DFHC 3/31/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing Do’s ‘n’ Don’t’s As tremendously popular as Howdy Doody was, it did have it’s critics. Some Mothers Groups and PTA’s thought it was too hectic (violent?) and got the kids all worked up just before suppertime. But they did go out of their way to teach kids little lessons, like these Howdy Do’s and Don’t’s. And to show you how times have changed, when it was on 5-days a week, on Fridays the Buff would encourage kids to go to church that weekend. Can you imagine them saying that at the end of SpongeBob SuqarePants?

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†! Howdy Deedy Not sure if I posted this before, but if I did, it’s always good for another laugh. We’re not likely to see his likes again, Ernie Kovacs.

item 3 >>>  Howdy Doody Redux-a-doodle…Cleaning up some old files and folders on my computer, I came across some leftovers from all the Howdy Doody stuff I did a while back. Say Howdy, how did you sleep last night? Gee, I slept great…like a log! But Howdy, you are a log. Oh, right. Well, anyway, who was that lady I saw you with last night? Golly, Buffalo Stolf, that was no lady, that was a 2×4. Of course…silly question…don’t know what I was thinking…sorry about that…

item 4 >>> I’ll have the Flubaduburger with Cheese…
One thing I researched but was unable to confirm was the existence of a Howdy Doody Restaurant, or even a chain of them. Several bloggers remember going there as kids. Best I could come up with was this bib on Ebay…and for such a disposable item, they seem to be fairly common. I did find a Howdy Doody Grocery in Denton, Texas, but there appears to be no tie-in… also a Howdy Doody Tavern in Klamath Falls, Oregon, but no pictures of that.

item 5 >>> It’s a Howdy World… What makes the restaurant stories believable is that they had virtually every other kind of merchandising tie-in you could imagine. Even things for which there was no conceivable connection to Howdy except his name on it. OK, (left), maybe these apples were individually wrapped, and the papers had pictures of the Doodyville gang on them…maybe. And (right), it seems a tad ambitious to call this a “talking” shirt, just because it has some sort of horn built into it. But while some decried such massive commercialism, it always occurred to me that if the kids liked this stuff, what’s the harm? I know I liked all my Howdy Doody junk…

item 6 >>> Bright Lights…If this picture of HD looks a little different than most you see, that’s because it’s a still from a short Christmas movie they did in the early 1950s, and thus he’s got the benefit of stage lighting. Did the make-up man have to go buy some varnish?

item 7 >>> TV Glide…This would be Buffalo, NY. The station today is WGRZ…they switched calls in 1983.

item 8 >>> Minty Good…Like I said, I had tons of HD paraphernalia, but curiously enough, my family didn’t get a TV until I was 6, and by that time Howdy was only on Saturdays. Yet I was familiar with the show and all the characters…don’t recall visiting other kids’ houses much when I was that young…maybe I visited my Grandparents more than I thought. They always had a TV, including one with a round picture tube…and also a console with cabinet doors…they would say: “Close the TV.” But I do remember being very taken with Frances Maurine “Marti” Barris, who played Peppi Mint. She joined the show late, during the final year, and wasn’t around for the last broadcast. Her father was singer/songwriter/actor Harry Barris…he was Chuck Barris’ uncle. More at Wicked Ballsy.

item 9 >>>  Scary Puppets…Yeah, that came up just last Sunday on The Simpsons…a rerun of the Sabermetrics episode. Milhouse mentions being afraid of puppets. I wouldn’t say I was afraid of them necessarily, altho they did seem a little creepy, marionettes especially. Alive or not alive? And kind of grotesque looking, some of them, altho I have a theory. Maybe it was the puppeteers we needed to be scared of. (Left) Ireene (with 2 E’s) Wicker, the Singing Lady, with the Suzari Marionettes…and (right) Bil (with one L) Baird and his Wizard of Oz ensemble.

item 10 >>>  Have a Cookie?…But while puppets and clowns got all the blame, how about scary cookie jars? That’s HD himself in the lower left, and the rest are these demonic elves. We had one like the ones with the pink and dark red “leaf” hats (top, left and right)…I think ours was green…

Wicked Ballsy

More views of our girl. From what I gather, she was a talented singer who recorded a handful of 45s that went nowhere… and dabbled in acting, but with just a few screen credits. There were just so many who wanted to break into show business, talent wasn’t enough, I guess. The small sepia pic (lower right) is from high school.

Answer from yesterday…that was Ross Grimsley Jr, seen above center and right…left is his Pop, who had a cuppa coffee with the Chisox in 1951, pitching 14 innings in 7 games with no decisions.

shameless peppi-plug-a-dubs…

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