DFHC 3/29/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing…  Cottontail It doesn’t get any cooler than this…Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross. Yeah, that’s where Barry Manilow got some of his early stuff…and of course, the Manhattan Transfer owes them a tremendous debt…as do all hip cats everywhere…and bunnies…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! he was the voice of coocoo 4 cocoa puffs Chuck McCann from 1965…the world’s worst ventriloquist? You tell me…and not for nothing, but who’s’ working your head?

item 3 >>>  Pink Panther Update…Like everybody else in 1963, he smoked…albeit with a cigarette holder…

item 4 >>>  PT Cruiser Update…Yesterday I showed you the 1997 Plymouth Pronto (top) which lead to the Chrysler PT Cruiser, but I left out a crucial step. In 1998, the idea was reworked as the Plymouth Pronto Cruizer [sic] (bottom)…then into production as the neo-Bug we all knew and loved (right).

item 5 >>> What Krispies?… We tend to think of “line extension” as a relatively modern marketing ploy…and how many kinds of Cheerios can there be, anyway? A million? But it’s been going on for some time, and I’m always amazed at the mundane components of everyday life…back in the day…that nobody today’s ever heard of. Perfect example: Kellogg’s Wheat Krispies..bolstered with some rice, as it says on the package, but there you go. This is from the 1930s.

item 6 >>> When Krispies?…Prior to the internet, figuring out exactly when Rice Krispies’ little brother was available was not an impossible task. You could look thru old magazines at the library…and I mean the real thing, not reels of microfilm. But there’s no denying the web speeds up the process immensely. So here you go…looks like it was gone in the early 1940s sometime, at least losing its coveted spot on the right end of the Variety Pack first to Krumbles, then 40% Bran Flakes…and after the War…Corn Soya!

item 7 >>> Shoes from Hell… Did guys actually wear these? From 1970…

item 8 >>>  Or These?… Deadly weapons, in the wrong hands…er, feet…

item 9 >>> Fake Reptiles…And for m’lady as well…compare with the real reptile footwear fro 14 years previous (3/24, item 10).  And don’t flick your tongue at me, wench!

item 10 >>>  Whachoo Talkin’ About?…My theory is that due to overcrowding, the Baseball Hall of Fame will see fewer and fewer players “good enough” in the future. The Steroid Era of course will disqualify a ton of them. And pitchers will be especially scarce, as they just don’t last as long as they used to. Remember when Dontrelle Willis was the hottest thing since sliced bread? Actually, that was with the Marlins in 2005, when he was 22-10. Has appeared in just 30 games since. And the Reds have now assigned him to their minor league camp, along with one-time Red Sock Jeremy Hermida. His claim to fame? The 2nd player to hit a grand salami in his first Major League at bat, also with Florida in 2005….he burned out relatively quick too, nez pah?

Yeah, grand slam in first major league at bat…was done by Bill Duggleby way back in 1898…and since Hermida did it, it’s been done twice more, both on the fist pitch…by Kevin Kouzmanoff in 2006, and Boston’s Daniel Nava last year. Of the 4, only Hermida’s was a pitch-hit.

Wicked Ballsy

1000 apologies. I assumed everybody knew…even if they no longer used…the knuckle method of reckoning how many days there were in each month. You start at the top…months with 31 days are knuckles, those with 29 or 30 are the indentations between knuckles. After you reach July at the bottom, start again at the top.

shameless pluguary hath 32 days…who knew?…

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