be too appealing to the consumer either.

shamelesscopic plugs-o-vision…

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