DFHC 4/13/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing Rock Gently Alvino Rey and his “Talking Guitar” from 1959…this one always makes me smile…

item 2 >>> LQQK @ †h∆†!…  Don’t! One of the fake trailers from the movie GrindhouseDO!

item 3 >>> 2 Topix CollidingAnd that would be Canadian cars and the Tri-Tone craze. The subject of Canada-only versions of American cars deserves a posting all its own…actually, probably 3 or 4 to do the job right. Suffice to say, in case you weren’t aware of it, from the late 1940s thru the 1970s…and in a few limited cases several decades beyond that…familiar America models were morphed into special North-of-the-Border makes, cars with literally no counterpart stateside. Today I was simply going to touch on 2 of the dizzying array of krazy kolor kombinations that made the 1950s such a blinding automotive era, and I happened to chance upon some Canuckmobiles. Prior to WWII, only high-end luxury cars were trimmed in contrasting colors, usually the fenders or body pin-striping. For the average motorist, the fanciest you could get would be body one color, roof another, and even that wasn’t common. In the Boom after the war, the idea of a 2nd color on the body itself took hold, lead by such unique treatments as this 1952 Plymouth Belvedere (above left). And naturally, the Two-Tone look soon evolved into the Tri-Tone…

item 4 >>> Rolling Rainbows…When precisely? The general answer is the 1955 model year, in the Fall of 1954, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few 54s or even 53s pre-dated that. And it was simple enough to do…a 2-tone body, with a 3rd color for the roof. This glorious Studebaker (above) is a 1955, and counting the green glass and chrome, would that be 5 colors? The cars below are 1956 Mercury Meteor Rideau’s, showing another tri-color scheme. And if they look suspiciously like Fords, they are. The idea was this: since many Canadian towns had just one dealership, either a Ford or a Mercury but not both, dealers were expected to sell a full price range. Thus a Ford was gussied up and called a Mercury Meteor, available at Mercury dealers as it’s entry level offering. Other models in the line besides Rideau included Niagara, Montcalm, and LeMoyne. The engine was still a Ford. Likewise, the top of the line at a Canadian Ford dealership was a Ford Monarch, which was, you guessed it, a re-trimmed Mercury. Starting in 1957 you could even get a Meteor Ranchero! And if just one person asks, I’ll post a picture. Just one.

item 5 >>> Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…But while the Tri-Tone fad proved a bit over-the-top, even for the 50s, and burned out fast, 2-Tone had a much longer shelf-life. And one of the favorites among Baby Boomers today is what’s nick-named the Bumble-Bee…yellow and black…taken to its logical marketing extreme with the Dodge Scat Pack stripes of the late 1960s. Yellow was usually the predominate color, but not always, as seen in this 1957 DeSoto Shopper wagon (great 50s name, Shopper, eh?) The 2 below it are Canadian specials, a 1955 Mercury Meteor, and at the bottom, a 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder. Look a little “wrong”? It should…it’s basically a Chevrolet body with Pontiac clips grafted onto the front and back…thus, its a good 13 inches shorter than a “real” Pontiac, and had a Chevy engine to boot, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing I’m told…I didn’t pay much attention to the mechanicals, sue me. But again, entry level at the Pontiac dealerships.

item 6 >>> Dunno Who Started Itthe car collectors or the marble collectors, because they also call back and yellow swirl and corkscrew marbles “Bumble-Bees”…likewise, red, blue and yellow is a Superman…can you tell why? Red and blue, Spiderman…blue and yellow, Boy Scout…green and yellow, Girl Scout, etc.

item 7 >>> Speaking of Color Schemes…I’m gonna guess they didn’t actually mean to do this, but who knows, maybe they did? The latest jungle pattern for clothing sure looks to me like…Albino Zebra?

item 8 >>> Darling Brigitte…One of my favorite things to do these days is to scope out the “story behind the story” concerning things from my younger days, both major and minor, monumental and trivial. Now growing up as a conscientious Catholic lad, who took the rules quite to heart, it was always a struggle to avoid peaking at the “dirty” movie ads in the daily newspaper. As I recall, when I wrestled with my conscience, my conscience usually lost. And one of the pieces of unmitigated filth that made the biggest impression on me was this ad for the Brigitte Bardot comedy Please, Not Now! Looks pretty tame by today’s standards, nez pah?, but even now that towel gives me a wee chill. I’ve never actually seen the movie…it’s on my 2C list…but it’s said to be her typical fluff, and was notorious for an apres-bath strip-tease routine.

item 9 >>> Le Full Frontal?So how much actual nudity was involved? Mind you, the movie came out in 1961, released in the US in 1963. Again, not having seen it, I can’t say for sure.  The still photo below appears to be what the advertising is based on, and you can see where they covered her up with some extra locks of hair…but apparently even that wasn’t enough…

item 10 >>>  The Brit Take…Because the “advert” as it appeared in the UK had a subtle difference…notice in the red US version, the’ve added a strap along her arm-pit, suggesting she’s wearing something…a bra, a bikini top, whatever. In the blue British version, this fussy bit of censorship is absent, and in its place, a shadow or tan-line. Those were the days, were’t they? Interestingly enough, as I was researching this film (original French title La Bride Sur le Cou, meaning given free reign or a free hand…alternate English title Only For Love), it didn’t crop up on the Legion of Decency’s list of Condemned movies, meaning it probably got a B rating…morally objectionable in part for all. Actually, Uncle Wiki’s list of infamous C films seems a little off, especially since of all things The Odd Couple is on it, the movie version with Lemmon and Matthau. Now it’s been a while since I’ve seen that, but I’m trying to think what could have been the problem? Some sort of hint at an alternative lifestyle in the word “couple” maybe? You think? Nawwww…BTW, interesting baseball bit from that movie on tomorrow’s posting…same time, same computer…

Wicked Ballsy

Seems to me I read somewhere that that towel is now on display at the Smithsonian…well, if not, it ought be…I mean, if they have Archie Bunker’s chair and the Fonz’s jacket…sheesh…

le shameless apres-plugs, n’est-que pas?

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