DFHC 4/9/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing When I’m Cleaning Windows George Formby was a comedic singer in the UK from the 1920s thru the 1950s…he’s generally thought of as a ukelele player, altho it sometimes appears he is holding a banjo. That’s because he played a banjolele, a 4-stringed banjo played similarly to a uke. He is also mentioned in the item 2 video.

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  “Fighting Trousers” by Prof. Elemental This is the latest musical craze in England, called “chap rap.” You can just watch the first minute or so to get the general flavor of it. Balmy, sez me, but that’s fads for you…

item 3 >>>  Ex-Pir-i-Ment…I don’t hear it that much any more, but back in the day, one of the silliest buzz-words, IMHO, was “experiment.” As in experimental theater, experimental writing, an “experiment in television,” etc. And close on its heels was “lab”…anything and everything that purported to have some special significance could be called a lab…like a “language lab.” What happened to your eyebrows? Oh, I mixed French with German and it blew up. “Bar” took on a similar meaning a little while later…I remember a department store that had something labeled a “socks bar.” (???)  Anyway so you might hear a Baby Boomer remark that when they were in college, they “experimented” with sex. I feel like asking, who was your lab partner? See, to me, a true experiment is walking on a frozen puddle 3 weeks into March…

item 4 >>> Memories are Funny… Back on 3/31 I mentioned that growing up we had one of those creepy elf cookie-jars with the leafy hat…the pix I found had hats of pink and red, but I remember green. Sibs contend it was black, in keeping with the original 1956 color scheme of the kitchen, black and turquoise. (Well, turquoise they called it back then, along with aqua, altho I always used the pedestrian “blue-green.”) But then another sib remembers there was pink involved too, altho I wonder if that was the first of several renovations. But I do remember black cabinets…plus the exterior of our ranch house was painted black.

item 5 >>> Here we go…0 for April…Red Sox are 0-6 on the road, worst start I think they said since 1776. I read where they’ll be returning to a very hostile Fenway Park crowd. ¡Ay caramba, it’s only a game, folks!  And since I wrote the preceding, they got their first win, over the Yanks no less…funny game, no? And at least in times like these, the Red Sox Nation has its memories to fall back on, like 2004 for example: down 0-3 to the Yankees, then 8 straight wins and the Curse is no more. Arguably even more exciting was the Impossible Dream of 1967.

item 6 >>> Setting the Stage…
August and September of ’67 was a 4-way see-saw battle for the top spot between the Red Sox, Tigers, Twins, and White Sox…and remember, the previous season Boston had finished 9th of 10 teams, so they were definitely the Cinderella at this dance. And it continued with no letup into the final week, with the Pale Hose eliminated by 5 straight losses, culminating in a doubleheader loss to the A’s on September 27…and how we hated their manager Eddie Stanky! Going into the final weekend, the Twins were up by a game over both Boston and Detroit. Boston and Minnesota met for 2 at Fenway, while the Tigers had 2 games in hand…rainouts resulted in double-headers both Saturday and Sunday with the Angels. Sox won Saturday, Tigers split, leaving Boston and Minnesota tied for first, and Detroit just a half game back on that final Sunday, October 1st. So I was glued to the TV right? Wrong…our family went to see The Sound of Music…a matinee, I’m guessing in Saugus…altho I probably had my transistor with me, to catch the updates when the movie let out.

item 7 >>> Fandimonium…It was Ace versus Ace, Jim Lonborg and Dean Chance…Twins took a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the 6th. Lonborg bunted his way on, then singles by key mid-season pickup Jerry Adair and Dalton Jones loaded them up. Up next is Yaz…now everybody remembers he won the last Triple Crown that year (well, tied for home runs with Killebrew) but he also lead the league in Slugging %, On Base Average, runs, hits, was 3rd in doubles, 4th in walks…and was named MVP to boot. But what you might not remember was in the final 12 games, he went 23 for 44, batting .523, hitting in 11 of those 12 games, drove in 16, scored 14, and had 5 homers….and that included going 7 for 8 in those last 2 games with the Twins. Well sure enough, a solid single to center, the game is tied…3 wild pitches and a fielders choice make it 5-2 and that’s how it ended. But the Tigers won their 1st game with the Angels…and New England held its collective breath as we followed the 2nd game. Dick McAuliffe grounded into a double play to seal the Angels victory in the nightcap, and I had to break out the colored pencils for the above “headline” in my diary.

item 8 >>> But What a Season…In April, rookie Bill Rohr comes within one out of a no-hitter against the Yankees…the spoiler, Elston Howard, is traded to the Sox in August for Pete Magrini and Ron Klimkowski, and provides a steadying influence on the pitchers. Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson comes over from the A’s…Reggie Smith and Mike Andrews have great rookie years…not for nothing, but George “Boomer” Scott hit .303, 4th best in the AL…and of course, the tragic beaning of Tony Conigliaro. The Series loss to the Cardinals was anticlimactic..but what a ride! And y’know, I think the whole country was baseball crazy that year…even Peanuts introduced a short-lived character, the legendary José Peterson…

item 9 >>>  Puppies Rock!…Couple of cartoons from Friday’s funny pages…

item 10 >>>  Speaking of Frisbees…Poor Stewart…I believe frisbees actually killed more people back in the day than lawn jarts, but what gets banned…go figure…

Wicked Ballsy

Here’s a close-up view of what the Beatles…and everybody else for that matter…looked like…analog…in the groove…

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