DFHC 4/6/2011

Semi-vacation continues…today, music from YouTube…

The best “fake” Beach Boys song ever…and it’s by the Beach Boys themselves…in other words, to me anyway, it sounds like them “copying” themselves… \”Surfers Rule\”

The 4 Seasons do a “surf” song…well, listen and decide for yourself…(was the B-side of “Dawn” in 1964)… \”No Surfin\’ Today\”

He’s a Tijuana Brass song you may have never heard…was released as a 45 in 1963, but never appeared on any of their LPS, probably because it’s style is so different… with a girl group singing! BTW, it’s the Blossoms featuring Darlene Love, of Phil Spector fame. Peaked on charts at only #77, but I always like it…  \”Mexican Dummer Man\”

Scopitones were like a video juke-box…put in a coin and watch and hear a song. They started in France in the early 60s, spread to the rest of Europe, and by 1964, 500 were in operation in the US. Popularity faded in the late 60s…still, the last film was made in 1978. Here are some old school vocalists (sibs April Stevens & Nino Tempo) trying to rip this joint…and it comes out appealingly goofy, sez me… \”Land of 1000 Dances\”

And now a word from our sponsor… \”Great Shakes\”

Finally, a couple from Louis Prima & Keely Smith…these cats always make me laugh…a wonderful 2-part duet, oobdy dooboy… 2 4 1 and a rockin’ instrumental…  \”Night Train\” (Notice how he wipes her at 1:26…)

wicked ballsy


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