DFHC 4/14/2011

item 1 >>> Now Playing Why don’t they have a cable channel that just shows one clip like this after another, or do they already? I’m just sayin’…this was on the BBC in 1968.  Ode to Billy Joe

The Mask aka Eyes of Hell

item 3 >>> From the ODD COUPLEthe movie version that is, with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. BTW, did you know before it was a movie (then a TV series of course), it was a Broadway play, with Matthau and Art Carney. They didn’t think old Norton was right for the movie, and replaced him as Felix Unger. Interestingly, during the run of the play, the leads changed several times, and Jack Klugman was once Oscar Madison, as he would be on TV. And since he was a sports writer, they had a a baseball scene in the movie, filmed with real players before the start of a game at Shea on June 27, 1967, Mets and Bucs. The original plan was to have Roberto Clemente ground into a triple play (!!!) but he literally couldn’t run slow enough, so they changed it to Bill Mazeroski. Others you’ll see include Maury Wills, Vernon Law, Ed Kranepool, Cleon Jones, Bud Harrelson, Jack Fisher, Tommy Davis, Matty Alou, Ken Boyer and umps Augie Donatelli and Al Barlick. Sorry, couldn’t find a screen capture, so the back of the rookie card will have to do…

item 4 >>> Also From YesterdayThere were some great marketing campaigns for cars back in the 60s…The Dodge Boys, the Dodge Rebellion, Pontiac’s Wide-Tracking, Ford’s Better Idea, and for a while AMC was billing it’s line as The Giant Killers. I mentioned the Scat Pack, those souped up Dodges with the Bumble-Bee stripes on the rump…but here’s cool trivia question: do you recall what the “club” Plymouth countered with was called? It was the Rapid Transit System, but it never really caught on…nice try tho…why not, sez me…

item 5 >>> Belated Thanx to an Old -30- Buddy…When I was at college, I spent a lot of time writing for the campus newspaper, in the arts sections, mostly record and concert review. I also had a rather free-wheeling column with a cheeky name. My editor was Paul Schindler, who has a blog here: PS: A Column on Things. Back in January he plugged DFHC and I thank him from the bottom of my labonza.

item 6 >>> New England-Style Clam Chowder for the Soul…Those who don’t call this a “bubbler” are so much the worse off for it, that’s all I got to say…

item 7 >>> Speaking of Cars…One of my most frequently consulted web resources is IMDB…the Internet Movie Data Base, which has an enormous amount of info on movies and TV shows. Caution: it is not infallible, and some of the entries are woefully incomplete. Still, it’s a fantastic site…one of the neatest features is you can take 2 actors and find out what shows they appeared in together. But I recently found another more offbeat site…IMCDB, the Internet Movie Cars Data Base. This identifies real vehicles that have appeared in movies and on TV, with screen captures to boot. They also have an extensive collection of unidentifieds that you can work on if you fancy yourself a car-spotting expert. I tested it with a car I remember from an episode of The Outer Limits, a slightly customized Buick Riviera meant to represent a car of the near future…and sure enough, they had it, complete with several views, and identified it as a George Barris creation. Interestingly, it was said that sometimes he claims credit for kustom jobs that he didn’t actually create. Oh really? Well, it was a long time ago, and he was über-busy, capeesh?

item 8 >>> The Ugly White North…But I was thinking about those Ford-based Mercury Meteors from yesterday. Generally when I submit a candidate for the title of the Ugliest Car Since the Invention of the Wheel, it’s a lopsided foreign model, or a customized special by someone who is borderline mentally unstable. But there have been some what-were-they-thinking regular production models, and the 1961 Mercury Meteor is a case in point. Not that it’s unforgivably terrible, just a little off. And I recalled seeing one in the 1961 Canadian movie The Mask…and IMCDB confirmed it. Below, bottom, you’ll see the front end of this car, which was based on the 1961 full-sized American Ford, and compare it to the normal American Mercury of the same year, upper left. My theory is they were utterly taken with the “split apart” headlights of the 1959 Oldsmobile, upper right, and decided to go them one better. Point is, if you happen to catch this 3D horror obscurity, and see this car that’s obviously an early 60s something…but what?…now you know.

item 9 >>> And the Back End?Also sort of messy, like it was designed by a 9th grader who got a C+ in mechanical drawing. I always liked those bulls-eye tail lights Ford had in the late 50s, early 60s…Falcon, T-bird, all thru the line. So they start with this trademark design…and extend the definition of the round lights into a sort of mutated hockey stick, then split it diagonally for good measure. As the Brits would say, what a cock-up!

item 10 >>>  Or How About (gulp) This?…It’s from George Peppard’s early 70s private eye show Banacek…it rotated on the NBC Mystery Movie, remember?…and before you choke on your succotash, there’s a logical reason why this AMX looks the way it does. It was an styling exercise in auto safety, the “crash-proof” ESV…Experimental Safety Vehicle.

But that’s not how it looked when Banacek drove it…it was redone like this, arguably not that much of an improvement…

Wicked Ballsy

Wow…talk about cool and stupid all at the same time…awesome job, guys…

ESP…experimental shameless plugs…

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