DFHC 3/30/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio Classic tune from 1941, celebrating the end of Joe’s consecutive game hitting streak. We used to call this group Les Renown and his Band of Brown. Vocalist is Betty Bonney, replacing the recently departed Doris Day. Betty later sang as Judy Johnson on Your Show of Shows. For the record, the future Mr. Marilyn Monroe’s streak was actually 57 games…he had a double in 4 at bats in the July 8th All-Star game.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  The Catch Nice micro-documentary on Willie Mays and “The Catch.” And now a word from our sponsor…over to you, Scooter…  Holy Cow!

item 3 >>>  They Even Called a Double “Zwei Hassocks”…Yup, back in the day, when a pitcher was an “aspereen chucker,” the ball was a “horsehide spheroid,” and bats were “timber” or “lumber.” When I said recently that I was having an especially hard time this year getting up for baseball, I meant of course what passes these days for “baseball.” Real old-timey stuff, no problemo. LIke I saw in the paper this action photo of Tim “Hairball” Lincicum…

item 4 >>> Hair Bear Bunch…and it called to mind follicles from the past…the Spaceman’s beard…the Mickey Mouse look…and the Mad Hungarian’s whatchamacallit…

item 5 >>> Vanilla Cards… Topps was eventually sued as a monopoly and lost, hence the explosion of cards and companies in the 80s and 90s. But all thru the 50s and 60s, there were oddball attempts to break into the baseball card racket. You might have had a couple of these glossy black-and-whites in your stack. They were a collaboration of the Leaf gum makers and an outfit out of Chicago called Sports Novelties in 1960, but for one year only. The web says they came not with a slab of gum, but with a small marble! I’m trying to picture how that was packaged, but I’m not succeeding. The set was a short one…only 144 cards…and due to contractual complexities, contained a bewildering assortment of players, altho a few stars were mixed in, like Cepeda, Brooksie, and the Duke.

item 6 >>> Who Again?…But like for the Red Sox, all you could hope for were Jm Busby, Ed Sadowski, Tim Borland, Ron Jackson, and Ted Wills (not Williams, sorry.) And talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel, with all due respect…Frank Leja of Holyoke, Mass. was one of a long line of the Next Mickey Mantles that didn’t pan out. Managed just a single in 23 trips to the plate, for a career average of .059. And Stover McIlwain? You’re pulling my leg, right? Nope, that was his real name, and his nickname was Smokey, natch. But they hardly got a chance to use it, as his entire Big League career consisted of 5 innings pitched. (Not for nothing, but I noticed the Nationals traded Nyjer Morgan to the Brewers for Lenny Dykstra’s son Cutter.) Still, this is an interesting set, and not as expensive compared to its rarity as you might think, especially if you don’t need absolute snap-mint condition.

item 7 >>> Kwikee Kwiz #1…So OK, whoozis? Answer with Kwiz #2 at today’s Wicked Ballsy

item 8 >>> Took it in the Moosh…Anyway, here’s the American Dental Association’s 1960 All-Teeth Team…

item 9 >>>  At the Mike, 1,000,000 BC…They had lots of funny baseball strips, did B.C., but football also, as these from 1967. On on the flip side of one of them, a blurb for WRKO…very heavy…I’ve heard of Love-ins and Be-ins and Laugh-in…but a Hear-in? Well, I’ll be listening…

item 10 >>>  No Bo For You!…After a 5-day tryout with the Kansas City team of Major League Soccer, Chad Ochocinco (or did he switch back?) admits that his conditioning was off and  his skills were lacking. Still, he says he’s willing to pitch in as a practice player just to keep in shape. Plus he did do better once they explained to him he didn’t have to wear a helmet…

Wicked Ballsy

Answer: That would be K.C. outfielder Whitey Herzog. Kwikee Kwiz #2how ’bout him? Answer tomorrow.

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