DFHC 4/5/2011

item 1 >>>…  Now Playing and LQQK @ †h∆†! will be returning soon…Thing is,  for most of this week, DFHC is on semi-vacation…but only semi-…Today, some more greatest hits from my Facebook postings…

item 2 >>> …Gray and pink wasn’t just for your car…or your bathroom tiles…but the whole house…even exterior…

item 3>>> …The way we were…well, some of us…well, not “us” exactly…

item 4>>> …A critic of the Super Hero craze in the 60s described Batman…not sure if he meant the comic book or the TV show or both…as “idiotic.” I agreed, but I took that in a good sense. Seriously. But was Batman more idiotic than Superman? Depends on which you were reading at the time. Always attuned to color, this was one of my favorite Batventures…

item 5 >>> …But then, most comic books were…you know…that…

item 6 >>> as were a good number of recipes…Notice, that lady is the Power Puff Girls’ aunt…no feet, right?

item 7 >>> …Speaking of color…various localities have various ususually colored animals…several for example tout their black squirrels. In Upper Upstate NY these anti-albino nut-munchers swing over from Canada …plus most places have brown pigeons, which are descended from escaped domestic “fancy” pigeons.


Dream cars in the 1950s…some were so far-out, they were obviously just styling exercises. But others seemed so close to normal cars that it was a shame they never went into production…and probably some almost did. The showboat on the left toured the auto shows in 1954…an Oldsmobile “Starfire.” I took a stock ’54 Olds (right, bottom), and chopped it up, around, and sideways to see what a production version might look like (right, top)…snazzy, sez me…

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