DFHC 3/28/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing She’s About A Mover I never really thought the Sir Douglas Quintet’s music sounded very British, but their name and their look was completely calculated. BTW, if you always wondered what the heck the title meant, wonder no more. According to organist Augie Meyers, it was how leader Doug Sahm would describe a dancer…”She’s a body mover.” They changed it for public consumption…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! The Magician The show was a bit far-fetched, but classic 70s sound theme music, IMHO…

item 3 >>>  Stupid Internet…I’m not trying to paint myself as some kind of big-shot, far from it. All I know is, from my earliest Commodore Vic-20 computer days, my motto has been: No machine is gonna make a monkey out of me. In yesterday’s edition of Genealogy 4 Baby Boomers, section 12.5, I tried to give an example of my S-tab notation, and needed to underline the 3 for Half Third Cousins. Trouble was, the underline feature stopped working, as you can see above in (A). Well, just change it to Full Third Cousins, and you wouldn’t need the underline, right? Except I’d already done a chart that referenced it, so I was determined to find out why underline wasn’t working. As you can see in (B), it was working…it’s just that the typeface WordPress uses has these prissy numerals, some of which extend below the line, and thus are un-underline-able…the 3, the 5, and the 9. SMOOTH MOVE, EX LAX! So how’d I finally get to (C)? Thru sheer wetware trickery…that final line is not text, but a graphic image, derived from a screen-capture of the completed web-site. No, the spacing isn’t perfect, but on the other hand…No Monkeys for Me!

item 4 >>> Go you Goombahs!…Whatever else Fiat is doing with Chrysler, I had to smile when I read about their apparent policy of resurrecting old names. They’ve got a new Ram 1500 base-line truck coming out, “code-named,” according to Truck Trend magazine, Adventurer…last used for trucks way back when, but also the appellation of some snazzy 1956-60 DeSotos. There’s also a new Ram half-ton work truck to be called the Tradesman, last seen on cargo vans of the 1970s, and not to be confused with the 1955-57 Chevy Townsman wagons, but it’s close enough for jazz. Shouldn’t that be Tradesperson? Um, nope. “Man” in this sense refers people in general, not males, as any native speaker of English can tell you.

item 5 >>> Simply Grand… And of course, there’s the promised 2013 return of the beloved Grand Wagoneer as a 7-seat Grand Cherokee. Above, 1st year 1963…an iconic mid-80s…and last hurrah in 1993. Can the Barracuda be far behind? Oh, I know, the Dodge Challenger has it’s fans…whatever floats your boat. But after all, the PT Cruiser was originally conceived as a Plymouth, then switched to Chrysler when the Plymouth line was axed. When the retro-pony car craze hit, they couldn’t just call the darn thing a “Chrysler Barracuda” and not worry about it? No, they had to go with the weak sister Challenger, with all due respect…and BTW, ever seen the concept car the PT Cruiser was based on, the Plymouth Pronto? You’re seeing it below…

item 6 >>> Speaking of Plymouth…Here’s a metal plaque from my shoe-box of childhood stuff. Not too banged up when you consider it spent some quality time wired it to the back fender of my bike. My Dad’s…and our family’s…first car was an late 1930’s Plymouth tank…”the Plymouth” we call it to this day…then we went Chevy, with a 1955, followed by a 1960.

item 7 >>> New Contender… for the title of the Ugliest Car in the Universe. Hemmings calls this a 1938 Longhorn Roadster. Sez a guy in Texas took 14 years to build it, last registered in 1981, but no mention of precisely when it was actually constructed. They were asking 10 grand…what was that? The Stevie Wonder Special? That’s cruel…

item 8 >>> Really hadn’t intended to do today’s blog on mostly cars but…looks like it’s turning out that way. Talking about blasts from the past, Truck Trend this month has a photo of a luxury 5th-wheel conversion, the Tuscany Star Hauler. Notice the tail-lights…ring any bells? 1960 Edsel, anyone?

item 9 >>>  And from 1964…Some cool doodads for your ride. Not for nothing, but I believe the Greased Lightning car from the movie Grease was originally gonna have one of those “life-like cats”….nah, just kiddin’. And re that on-board record-player…Chrysler tried that in the 1950s and it DOESN’T FRICKIN’ WORK!…I don’t care if they say it’s “shock proof”…faggetaboutit. And bear in mind, with the prices, in today’s dollars you’d multiply by 10, at least…that’s some chunk of change.

item 10 >>> Grand Salami…I’ll tell you the truth, it’s hard these days getting excited about baseball…and it’s getting worse as the years roll by. Guess the grand old game has jumped too many sharks for me. Heck, I used to get excited about the first Spring training game they’d broadcast…but they lost me for the most part when Phil Rizzuto retired. Still and all, the statistical end continues to hold some points of interest, as S. Holmes would say. Now hitting 2 grand slams in one game has always been held up as a stellar feat, but really, it’s just a quirky coincidence. Consider that the only player to hit 2 in one inning is the Cardinals Fernando Tatis in 1999…and up till then, the only National Leaguer to have 2 in a game was a pitcher…the Braves’ Tony Cloninger, July 3, 1966. Anyway I came across a list of “answer” grand slams…one team hits one in the top of an inning, the other team comes right back with one in the bottom. Incomplete list…it’s happened about a dozen times. But one was in 1961, Senators versus the Red Sox, 9th inning…Willie Tasby, the 3rd Black Sock (see 3/10, item 5) in the top, catcher Jim Pagliaroni in the bottom…pretty cool, sez me. They’re pictured below, along with a slice of Cloninger’s box score…that’s no misprint…he also had a single for 9 RBIs.

Wicked Ballsy

What, no pix of bare-legged women? You’re slippin’, Stolf, you’re slippin’. What a buncha pre-verts…OK, here yez go. Gypsy Rose Lee from a 1957 issue of LIFE…no wonder the nuns called it a “dirty magazine.” The sexiest thing I’d ever seen in my life, until the time I found an old rain-soaked Cavalier magazine at a construction site. Funny thing tho…it still works for me, y’know?

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